Sunday, February 21, 2010

28 hour day

One day I will try this...

One day..

Saturday, February 20, 2010


  • I ran into one of the most racist people in Saudi Arabia last week. We were boarding the plane and the flight had a considerable number of Sri lankan ladies, who were presumably helpers or maids.. Every passenger took their seat, no matter who it was next to, until this girl/woman around the age of 30 walked in. As she was instructed to sit next to 2 Sri lankan ladies she freaked out. She started loudly stating her discontent and disbelief that SHE, the great empress of class, was to be seated next to THE HELP.. oh the shame.. She kept on refusing to take her seat until one of her friends decided to switch with her... what a bitch..
  • Go watch Adam.
  • I'm totally addicted to Joshua Radin's new unreleased song, When you find me.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon has a new book... yaaaaaaaay

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The road to self discovery is long and annoying, with no pit stops

An American University asks every potential MBA applicant the following question:

"What matters the most to you, and why?"

They expect every applicant to write an essay with a "suggested length" of 750 words to answer this question.


I read the question about 3 months ago, and I am still struggling with the answer. I struggle not because my life is empty and I have nothing that I am passionate about. On contraire, I found that there is a lot that I care about, but how can you define which is the ultimate one?

Saying that religion or God is the most important thing in my life is the easiest answer, but is it the truest??

As the days rolled on, and the "right" answers were crossed off for being too pretentious and unfaithful, I started getting obsessed. I started thinking that although I always believed that I am a man of purpose, I realized that I can't define that purpose. I found that I can't even be true to myself in answering that question.


So tell me dear reader, "what matters the most to you, and why?"


p.s. yes I am totally going to ignore the fact that I have disappeared for while :)