Tuesday, October 27, 2009

wave to the future

I finally got my invitation to Google Wave (click here if you have no idea what i'm taking about) and it is absolutely amazing..

the only thing is you need to have other friend on wave in order for you to fully enjoy it, so if any of you lovely bloggers out there are wavers, let me know :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Disappointment is in the air

I saw a kid, barely 15, smoking today. He was in the passenger's seat next to the driver, and he had the window rolled down, and a look on his face that showed how confident he was that he looked super cool.

For some reason it bothered me to my core.


I believe most of us hate stupid forwards, but most of the time we don't really do anything about them because it is pointless to try and convince the forwarder that they are being ignorant when they just forward something because they received it, although in many cases they don't even read it.

I would love to make them understand that it is not part of the circle of life to just automatically forward a forward, you are just feeding the same shit to the masses that way.

Yesterday I received something about the Norwegian guy who drew the caricature about the prophet (peace be upon him). The forward said that the guy died, burned and mutilated, and that the Norwegian government is keeping it on a low profile to avoid uproar.

It didn't stop there, it continued to say that a Palestinian lady had a dream about a prophecy that this will happen and she said that whoever sends this to their friends within four hours will be rewarded graciously.

It continued saying that another person had a dream where the prophet (peace be upon him) ordered him to spread the word within the next four days, or something of that sort.

Seriously? I don't usually call people stupid for sending me an email that says that there is a spider that lives in the olive garden toilet that will assault me sexually and give me herpes, nor do I call them stupid when they say that a certain batch of Panadol sent to the Middle East is contaminated with HIV as part of the Israeli plan to annihilate us. However, I had to reply to this one and tell her that she is killing her credibility by sending such nonsense, she eventually sent out an apology.

I truly doubt she understood my concern, because in her apology she asked people to stop sending her forwards so that she doesn't HAVE to send them out.


My manager has been gloating for the last 9 months about how supportive he is. His constant reminding of that statement was one of the reasons I endured all the extra work he threw at me.

And when the time came for him to put his money where his mouth is, he failed miserably. I asked him for two things, two things that were within my rights, and he turned me down on one of them by giving me a ridiculous alternative, and on the other he just changed the subject.

Although I hate to be "that" bitter employee, I just can't help losing my motivation.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call me old fashioned

but when i want to buy a pair of pants, i prefer that they don't show my crack if i take a deep breath, yet still manage to be so tight that i can't bend my knees.

I hate how the latest fashion trend is even trying to make guys feel fat. Every pair of trousers in Zara requires that you (pardon that innuendo) have no pair to be able to fit in them.. Seriously, no man can survive a full day of activity in them..

they might have made my ass look like a million bucks, but seriously the discomfort that came with it was not worth it.. no matter how much you pleaded mrs. froggy..

Also, I truly believe that H&M's men's section is just an extension of the women's in terms of sizes. I had to go two sizes above my size just to fit into the trousers, and then looked like i was wearing stalkings, which didn't really flatter my figure..

so I say this to you people behind the fashion scene.. you can kiss my straight cut jeans covered ass..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ever since the inception of my blog, i have tried my very best to keep it PG-13 at the most.. today is a slight variation because today i take a walk on the wild side and leave my comfort zone and share something that was too funny to pass on...
I am still in utter shock that something like this got approved for the yellow pages..

in case the picture is too pixelated for your eyes, it reads:
"No job too big, not job too small
Make sure your next erection is in safe hands"

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I scream, for ice-cream

Yesterday I finally answered the crave I have been having a Chocolate-Cookie&Cream-Banana-Royale bowl of ice cream. It was the highlight of my evening.

But what really got me thinking last night was the person who served me the ice-cream. A very nice, polite and young Saudi employee. I have seen it as a recurring trend recently, the Saudis working in stores and at gas stations, and I know it is terrible to generalize, but most of them don't want to be where they are, and they make you feel it as well.

Not this guy though, he was very pleasant, laughed at my jokes and joked back, gave me enough chocolate fudge for a wedding cake and was very polite all the way through. Although I am always proud to see Saudis working, this guy made me even more proud.

