Saturday, June 19, 2010

Froggy's Got Talent

Like many other guys, I haven't been blessed with good handwriting. My handwriting resembles that of a 6 year old boy scribbling in his notebook while riding a jet ski.

Generally speaking I am terrible at creating something good on a piece of paper, be it a drawing or text. Like Mocha has stated in the past, nothing beats putting pen to paper and writing, I completely agree with her statement and this is why this frustrates me.

I was in an informal meeting at my mother's office and little froglet was running around the office causing havoc. He eventually decided to come and sit next to me. So to keep him entertained I decided to draw a few animals for him to see if he recognizes them.

You can judge for yourselves how that little adventure went

p.s. I didn't draw Mickey Mouse.
p.p.s. The dinosaur on the top is supposed to be Barney


Saudi Dawn said...

LOL! not bad for a Saudi School grad!
p.s. make sure froglet learns how to draw :-p

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...
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Souma said...

was he able to recognise them O_O

ok, that was mean of me... but u got Barney spot on!

Chiara said...

Cute! But...a car animal??? Oh, the driver you mean? :P :)

Phlash. said...

I bet the one on the top right is a mutant donkey/seal ! isn't it? isn't it? I KNEW IT WAS:p ahaha don't worry about ur barney ;) you should see mine, you'd look like picasso next to me, x

Seuss said...

Haha! Barney's my favorite one of those. It's not any more creepier than the actual thing!

frogman said...

Saudi Dawn:
I never know that bad drawing skills is associated with studying in Saudi lol.. generalizing much? :p

The middle horse was supposed to be a dog. The other one is a dog. The cat resembles the cat from Alice in wonderland I think.. maybe?

Mr. Brightside is their best song.. by far..


He kind of took my word for it, but he wasn't convinced that the middle dog was a dog, but he believed me when I said it was a horse.

I think he was trying not to hurt my feelings..

You my friend win the comment of the day..

*Hands Chiara a coconut*

It is a mutant donkey seal. I submitted it as a potential animal for the movie "Avatar" but Spielberg asked me to stop sending him any more spam.

My Barney just looks a bit drunker than the actual one..

but your words are true.. Barney be creepy yo!

m-a-n-x said...

loool I agree with Mochness that cat does look vengeful, attitude i like it. Is that a Lama on the upper right corner? haahha

p.s. I will never be good at drawing cars.

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...
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Taqo said...

Lol, wow. These are just...special.

Bravecat said...

LOL @ car animal driver :)