Sunday, March 29, 2009

The bar has risen

With nothing to fill the room but her voice accompanied by the sounds of the violins, guitars and drums. The lights start creeping in as her voices rises to the moons above. Lifting your spirit and keeping you yearning for more.

My body was tingling and my eyes watery. And out of nowhere the acrobats appear reaching for the skies and landing oh so gracefully.

A story of darkness told through song, dance and impeccable choreography.

They made us laugh, cry and made our hearts fall into our laps with their extremely precise and timed jumps and stunts.

They took us through a journey into a place you only find in the most mesmerizing of books.

Alegria she chanted, Joy. Singing it at the top of her lungs. Making everyone there fall for her, hypnotizing us only with her voice.


The word circus will mean so many more things to me after that show.

It truly was the greatest show I have ever seen.

Thank you Cirque du Soleil

Thank you

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


* i'm very sorry for disappearing.. yeah i promised i won't do it again but i was suddenly too busy doing nothing. i.e. i would be busy all day and when i put my head on the table and try to think of what i accomplished i'm blank.. so yeah :)

~ going to Dubai on thursday to attend Cirque du Soleil inshallah... i can't wait..

* work has been extremely hectic... and i know for sure this is not the place i want to be working in for the rest of my life..

~ the scary part is I have no idea what i want to do instead... part-time astronaut or hand model... i'm not sure which one to pursue..

* can't find the motivation to blog... you can probably tell by this very lazy and boring post..

~ Mrs.Froggy finally started watching "Dead Like Me".. if you haven't watched.. then please stop reading this post and go buy it.. no matter what you do don't illegally download it.. because that would be illegal lol

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fashion faux pas

I know the last thing you expect to read on my blog is fashion.. but worry not, this isn't what it seems..

last week i was scheduled to give a seminar on how to use a new online Foreign Exchange Calculator System we developed, very exciting stuff i know. So the night before i take out a nice brown shirt, beige trousers and brown shoes..

baby froglet was under the weather, and i didn't want to wake him so i didn't turn on any lights, and just reached into my sock drawer and trying to analyze using telekenises whether the sock in my hand was black or beige (or brown for that matter). The sock seemed light enough and i just put it on and was on my way..

the socks weren't brown, or beige.. not even black...

they were a brightly striped green and grey ... (wifey's of course).. and i looked like a complete idiot..

or like your weird math teacher from 5th grade.. all i needed were baby blue suspenders...

on another note... do girls notice that when they wear a white shirt, they are usually pretty transparent and you can see the bra they are wearing fairly clearly.. even if the bra was white, yes i'm married and i know the rules..

is it done to tease us? (not me i'm married, all women are pixilated to me, i can only see enough to not bump into them buts thats about it)

so when you wear that, are we allowed to look?? or is it a test??

Monday, March 09, 2009

Top of the morning

I woke up tired as usual, but in a good mood nonetheless.. baby slept well enough, which means we slept well enough.. I was running a bit late so I skipped breakfast.. and got into the car.. seeing that I have an hour drive ahead of me, I always make sure I have something good to listen to… so I find an old Buddha Bar album I haven't listened to in a while and press play..

The first 30 minutes pass so smoothly, the sun was shining, with rays of light bouncing off the blue sea on either side of me.. no wind, just a slight breeze.. setting the mood for a great journey to work.. which would hopefully set the tone for the rest of the day..

I pass by passport control and now I am in Saudi territory.. the remainder of the causeway is as beautiful as the first part..

7 minutes away now.. so I skip a few songs to get to one of my favorites.. the song start and I'm trying to sing along (its in Turkish.. so it was a bit of a struggle).. a car overtakes me on the shoulder.. and he is so close I can smell his coffee.. another just decides to jump onto my lane not regarding his blind spot AKA me.. everyone is driving like a maniac.. absolute chaos on the road.. no one giving regard to the law or the other cars for that matter..


My mood is completely ruined from how angry I got…


I will say it again…


I hate driving in Saudi..