Because it is about time, we as Saudis realize that we are not all going to be lawyers and doctors and engineers. Whether is it because of plain misfortune, or because you wasted your life playing, or are just not cut out for studying, none of these things should stand in your way of earning a living.

I am not saying that people with degrees are better and are the only ones who deserve a better life (given the assumption that money=happiness), I am just saying that for our nation to rise, we will need more Saudis to step up to the plate, we need to raise a generation of workers of every class.

This posts comes from the sad feeling I get when I meet up with a few cousins of mine who threw their lives away, and haven't worked hard for a single thing their entire life, and yet still talk about how they DESERVE to be the managers and the successful entrepreneurs they were born to be.

The thing is I don't know who to blame, the society for placing this pressure on our youth? Or the youth who crumble under that pressure?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lessons in life…

Dear baby Froglet,

I write this for you to read, when you are all grown up. A few lessons I have learned, some the hard way, some the easy way, and some that I may not have learned at all. When you grow up, you will realize how disappointing our world is, and I don't want this to bring you down. Here, I give you very few of the many tips that I will hopefully get to teach you:

  1. Be prepared to be branded; and it might be based on the way you look, the way you dress, how religious you are, where you are from or even your ethnicity.
  2. Find a way to vent; playing sports, blogging, martial arts and even cooking all work very well. However, writing a letter and never sending it is a bunch crap.
  3. If you can, DON'T work in a big ass corporation. They will suck your life away.
  4. When you go to University, try to study something that has a good balance between something you like and enjoy, and that you can use in the real world to make a living. Don't focus on what the "market" is in need for.
  5. Be as independent as possible, as soon as possible.
  6. Have napkins on you whenever possible, you never know when you will need them.
  7. Be a good listener.
  8. Take all the advice you can get. But learn how to filter out the useless advice.
  9. Read, read, read. Then read some more. Nothing feels better than reading a good book.
  10. Don't' be afraid of never growing up. There is a peter pan in all of us, and I am your living example.
  11. Being an optimist has helped me enjoy my life so far, I suggest you try it too.
  12. Read Rudyard Kipling's "If". Then read the rest of his work and be inspired.

p.s. Trevelyana, thank you for introducing me to Robert Frost and Rudyard Kipling…

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I <3 the Internets

I've just spent the last 30 minutes trying to learn how to tie a necktie.. which makes me think.. how the hell did we survive before the internet? or even before google...

yes some may argue that google has made us lazy, lazy enough to type in "define: [insert difficult word here" instead of running to a dictionary, and I believe that those some have a point. However, I will still argue that google Papa John's Pizza Bahrain is much faster than calling the information number and listening to the wonderful sounds of the saxophone while waiting..

half an hour ago i was a mess, after discovering that i don't know how to tie a tie.. now i'm looking smoking in my salmon tie.. sizzling i tell you.. sizzling..

Monday, August 03, 2009

Patriotism much??

I salute you, our brave and beloved men in blue green. I salute you for having the courage and patience to do what you do all day. But I salute you the most for having the sense of patriotism and nationalism that you do. For you are idols for our young boys, who wish to grow and become men like you.

The funny thing is that their nationalism manifests in the randomest of ways. Here in the eastern province, it is through chasing down the foreign cars as a priority over the locals. Of course this makes perfect sense because "how dare they come to our country and drive like maniacs, that constitutional right is for saudis only"

I didn't believe that they did this, although baby-bro was very adamant that they held a grudge.

Last month I got a speeding ticket on the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway. I was indeed speeding, so I deserved it and didn't object. A week later baby-bro gets a speeding ticket on the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway, he was speeding too, but he was furious. He called after it cursing like a sailor about how racist the Saudi police are. I didn't follow until he reminded me that we drive car with Bahraini plates. I was still skeptical.. until yesterday…

Yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away, I was driving on the Causeway again, and after last time I learned how to spot the cop cars early on (fool me once..). so I was much much much slower than last time, but still over the limit, because the speed limit is a measly 80 km/h which is ridiculous for a causeway. The cop car indeed follows me, and halts me to a stop very close to where it all went down last time. He exits his car with a swagger in his walk. I open my window, and he asks for my papers with a stupid smirk on his face, it was very hard to see it under his oily skin and all the facial hair.

