Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oasis Mag

OK everyone.. as you might have noticed, a little toastie has been commenting a lot on my blog but never anything related to the subject post... but its OK she has a message she wants to send out there, and she needs my help.. so here I am giving you that message:

But before I start with their message.. Oasis Magazine is this awesome creation that is trying (and i think succeeding) at reintroducing Saudi and the Gulf countries in the different more artistic, more fun light..

As you might have noticed I have placed a link to their (still under-construction) website, and no it is not ad-sense (as in, i am not getting paid for it, HINT HINT TOAST lol). So yeah, they are having a competition and here is the scope:

" Saudi is made by you" : is a competition that aims to pinpoint what Saudi Arabia means to you.. how do you see it? What defines the city that you live in? Do you think of Camels? Sand? Oil?

Be creative and use your imagination; most importantly remember there is no wrong answer! You can use whatever medium you would like: from poetry, graphics, stickers, pictures, etc.

Impress us and you will be published in the next issue of Oasis along with some fabulous new ipods ( with free legal music )

Now get cracking! Deadline is March 1st 2009
Feel free to email us at

P.S. anyone can enter, Saudis and international alike

Monday, January 26, 2009

I keep bleeding love… really?

Ok I know I've been off-line for a while.. and been very lazy with the whole updating my blog thing, but for the first time in my life, work was actually getting interesting/time filling…

I am still right smack in the middle of all my deadlines.. many more meetings to have, many more presentations to give.. but all the nagging (yes byte of coffee, that's meant for you) finally got to me… well to be fair there were only a couple of comments, by taqo and byte, but they really hurt, deep down, in the core, where I am numb…

Well, not a lot has been going on here… but here are a few highlights:

~ I wanted to call this post crumbs yet again, but was afraid of getting assassinated

~ I bought my sister the Wii game "Boogie Superstar".. it's a singing game that comes with a microphone.. and I have challenged my sister to a sing off.. but I am at the disadvantage because I'm not familiar with most of the songs.. yes I know the choruses but have no clue how the rest of the song goes..

~ The Wii game is the sole reason I have been listening to Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love on my ipod and trying to sing along… I have discovered there are places that my vocal chords cannot go… So now I'm at plan B.. Natasha Bedingfield songs.. any suggestions?

~ Mashallah Baby Froglet rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time yesterday… YAAAAY… I still didn't see it though *sniff*

~ I watched slumdog millionaire… *heart pounds at increased speeds…* it was absolutely *insert awesome word here*…

~ I was introduced to Terry Pratchett last week… reading "Small Gods"… I like his sense of humor.. but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the questions he raises about religion as a concept.. it takes you down a very tricky road..

~ Nothing has happened on the "down syndrome initiative" I was trying to get done since that last time I talked about it… its partially my fault, but people just don't pick up their phones in this part of the world.. its really pissing me off that I got lazy so quickly, so its now on the top of my list again..

And with that I leave you to just another manic Monday.. I really wish it was Sunday.. because that's my fun day… and again we are back to it being just another manic Monday..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Crumbs

* It is officially FREEZING outside.. 6 degrees is not a fun temperature to live with… give me back my 15 -18 degrees..

~ Yesterday on my way home.. my car decided to stop working all of a sudden on the Bahrain causeway… and the causeway was too windy to comprehend… so I had to call a tow truck.. and as I got in the front seat with him.. I couldn't find a seat belt.. I felt as safe as I used to feel in my mother's womb.. it got weird when I found myself sleeping on the driver's shoulder.. but we just decided to never talk about it again..

* Going to Jeddah today to attend a wedding… its been about a year since I've been.. but this time around none of my relatives, friends, or even acquaintances are there lol…

~ I never know how to spell acquaintances..

* Me and a few friends are start a new blog Walle3a (a catch phrase we caught/ came up with while in Beirut). We are aiming for a one-stop-shop in terms of entertainment, i.e. music suggestions, movies we are looking forward to, maybe review them afterwards, and maybe eventually go into games and what not.. we are not 100% sure what we want yet, so give us suggestions and support..

~ I think my system if finally crashing, I might be getting this flu that is going around..

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Crumbs :)

* First of all, Happy New Year… I know I'm a bit late, but I was nowhere near a computer in the past week. Hope 2009 is better, bigger, awesome and greater than 2008 for all of you… and lets hope you continue visiting this blog.. J

~ Went to Beirut last week to attend a friend's wedding, so me and the mrs left baby froglet with the grandparents… we still didn't get him back.. they wouldn't let go lol…

* Beirut = The awesome… mashallah we had a blast… not particularly for the parties and what not.. but because it was a wedding.. our entire group was there and we all stayed in the same hotel.. so you had a group of 25-29 year olds acting like freshmen at the dorm-rooms in college..

~ mrs Froggy and I took advantage of being baby-less and went to the cinema… we watched twilight (her choice obviously)… but thankfully I didn't hate it… I didn't love it either.. there were a number of good things going for the movie… haven't read the books, and I'm not sure if I should… (mocha care to share your thoughts?)

* What's happening in Ghaza is very painful, and what is even more painful is the pathetic attempts from the governments to stop it… but time has taught us that there is nothing we can do but pray and give financial support…

Hope everyone had a great new year… and I truly hope all this violence will end soon… enough blood has been shed already…