Saturday, March 27, 2010

Third world something

I always find myself coming back to this topic, and for that I apologize oh dear readers...

Many of my posts are focused on poking jokes at the mannerisms and actions of Saudi's and Arabs in general. However, most of you read through the sarcasm at the pain I feel for my country and countrymen. It saddens me that I have very little hope that we will ever rise as a nation of greatness.

Yes, most of what I focus on are little acts of un-organization, whether be it in driving, queuing, riding elevators, or even racist and sexism or how people with special needs are treated as second class citizens. These might sound of feel like secondary things for a country, specially if they don't affect the economy or the GDP. However, they still affect the everyday lives of the citizens, which should deem it important.

I always say that good education is what is missing us, I still stand by my opinion. But it seems like education on its own is not enough. The government has been sending students to study abroad like its going out of fashion, and yes, MOHE (ministry of higher education) is doing a better job picking the students but its still not enough.

To me, the main aim of this endeavor should be to send potential future leaders to come back with the "ways-of-the-west" and try and implement them here where they apply. But what is happening is that our students are not monitored, not prepped, and not held responsible for the time or money spent on them to have this opportunity.

An article a few weeks ago showed that a large percentage (I think it was 60%, not sure) of the Saudi students in the US were actually paying other students to take their exams on their behalf.
Of course I don't only blame MOHE for not monitoring our young future leaders, I blame their parents for not keeping tabs on them, and their parents for not raising their children with the sense of belonging to something bigger, be it a country or religion.

I know I am over simplifying the issue, but I can't fathom how we still have issues with people driving like maniacs for no apparent reason, people who still marry this kids off without their knowledge or consent, people who think that their actions do not have a domino effect...

I'm tired of watching and judging people, and I'm tired of not being able to do anything about it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Queue etiquette

Dear Mochness, I know this is long overdue, but I did make a promise to compile this list.. so here you go..

Check out the first Frogman lesson in Etiquette

· The queue is a lie

· You are more important than everyone else in the queue

· The most efficient queues are parallel to the counter

· When approaching a queue, feel free to start a new one, the already existing queue is soo last season

· When jumping the queue, do it silently while avoiding eye contact

· Acting like everyone else is invisible helps

· When approaching a busy counter, start making your order immediately

· Waiving your money around helps

· Never apologize for cutting a queue… NEVER

· If you actually stood in the queue, feel free to take as much time as you want while ordering, you obviously did not have enough time to prepare for this difficult decisive moment

· Finishing your phone call while ordering is also acceptable

· Women are allowed to cut queues… Nay, they must cut queues. God forbid they stand amongst the men.

Monday, March 08, 2010

A hole in my head

i've been getting very severe headaches for the past two weeks.. and its been killing my productivity and my mood...

its a sharp pain on the right back side of my head where the neck connects with the head..

i've been trying to monitor what is causing it but failing miserably, so here i am , turning to my trusty blog to bitch about it..

i stopped my caffiene intake, which wasn't that big to start with.
i'm sleeping earlier to get more hours of sleep.
i started reducing the time i spend in front of the computer screen.

i am now keeping a log of the frequency, so when i eventually give in and go to a doctor, i have something to show.

any suggestions as to what could be causing this are VERY welcome..