Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Butterfly Awards..

Yesterday i was going through my blog rounds.. and to my delight i discovered that i was nominated by L's Brain for the Butterfly Award... (Thank you L, i'm very flattered)

It turns out, there is no ceremony, and I can't put in on my resume, but i'm still happy with it..

Basically that idea is to give the reason why you started blogging, then nominate another 3 blogs that you think others should give notice to..

Why I started blogging:

Back in 2006 I got a phone call from Yawarakai saying that she started a blog. So after checking it out and discovering more and more blogs.. I decided, "these people aren't better than me..." lol.. no actually i was amused by the fact that you can get away with being as free as you want on your own blog.. it was really a place where you can run away from the facebookness (at the the time Hi5 was all the hype) and just escape into a page that was all you.. and no one knew you (supposedly).. and you can be whoever you wanted to be..

I nominate:
  • Trevelyana (everyone's favorite blog)
  • Mochness (always well written, always has a point, and always a joy to read)
  • 8 Bits (one of the most frequently updated blogs I know, and in the best way possible, never does a post feel forced, always smooth, funny and entertaining)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Elevator Etiquette

  • The faster you press the call button, the faster the elevator will get there.
  • Pressing the button multiple times also does the trick.
  • Pressing up or down is irrelevant; so you might as well press both.
  • You shouldn't wait for anyone to get on before you
  • That includes women, children and the elderly.
  • Lets not forget women with baby carriages, those things take up lots of space.
  • Getting into an elevator alone with a person of the opposite gender WILL lead to involuntary sex. You will not be able to control yourself. Therefore, you should let that person go in alone and you go in the next one.
  • The above rule applies to all ages above 14.
  • As soon as you enter the elevator, press the button that closes the doors. Because, F#$& everyone else.
  • When the elevator is approaching, stand smack in the middle to guarantee no one gets in or out before you.
  • When a full elevator appears before you, just walk right in. People will make space, that's what they are there for.
  • When you are waiting with someone for the elevator, start insisting that the other person goes in first and expect that they do the same. Never mind the people inside waiting for you to finish.
  • Going up or down only one floor in a 10 story building is very acceptable. And sometimes very enjoyable.
  • When arriving at the elevator door and finding some people waiting there and they've already pressed the button, you should press it again multiple times because it will only respond to you since all the others are just idiots (Added by Nani)
  • When you are standing by the elevator door and someone starting walking your way, with the intention of using the elevator, triple click the button, look above, then do it again (all in a set of threes).. and start pacing, all within seconds of that person standing beside you.. (added by Olympia)

Just to name a few.. please feel free to share others I might have missed

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


One of the things that I miss most about living in England, aside from the freedom, student life and lack responsibility, I miss the guitars..

The school I went to was a school of business and arts.. so you head people studying financial accounting in one room and in the next people studying drama and music… It was a weird mix but it worked somehow.. At least for me..

There was always someone with a guitar ready to start jamming, there were a million acoustic nights all over town. What I loved about the acoustic nights and private acoustic jams is that no one is there to judge anyone or to even criticize anyone else's performance..

I won't lie, I got excited and bought a guitar, but couldn't play it to save my life.. and when I learnt a couple of songs (Dave Mathews Band – Crash Into Me & Damien rice – The Blowers Daughter) I couldn't get the hang of singing and playing simultaneously.. and discovering that I could sing better than I could play guitar gave me a new passion.. Singing.. again I'm not saying I'm good.. I'm decent.. I could hold a note and was not completely hopeless..

Anyways.. so eventually I started singing at these jams, and my favorite moment was singing (Radiohead – Street Spirit)

Ever since graduating and coming back there haven't been many occasions where I could just sing without caring except for the car, the few karaoke nights we had in Bahrain and London (remember Yawarakai??) and when we play Rock Band (don't judge us :p)

Which brings me to the point of this post.. I'm putting together a CD for the drive to work (it takes me aprox an hour)(and I'm using CD's because my radio doesn't work so I can't plug my i-pod in).. I've compiled a list of a demo CD that I'm trying out now to choose a few songs from (hence why there are several songs by the same artist, which is a big no no in my making CD's methodology)

So please suggest songs that should be added to this list.. (and or removed)

  1. The script – We cry
  2. 30 seconds to mars – The Kill (Acoustic)
  3. Muse – Time is running out
  4. The script – The man who can't be moved
  5. Audioslave – Like a stone
  6. The script – If you see kay
  7. 30 seconds to mars – A beautiful lie
  8. Muse – Hysteria
  9. The killers – Mr. Brightside
  10. Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
  11. Doves – The man who told everything
  12. Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  13. Audioslave - Shadow on the sun