Sunday, April 25, 2010

These are my confessions

  • I hate/am afraid of using sharp knives. I was peeling an apple for Baby Froglet the other day was terrified while doing so
  • I curse a lot more than I should. But never in front of Baby Froglet, and less so in front of Mrs. Froggy
  • I enjoy watching "Glee"... the shame
  • I persuaded Mrs. Froggy to buy the "Glee" soundtrack CDs for herself, but in reality am looking forward to us having a road trip and singing those cheesy songs together
  • I sing at the top of my lungs when I am alone in the car
  • I sometimes talk to myself when I'm alone in the car
  • I think I spend too much time alone in the car
  • I'm not crazy about insects
  • I'm not crazy about ladders
  • I sometimes play dumb around people just to get them to leave me alone
  • I also might agree with what those people are saying just to end the conversation
  • I am fairly opinionated
  • Well, maybe a bit more than fairly
  • I sometimes act like I understand what a conversation is about just so I don't look like an idiot
  • I used to snap a lot, but now I only I only snap if you snap at me first. Very mature, I know
I realized some of my guy friends follow my blog and know who I am, so I'm just gonna add a few things to sound like more of a man:
  • I can only do 430 sit-ups a day. Much less that what I used to be able to do
  • I punched a moose in the face for looking at my wife
  • I was deep frying a whole cow to eat before I went to the gym and to spice things up I marinated it in gun powder
Thats about it. Other than that I'm practically perfect ;)


Mochness said...

Oh, how brutally manly you are *tries to keep a straight face after reading the last bullets.*

Enjoyed reading this post, Mr. Frog.

Souma said...

I think you spend too much time alone in the car O_O

Curious Khaleejiyah said...

looool you're I'm curious about Glee lol.

430 situps is a lot :S

Faith said...

LOL. I love the additions for your guy friends the best :P

You can never go wrong with Glee.

Saudi Dawn said...

LOL! cool confessions

Muneeb S said...

Marinated in gun powder? How'd u cook it :P

Seuss said...

Glee?? :D The last three statement would never even make up for that! :P
(Not that I think guys shouldn't enjoy watching musicals)

frogman said...

*flexes muscles and grows a thick mustache* then *roars*

Glad you enjoyed it..

I live an hour away from work.. so I need to keep myself entertained..

Its like singing in the shower.. only with less water..

Curious Khaleejiyah:
Please don't judge me after watching glee.. I will blame my wife for everything lol..

I said 430 just to impress the guys.. its actually closer to 43.. and not in one go.. maybe over the course of a week :p

welcome to the pad :D

Glee is awesome.. I'm totally hooked, but act cool in front the wifey so she doesn't lose any respect for me lol..

Saudi Dawn:
merci the very best

Muneeb aka Crazy Jogger:
It is a very delicate process, because you need to heat it enough to cook, but not too much to avoid an explosion..

I would teach you, but I don't think you are ready... wax on, wax off

Suess, do I make fun of your obsession with Flowers??? No..

So please be nice to me.. I put my soul on the line by publishing my confessions and you step all over it.. and you think adding ":P" makes it all ok.. sniff

Ok I think I went a little overboard lol.. sorry Suess :p

diana said...

GLEE?! Tsk. Tsk.

*runs and hides copies of Glee*

Sweet Anger said...

LOOOOOOL i have at least five points in common with you, oh and none of them have anything to do with glee hehe

ahem i have to ask why a "moose" too hilarious to let that one pass

Phlash. said...

Haha, I liked this confession the most - "I sometimes talk to myself when I'm alone in the car."
I sing really loud when Im alone in the car too though;o
Your confessions made my day, :p x

Taqo said...

Knives scare me too...I'm always scared that I'm going to trip and fall while carrying it, and stab myself square in the heart. D: And die, of course.

To quote the poetic 'Nsync lyrics: "Paranoia ain't the way to live your life from day to day."

m-a-n-x said...

lol love your stuff, I wanna read your baby froglet blog! pleaseeeee

frogman said...

Will you believe me when I say I'm not addicted to Glee? No, really.. I can quit whenever I want.. I'm in control..

*starts singing : "Don't stop, believing.. hold on to that feeeeeling.."

Sweet Anger:
I love how you are keeping it vague as to which ones you have.. sharing is caring..

Why a moose? Have you ever met a moose in person? When they look at you it feels like they can see you naked.. :p

The question is, when you sing in the car, do you sing along to the music, or do you turn the volume down and sing? :D

Its scary how we have the exact same fear. I look like a constipated altar boy when I'm asked to bring a knife from the kitchen.

Its funny how you chose N'sync from all the boy bands out there.. Bye bye bye is my best Karaoke performance :D

thank you.. but terribly sorry my dear, but I stopped updated that blog a loooooong time ago and it is now where I experiment with blog layouts and html coding..

Chick Flick Journal said...

Lol just found your blog and this post is pretty hilarious. Glee? Really? A guy secretly is a fan of Glee not something new:p Playing dumb haha I wish I was good at that so I'd be able to get away with things. OMG I soooo do that "I sometimes act like I understand what a conversation is about just so I don't look like an idiot" You're funny