Saturday, June 12, 2010

That's life.. That's what all the people say..

I guess my life isn't as interesting as I once thought it was. You win this round Ke$ha..

Good morning everyone..

p.s. In case you didn't get the reference, Ke$ha - Tik Tok
p.p.s I changed the layout because I got complaints about my previous one not being reader friendly


Sweet Anger said...


death?!?! looooool

Chiara said...

What, no video? LOL :)

I like the new layout. I don't remember the other one though. :( :)

Faith said...


A lovely start to my morning :)

Souma said...

u made a funny! xD

all layouts were fine, i like the shajara though <3 trees are awesome.

diana said...

HAHAHA that's hilarious

frogman said...

Sweet Anger:
I still can't decide if I prefer waking up feeling like death or like P.Diddy :D

The thing is we actually shot a full length music video, but the MPAA deemed it too sexy and provocative for release on TV and the Internet..

I like the new theme too.. it feels very serene with leaves and all :D thanks for dropping by..

Easy for you to day.. you didn't wake up feeling like death :p

good morro my dear..

Trees ARE cool.. I'm glad we agree on that point :) and they are green, and anything green is ok in my book.


Carpe Diem said...

Froggy, Froggy. I'm impressed.
Made chuckle too.

Yes, this new layout is very ribbit-y. The lair of Froggy the Frog.

If it's any consolation, I take death over P. Diddy any day - at least death, I can rationalize. The latter not so much.

Phlash. said...

I'm glad you finally posted, Froggo! For the record, I think your life is cooler than hers ;) you have your life to blog about! she doesn't (InyourfaceKesha!*pulls out tongue*) x

amrush said...

LOOL frogger!!

man I hate those Hollywood Divas so much ..


Vivaldi must be churning in his grave!!

Yawarakai said...


that's hilarious!!!!!

listen, txt me ur address (since u no longer have bbm!!!!!!! *angry face*) i want to send u something :D

Mochness said...

Won't comment on the song you picked, but the layout looks refreshingly frog-like. Good choice!

Hning said...

Re: PPS: something looks sooooo familiar about this new blog layout man. Not that I don't love it. Know what I mean? (。❤‿❤。)

Illuminated Mind said...

LMAO @ "Death". Great post!

vampyress said...

write it as a song and Vlog it :P