Sunday, May 31, 2009

Public Service Anouncement II

UPDATE: Due to popular demand.. actually the nagging of an awesome individual, i have corrected the spelling mistake..

This graph is 98% true in Saudi Arabia... Although there are studies that have linked the bad driving to how long your beard is, I opted for being a bit more general...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Become a fan

ok i hate facebook as it is.
(is anyone else noticing how much hate i have in me recently...?)

but this whole become a fan business is getting out of hand. at first, it was artists and people of influence.. then footballs teams.. then products, which kinda makes sense for market studies and all..

but this is ridiculous.
SERIOUSLY??? and you know what the funny thing is... i have three friends who are fans.. and a total of 25,000 people are fans..


Monday, May 25, 2009

The weather crumbs

~I haven't been this bored or uninspired in years. I'm not only talking about the blog, I can't even get myself to study for the certifications that i need to take, or even write the little blurb or article that I promised I would for Oasis magazine.. (don't worry toast, i'll do it)

* Everything around me at work is so mundane. Today I attended two conversations about the weather already, its only 7:32 am which means there are at least 23 more to come.

~ I get it, its hot outside and you were sweet enough to think that maybe i didn't notice, or that by both of us feeling hot, it would make us immediate friends because we have something in common.

* I love silence. I work so much better with silence (music in my ears still counts as silence) (annoying supervisor trying to be funny using a fake lebanese accent does NOT count as silence) I swear to God if i hear him scream Habeeb AAAAALbi one more time for no damn reason i might staple his face to the wall while singing the macarena at the top of my voice...

~ I finally upgraded my phone and got myself and the wifey a couple of blackberries, and we have been BBMing ever since. they are quite fascinating really.

* I'm trying to get into this twitter business but its not working. at all.

~ Meh

Monday, May 18, 2009

Creativity that might bite me in the ass

a friend of mine calls me up telling me that his department (this is all in aramco i must add) started this new online magazine project which is aiming to spark new talent and highlight all the good things happening in the department in an innovative and fun new way.

My friend was trying a mini project out, and i cheered him on. He wrote the first paragraph of a story and left it to the commenters to take the story further.

He called me today asking me to be the first contributor to his story. I obliged, but I'm not sure its what he had in mind :)

(The blue is what he wrote, the green was my continuation)

350 km away from the nearest child, he sits in a 3mx2m cubicle, his fingers racing on the keyboard in a struggle to finish THE report that he has to complete before he can leave. A glance at his watch confirms the time. It is 6:13 PM, a good time to stand and stretch before sinking back to work again. Given the circumstances, spending extra time in the cubicle wasn't all that bad. After all, going back to room B-13 in the noisy Gulf-2 dormitory couldn't be less tempting. He prefers quiet, and always leaves critical reports until normal working hours have passed. He simply couldn't focus within the workday stream of ongoing e-mails, all demanding responses. And then there was what seemed to be an all-day-every-day gathering of chatty gossips in the next cubicle, all of whom exited the building at exactly 4 PM. He sometimes wondered what they produced in exchange for their pay. It is precisely 6:33 when he, staring at his supervisor's name in the "To" list, clicks the "Send" button. Beep. He zips his jacket and trudges into the dark.

He hears a scream in the distance, but his feet are too heavy to react, it has been a long day after all. The scream echoes again but this time louder, taunting him to follow. It forces him to move his feet in a continuous motion that slowly manifests into a run. Fumbling for his keys never took longer as he starts to analyze where the voice is coming from. All he could think of is why do these thing only happen to him?

As he starts driving, his mind never stopped thinking. Connecting all the dots. The scream could only come from one place. And that place just became his final destination.

He drives home as fast as possible. He had to go home, for he couldn’t meet his foe unprepared. He knew this day would come, and it didn’t come a day too soon. He put on his suit, knowing deep down it would be the last suit he ever wore. He was surprised that it still fit after all these years. On his way to the door he took a look in the mirror. He was always a very vain person deep down.

He was on his way, to his final mission. And couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

His destiny was already written….

But he never approved the final draft.