He takes a look at my driver's license, and his surprised face says it all:

Cop 1: "You, you are Saudi????????"

Frog: "Yep"

Cop 1: "It's a Bahraini car.." and he walks up to the front to look at the plates again

Frog: "Yep"

Now he is nervous and feeling guilty for stopping a Saudi, and is considering all options.

Frog: "So how fast was a I going this time?"

Cop 1: "I'll go check, but you look familiar, didn't I catch you before, at this exact spot?"

Frog: "Yep, actually it was a bit further down"

The cop goes back to the cop car and "checks my speed" and talks to Cop 2

I can't hear what Cop 2 was saying but all I heard was Cop 1 say "HE'S SAUDI!!!" as he opened the car door. They sat there discussing something, then he came back to me.

Cop 1: "You were going 137 km/h"

Frog: "Wow, that's uncanny, because if I recall that is the exact same speed you caught me at last time. And that is impossible, because I saw you a mile off and slowed down significantly"

Cop 1: "Well that was your speed"

"You should be more careful, because we are always here, with our eyes open"

Frog: *shivers* from how scared he was. I think I might have even peed on myself a little..

He goes back to get my papers and new ticket and says something stupid, thinking he sounded cool then drives off.

So again I say. I salute you for being fair. And I salute you for being patriotic.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raise your head

don't look around in search of meaning
don't look around with any doubt
just look around without assessing
and quietly obey, and raise your head

raise your head, if you are a woman
a strong, independent woman, with everything to live for
a future and career as anything you want or dream of
be it a housewife, a mother, a cook or a second wife
raise your head, for the options are endless
raise your head and be dependent
on the one person who respects you the most
specially in the bedroom, where you fulfill your duty
by satisfying his every need

raise your head, because we are the best
better than everyone around us
for we have religion on our side
a religion that we take pride in and follow
only in appearance though
for our religion asks too much of us
and we are merely human
and find acts of kindness too hard to fathom
and manners and order too hard to follow

raise your head and follow tradition
and raise your head and follow orders
because thinking freely could lead to change
and in change, we do not believe

raise your head, and be a sheep
for following the herd is what we do best

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Like father like...

3 weeks ago my parents decided to travel alone, and asked me and my mini-family to move into their house to hold the fort.

holding the fort entailed looking after my 16 year old sister, and providing food when needed for my 23 year old brother, paying the driver before he left along side all the little details of life...

As most of you, I recently became a dad, which is awesome because its a feeling that creeps into your life ever so slowly as the baby grows up. However, dealing with my very adolescent sister is slowly turning me into someone new. Because, all of a sudden i am a father of two. And one of my children is a growing young lady with all the growing pains and new experiences that comes with.

I find myself saying things like, "trust me, i was your age once" in response to sentences like "you don't know what its like to be in my situation". Granted, I was never a 16 year old girl.

I keep on realizing how easy it is to turn into our parents..

and dare i say how impossible it is not to...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Monopoly much?

Phrases like:
"Thank you for flying on Saudi Airlines"
"STC a better life..."

really piss me off. Specially in the case of the former. Like we have a choice?

The sad thing is that companies like STC and Saudi Airlines have reduced the benchmark so far down that any little enhancement makes us weak in the knees.

I still can't believe the big deal and campaign Saudi Airlines went with for introducing E-Tickets. Its the 2009 and you still have those big poster admitting how behind you guys are.

Yes i know they are so much better than they used to be. But the lack of competition lets them get away with murder if they wanted.

STC on the other hand is a whole other level of monopoly. They let other people play, but wouldn't give them the dice when its their turn. However, truth be told they have come a very long way every since Mobily entered the scene.

But what really pisses me off is that STC waits for the competition to go out of their way providing something special, to suddenly (much later in the game) introduce the same thing.

