Monday, February 09, 2009

I hate...

1.Standing in a queue in this country.
2.Attention seekers
3.Writer’s block
4.People who answer their phone in the elevator, knowing in full they won’t be able to hear anything, and end up screaming
6.Compulsive liars (well I don’t hate them, but really dislike them)
7.When I procrastinate, which is a LOT
9.People who take credit where it is not deserved
10.Players, especially when they assume I am one too
11.The guy in the cubicle next to me (AS I TYPE THIS HE IS COMMITTING NUMBERS 2, 6,8 AND 9) one day I will tell him to SHUT THE F*CK UP
12.How introverted I used to be as a kid
13.How I never know how to spell queue from the first time round

Sunday, February 01, 2009

To-Do List

I'm not a procrastinator by nature… or maybe I am… I'm really not sure.. but there are a few things that I have meaning to do and I keep on forgetting/delaying, call it what you may…

I've blamed some of my shortcomings on the fact that I'm Mr.Family man now and that I "don't have time" etc etc… well its not completely a bunch of BS, because you responsibilities start to accumulate without you noticing.. but blaming them is completely unfair…

Anyhoo, wifey and baby froglet are in Beirut :( *sniff* with the in-laws… so I promised myself that I will take this opportunity to focus on getting my life back in order (note: of course not all of these are related to the marriage and family holding me back)

[X] Start going to the gym, last time I went was 3 years ago… I've put on a bit of weight (3-6 kg) since getting married and have fallen for the stereotypical "marriage-weight-gain-trap" (remind me to think of a better name for that)

[ ] Think of a better name for the "Marriage-Weight-Gain-Trap"

[X] Call up the Down Syndrome Centre in Khobar

[X] Follow up with the Bahraini Schools with regards to the special needs open day (Waiting for a reply)

[ ] Pray my five prayers each day… I was doing so well, and then you miss one prayer, and you start falling back into old habits…

[ ] Stop being an ass and reply to the people who are trying to get in touch with me from the past

[ ] Visit my grandmother at least once

[ ] Have "The Talk" with my sister, my Mom is a bit concerned because my sister is going through adolescence and stopped talking to my mom (she's 16), poor mom (I love you mom, just in case you are reading this)

[ ] Start studying for my CTP exam in June

[X] Call the exam centre to book a date for the exam lol

[X] Fix my work computer and finish my FX online system project for once and for all

[ ] Finish Dexter season 2

Ok now I'm overwhelmed… so much to do… I've probably forgotten a few things.. but hey.. I'm no superman..