The most ridiculous thing about STC is that if you have your preferred language set as english, and for some reason or another decide to call them on 902, you wouldn't for the life of you get to an operator no matter how many times you press 0. THEN WHY HAVE THE OPTION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I finally managed to change my preferred language to explain my problem and they said it will take 24 hours to reactivate my blackberry service, which should have been deactivated in the first place.

good times.. good times

Sunday, June 28, 2009


~ I don't know how I unintentionally associated the word "crumbs" with my blog
* I've been branded as the "presentations guy" in the office. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.
~ I hate transition periods, actually I love them, but they leave me uneasy until they start.
* Baby Froglet turns 1 next month. Time truly flies... its scary
~ Is it just me, or has the blogosphere gone quiet?
* I finally contributed to the latest issue of Oasis Magazine. Just a couple of short blurbs, nothing fancy, but i just needed to put my foot in the door and write something.
~ I'm extremely un-motivated to do any work.
* The fact that i'm surrounded by weirdos doesn't help. Two cubicles down, a 50+ guy has his morning tea looking at very disturbing XXX rated pictures. I will also add that his cubicle is not in a strategic place, so basically anyone who passes by can see everything. its just wonderful.
~ and I should really start giving this blog the attention it deserves..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Save us

the great and awesome toast has directed my attention to a brilliant youtube video..

and for that she will get 32 frog-points, redeemable from all frog outlets around the world*

(*terms and conditions apply, only valid during a leap year, not redeemable during seasonal offers)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Public Service Anouncement II

UPDATE: Due to popular demand.. actually the nagging of an awesome individual, i have corrected the spelling mistake..

This graph is 98% true in Saudi Arabia... Although there are studies that have linked the bad driving to how long your beard is, I opted for being a bit more general...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Become a fan

ok i hate facebook as it is.
(is anyone else noticing how much hate i have in me recently...?)

but this whole become a fan business is getting out of hand. at first, it was artists and people of influence.. then footballs teams.. then products, which kinda makes sense for market studies and all..

but this is ridiculous.
SERIOUSLY??? and you know what the funny thing is... i have three friends who are fans.. and a total of 25,000 people are fans..


Monday, May 25, 2009

The weather crumbs

~I haven't been this bored or uninspired in years. I'm not only talking about the blog, I can't even get myself to study for the certifications that i need to take, or even write the little blurb or article that I promised I would for Oasis magazine.. (don't worry toast, i'll do it)

* Everything around me at work is so mundane. Today I attended two conversations about the weather already, its only 7:32 am which means there are at least 23 more to come.

~ I get it, its hot outside and you were sweet enough to think that maybe i didn't notice, or that by both of us feeling hot, it would make us immediate friends because we have something in common.

* I love silence. I work so much better with silence (music in my ears still counts as silence) (annoying supervisor trying to be funny using a fake lebanese accent does NOT count as silence) I swear to God if i hear him scream Habeeb AAAAALbi one more time for no damn reason i might staple his face to the wall while singing the macarena at the top of my voice...

~ I finally upgraded my phone and got myself and the wifey a couple of blackberries, and we have been BBMing ever since. they are quite fascinating really.

* I'm trying to get into this twitter business but its not working. at all.

~ Meh

Monday, May 18, 2009

Creativity that might bite me in the ass

a friend of mine calls me up telling me that his department (this is all in aramco i must add) started this new online magazine project which is aiming to spark new talent and highlight all the good things happening in the department in an innovative and fun new way.

My friend was trying a mini project out, and i cheered him on. He wrote the first paragraph of a story and left it to the commenters to take the story further.

He called me today asking me to be the first contributor to his story. I obliged, but I'm not sure its what he had in mind :)

(The blue is what he wrote, the green was my continuation)

350 km away from the nearest child, he sits in a 3mx2m cubicle, his fingers racing on the keyboard in a struggle to finish THE report that he has to complete before he can leave. A glance at his watch confirms the time. It is 6:13 PM, a good time to stand and stretch before sinking back to work again. Given the circumstances, spending extra time in the cubicle wasn't all that bad. After all, going back to room B-13 in the noisy Gulf-2 dormitory couldn't be less tempting. He prefers quiet, and always leaves critical reports until normal working hours have passed. He simply couldn't focus within the workday stream of ongoing e-mails, all demanding responses. And then there was what seemed to be an all-day-every-day gathering of chatty gossips in the next cubicle, all of whom exited the building at exactly 4 PM. He sometimes wondered what they produced in exchange for their pay. It is precisely 6:33 when he, staring at his supervisor's name in the "To" list, clicks the "Send" button. Beep. He zips his jacket and trudges into the dark.

He hears a scream in the distance, but his feet are too heavy to react, it has been a long day after all. The scream echoes again but this time louder, taunting him to follow. It forces him to move his feet in a continuous motion that slowly manifests into a run. Fumbling for his keys never took longer as he starts to analyze where the voice is coming from. All he could think of is why do these thing only happen to him?

As he starts driving, his mind never stopped thinking. Connecting all the dots. The scream could only come from one place. And that place just became his final destination.

He drives home as fast as possible. He had to go home, for he couldn’t meet his foe unprepared. He knew this day would come, and it didn’t come a day too soon. He put on his suit, knowing deep down it would be the last suit he ever wore. He was surprised that it still fit after all these years. On his way to the door he took a look in the mirror. He was always a very vain person deep down.

He was on his way, to his final mission. And couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

His destiny was already written….

But he never approved the final draft.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Proud to be Arab??

A couple of years ago i wrote this post, and i've always had that standpoint on the topic. I love music, but I hate music that aims at misrepresenting.

I know this is looking like i'm really lazy, and that i'm just filling the gap by posting videos, but this is something you all need to see...

i booked a flight on the 13th of july to beirut.. i am going to find Jad Chouiri, and i will do very bad things to him.. this is a PG-13 blog and I shan't delve into the details.. but all you need to know is that he will wish his kneecaps were made of cotton my the time i'm done with him...

on the other hand... this is just plain awesome..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

mayoozik to my ears

This song is either the coolest cover out there... or the most extreme closet case i have ever suffered from

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Social faux pas?

Are our people prude? Or is everyone else just too comfortable?

I have a division head (my boss's boss) who is arab but lived in the US for a big portion of his teen years.

His wife just gave birth a few days ago. On a few occasions you hear him talking about breast feeding, and every time he used the word breast, I find myself feeling uneasy. Maybe because it was an open office space and there were too many guys in the room. Or maybe I'm more of a prude than I thought I was.

Today he upped the ante… He started talking about his wife's nipples, and how they are bruised from the feeding. Suddenly the word breast wasn't a big deal anymore. I recognized the issue his wife was facing and starting giving him advice to pass on. And every time I needed to refer to her breast I would just go silent and he would finish the sentence for me.

Although the topic was not sexual at all… I still felt uneasy talking about this guy's wife's breasts in a room full of guys…

Which brings me back to our topic…

Am I too much of a prude…? is there a line somewhere that my boss was tippy toeing on? are we shy of topics that we shouldn't be shy about?

Was a more private setting more appropriate? Or am I not as open minded as I thought I was?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He came, he presented, he conquered

Hamdillah, the presentation went very well… I didn't get a standing ovation like I pictured it in my head.. but the VP said a few nice words like "Feras, that was excellent, very crisp, to the point, and well done.."

And every other person was patting me on the back after it which only boosted my ego further… I don't think there is anything wrong with getting an occasional ego rub… right?? :D

Thank you for the comments, you guys are awesome…

8bits, I actually took your advice and the mrs. and I prepared my outfit from the night before… although I think the green striped socks would have given me an edge over the other presenters :P

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Let the grey hairs roll

I don't think I have ever been this stressed over a presentation I have to give...

I have to give an organization wide presentation this Saturday, I was only given a week to work on it, and I'm doing it on behalf of the entire department (including two divisions that I know NOTHING about)...

I fine with public speaking.. even public signing and dancing really.. (Maybe i should present as a musical.. *ponders*)

The only problem I am having is getting everyone to take this presentation seriously enough to provide me with the info I need.. Its Tuesday, and I am still waiting on some info...

I swear to God some people are extremely unprofessional... so i learned over the past few days how to be a professional A-hole... I send an email requesting stuff... if i don't get it in a few hours, i send the same email again, but include the persons supervisor, and so on and so forth...

wish me luck... I'm going to need a lot of it...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Curiosity killed something..

I love my country…

Not crazy about the people though…

Does that make me a bad countryman??

I just moved to a new unit today, so a new supervisor. My previous one was an American of eastern European descent, he was AMAZING.. he never asked a personal question unless I offered the information..

My new (Saudi) supervisor had a different approach… he knew something about my living arrangement that I decided not to share with anyone in the office. I have no idea how he knew, but that wasn't my concern… what I didn't like was that midway through his conversation he threw it in that he "knows", with a smirk on his face that I wanted to slap off…

and the new chairs were only comfortable for the first 10 minutes.. my back is hurting me already..

It is going to be a great 6 months…

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The bar has risen

With nothing to fill the room but her voice accompanied by the sounds of the violins, guitars and drums. The lights start creeping in as her voices rises to the moons above. Lifting your spirit and keeping you yearning for more.

My body was tingling and my eyes watery. And out of nowhere the acrobats appear reaching for the skies and landing oh so gracefully.

A story of darkness told through song, dance and impeccable choreography.

They made us laugh, cry and made our hearts fall into our laps with their extremely precise and timed jumps and stunts.

They took us through a journey into a place you only find in the most mesmerizing of books.

Alegria she chanted, Joy. Singing it at the top of her lungs. Making everyone there fall for her, hypnotizing us only with her voice.


The word circus will mean so many more things to me after that show.

It truly was the greatest show I have ever seen.

Thank you Cirque du Soleil

Thank you

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


* i'm very sorry for disappearing.. yeah i promised i won't do it again but i was suddenly too busy doing nothing. i.e. i would be busy all day and when i put my head on the table and try to think of what i accomplished i'm blank.. so yeah :)

~ going to Dubai on thursday to attend Cirque du Soleil inshallah... i can't wait..

* work has been extremely hectic... and i know for sure this is not the place i want to be working in for the rest of my life..

~ the scary part is I have no idea what i want to do instead... part-time astronaut or hand model... i'm not sure which one to pursue..

* can't find the motivation to blog... you can probably tell by this very lazy and boring post..

~ Mrs.Froggy finally started watching "Dead Like Me".. if you haven't watched.. then please stop reading this post and go buy it.. no matter what you do don't illegally download it.. because that would be illegal lol

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fashion faux pas

I know the last thing you expect to read on my blog is fashion.. but worry not, this isn't what it seems..

last week i was scheduled to give a seminar on how to use a new online Foreign Exchange Calculator System we developed, very exciting stuff i know. So the night before i take out a nice brown shirt, beige trousers and brown shoes..

baby froglet was under the weather, and i didn't want to wake him so i didn't turn on any lights, and just reached into my sock drawer and trying to analyze using telekenises whether the sock in my hand was black or beige (or brown for that matter). The sock seemed light enough and i just put it on and was on my way..

the socks weren't brown, or beige.. not even black...

they were a brightly striped green and grey ... (wifey's of course).. and i looked like a complete idiot..

or like your weird math teacher from 5th grade.. all i needed were baby blue suspenders...

on another note... do girls notice that when they wear a white shirt, they are usually pretty transparent and you can see the bra they are wearing fairly clearly.. even if the bra was white, yes i'm married and i know the rules..

is it done to tease us? (not me i'm married, all women are pixilated to me, i can only see enough to not bump into them buts thats about it)

so when you wear that, are we allowed to look?? or is it a test??

Monday, March 09, 2009

Top of the morning

I woke up tired as usual, but in a good mood nonetheless.. baby slept well enough, which means we slept well enough.. I was running a bit late so I skipped breakfast.. and got into the car.. seeing that I have an hour drive ahead of me, I always make sure I have something good to listen to… so I find an old Buddha Bar album I haven't listened to in a while and press play..

The first 30 minutes pass so smoothly, the sun was shining, with rays of light bouncing off the blue sea on either side of me.. no wind, just a slight breeze.. setting the mood for a great journey to work.. which would hopefully set the tone for the rest of the day..

I pass by passport control and now I am in Saudi territory.. the remainder of the causeway is as beautiful as the first part..

7 minutes away now.. so I skip a few songs to get to one of my favorites.. the song start and I'm trying to sing along (its in Turkish.. so it was a bit of a struggle).. a car overtakes me on the shoulder.. and he is so close I can smell his coffee.. another just decides to jump onto my lane not regarding his blind spot AKA me.. everyone is driving like a maniac.. absolute chaos on the road.. no one giving regard to the law or the other cars for that matter..


My mood is completely ruined from how angry I got…


I will say it again…


I hate driving in Saudi..

Monday, February 09, 2009

I hate...

1.Standing in a queue in this country.
2.Attention seekers
3.Writer’s block
4.People who answer their phone in the elevator, knowing in full they won’t be able to hear anything, and end up screaming
6.Compulsive liars (well I don’t hate them, but really dislike them)
7.When I procrastinate, which is a LOT
9.People who take credit where it is not deserved
10.Players, especially when they assume I am one too
11.The guy in the cubicle next to me (AS I TYPE THIS HE IS COMMITTING NUMBERS 2, 6,8 AND 9) one day I will tell him to SHUT THE F*CK UP
12.How introverted I used to be as a kid
13.How I never know how to spell queue from the first time round

Sunday, February 01, 2009

To-Do List

I'm not a procrastinator by nature… or maybe I am… I'm really not sure.. but there are a few things that I have meaning to do and I keep on forgetting/delaying, call it what you may…

I've blamed some of my shortcomings on the fact that I'm Mr.Family man now and that I "don't have time" etc etc… well its not completely a bunch of BS, because you responsibilities start to accumulate without you noticing.. but blaming them is completely unfair…

Anyhoo, wifey and baby froglet are in Beirut :( *sniff* with the in-laws… so I promised myself that I will take this opportunity to focus on getting my life back in order (note: of course not all of these are related to the marriage and family holding me back)

[X] Start going to the gym, last time I went was 3 years ago… I've put on a bit of weight (3-6 kg) since getting married and have fallen for the stereotypical "marriage-weight-gain-trap" (remind me to think of a better name for that)

[ ] Think of a better name for the "Marriage-Weight-Gain-Trap"

[X] Call up the Down Syndrome Centre in Khobar

[X] Follow up with the Bahraini Schools with regards to the special needs open day (Waiting for a reply)

[ ] Pray my five prayers each day… I was doing so well, and then you miss one prayer, and you start falling back into old habits…

[ ] Stop being an ass and reply to the people who are trying to get in touch with me from the past

[ ] Visit my grandmother at least once

[ ] Have "The Talk" with my sister, my Mom is a bit concerned because my sister is going through adolescence and stopped talking to my mom (she's 16), poor mom (I love you mom, just in case you are reading this)

[ ] Start studying for my CTP exam in June

[X] Call the exam centre to book a date for the exam lol

[X] Fix my work computer and finish my FX online system project for once and for all

[ ] Finish Dexter season 2

Ok now I'm overwhelmed… so much to do… I've probably forgotten a few things.. but hey.. I'm no superman..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oasis Mag

OK everyone.. as you might have noticed, a little toastie has been commenting a lot on my blog but never anything related to the subject post... but its OK she has a message she wants to send out there, and she needs my help.. so here I am giving you that message:

But before I start with their message.. Oasis Magazine is this awesome creation that is trying (and i think succeeding) at reintroducing Saudi and the Gulf countries in the different more artistic, more fun light..

As you might have noticed I have placed a link to their (still under-construction) website, and no it is not ad-sense (as in, i am not getting paid for it, HINT HINT TOAST lol). So yeah, they are having a competition and here is the scope:

" Saudi is made by you" : is a competition that aims to pinpoint what Saudi Arabia means to you.. how do you see it? What defines the city that you live in? Do you think of Camels? Sand? Oil?

Be creative and use your imagination; most importantly remember there is no wrong answer! You can use whatever medium you would like: from poetry, graphics, stickers, pictures, etc.

Impress us and you will be published in the next issue of Oasis along with some fabulous new ipods ( with free legal music )

Now get cracking! Deadline is March 1st 2009
Feel free to email us at info@oasis-mag.com

P.S. anyone can enter, Saudis and international alike

Monday, January 26, 2009

I keep bleeding love… really?

Ok I know I've been off-line for a while.. and been very lazy with the whole updating my blog thing, but for the first time in my life, work was actually getting interesting/time filling…

I am still right smack in the middle of all my deadlines.. many more meetings to have, many more presentations to give.. but all the nagging (yes byte of coffee, that's meant for you) finally got to me… well to be fair there were only a couple of comments, by taqo and byte, but they really hurt, deep down, in the core, where I am numb…

Well, not a lot has been going on here… but here are a few highlights:

~ I wanted to call this post crumbs yet again, but was afraid of getting assassinated

~ I bought my sister the Wii game "Boogie Superstar".. it's a singing game that comes with a microphone.. and I have challenged my sister to a sing off.. but I am at the disadvantage because I'm not familiar with most of the songs.. yes I know the choruses but have no clue how the rest of the song goes..

~ The Wii game is the sole reason I have been listening to Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love on my ipod and trying to sing along… I have discovered there are places that my vocal chords cannot go… So now I'm at plan B.. Natasha Bedingfield songs.. any suggestions?

~ Mashallah Baby Froglet rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time yesterday… YAAAAY… I still didn't see it though *sniff*

~ I watched slumdog millionaire… *heart pounds at increased speeds…* it was absolutely *insert awesome word here*…

~ I was introduced to Terry Pratchett last week… reading "Small Gods"… I like his sense of humor.. but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the questions he raises about religion as a concept.. it takes you down a very tricky road..

~ Nothing has happened on the "down syndrome initiative" I was trying to get done since that last time I talked about it… its partially my fault, but people just don't pick up their phones in this part of the world.. its really pissing me off that I got lazy so quickly, so its now on the top of my list again..

And with that I leave you to just another manic Monday.. I really wish it was Sunday.. because that's my fun day… and again we are back to it being just another manic Monday..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Crumbs

* It is officially FREEZING outside.. 6 degrees is not a fun temperature to live with… give me back my 15 -18 degrees..

~ Yesterday on my way home.. my car decided to stop working all of a sudden on the Bahrain causeway… and the causeway was too windy to comprehend… so I had to call a tow truck.. and as I got in the front seat with him.. I couldn't find a seat belt.. I felt as safe as I used to feel in my mother's womb.. it got weird when I found myself sleeping on the driver's shoulder.. but we just decided to never talk about it again..

* Going to Jeddah today to attend a wedding… its been about a year since I've been.. but this time around none of my relatives, friends, or even acquaintances are there lol…

~ I never know how to spell acquaintances..

* Me and a few friends are start a new blog Walle3a (a catch phrase we caught/ came up with while in Beirut). We are aiming for a one-stop-shop in terms of entertainment, i.e. music suggestions, movies we are looking forward to, maybe review them afterwards, and maybe eventually go into games and what not.. we are not 100% sure what we want yet, so give us suggestions and support..

~ I think my system if finally crashing, I might be getting this flu that is going around..

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Crumbs :)

* First of all, Happy New Year… I know I'm a bit late, but I was nowhere near a computer in the past week. Hope 2009 is better, bigger, awesome and greater than 2008 for all of you… and lets hope you continue visiting this blog.. J

~ Went to Beirut last week to attend a friend's wedding, so me and the mrs left baby froglet with the grandparents… we still didn't get him back.. they wouldn't let go lol…

* Beirut = The awesome… mashallah we had a blast… not particularly for the parties and what not.. but because it was a wedding.. our entire group was there and we all stayed in the same hotel.. so you had a group of 25-29 year olds acting like freshmen at the dorm-rooms in college..

~ mrs Froggy and I took advantage of being baby-less and went to the cinema… we watched twilight (her choice obviously)… but thankfully I didn't hate it… I didn't love it either.. there were a number of good things going for the movie… haven't read the books, and I'm not sure if I should… (mocha care to share your thoughts?)

* What's happening in Ghaza is very painful, and what is even more painful is the pathetic attempts from the governments to stop it… but time has taught us that there is nothing we can do but pray and give financial support…

Hope everyone had a great new year… and I truly hope all this violence will end soon… enough blood has been shed already…