Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chicken tonight

so mrs. froggy was hungry and was craving some KFC. She was very specific with her order, "I want only one piece of chicken, it has to be a breast. French Fries, Coleslaw and water."

So I drive over and start placing the order.

KFC Lady: "Hello sir, welcome to KFC, can I take your order please?"
Froggy: "Yeah umm. What's the smallest amount of chicken I can buy? Can I buy just one?"
KFC Lady: "Yes sir, you can order just one."
Froggy: "Ok then, do you have breasts?"
Awkward Silence
KFC Lady (trying to hide a smile): "Yes we do"
Froggy (feeling like a complete idiot): "Ok then I'll have one piece of chicken etc etc"

Of course to avoid any further embarrassment I decide to ignore the fact that I asked the lady if she had breasts or not; and acted as nonchalantly as possible, as if I did nothing wrong. She kept on smiling and trying not laugh.

sheeesh... the things I get myself into.

p.s. check out my new blog Minifroggles. (I will be working on both simultaneously... inshallah)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On parenting

I am a true believer in tough love, of course only in the right ways. I do believe that a child these days should not be too pampered to be able to survive in the vicious world out there.

However, sadly enough you find some parents' methods of showing tough love cross over into brutal love. Sometimes through negligence and sometimes through showing them the back of their hand.
Yesterday, I woke up to go to work and found that mrs. froggy wasn't feeling too well. So I decided to skip work (any excuse really) and go out and buy her things that would make her feel better. So I checked the kitchen to find what was missing and off to Geant (I hate hypermarkets, I really do, but sometimes they are actually convenient). I passed by a DVD store and bought her the Little Mermaid, knowing that she's been itching to see it again. Then I went off to by random niblets and crackers and sweets. And then I bought her this HUGE beanie bag, small tables to surround it and a single blanket so that she can place herself in front the TV and have everything she wants around her.

Anyhoo, As I was running around with my headphones on to drown out any excess noises regarding clean-ups on isle 5. I noticed a little girl, barely 2 years old, crying her eyes out and aimlessly walking. I stop and watch her to see if anyone is following her or not. She's all alone. I leave my stuff and follow her. Of course my first instinct was to ask her if she was ok, but in this day and age its very difficult for you to talk to a child, specially a girl, unless you were a female yourself. I eventually walked up to her and asked: "feen mama?" (where's mom?)", She bursted out crying and just pointed aroud aimlessly. Geant was extremely crowded at the time and each till had at least 3 people standing in line. At some point she started pointing at the tills and I started scanning them in search for a concerned looking parent.

Alas, a man looking my direction. He is standing at the cashier and there is a huge line behind him. I wave to him and ask if this was his daughter he smiles and nods, without moving an inch. I look at the girl and find that she is walking towards to the tills and I follow. She finds her mother who doesn't even look a bit bothered. I look at the mother in disgust and try to explain the situation, she just smiles and takes her daughters hand, without even a hug or a kiss (for the daughter, not for me lol), and just walks away.

I WAS INFURIATED, even the sound of the coldplay in my ear couldn't cool me down. I couldn't believe how getting to the front of the line was far more important than keeping an eye out for your daughter. I've been lost before, and I know how it feels, its the scariest thing you can go through, and the only thing that would make it feel better is your mother or father holding you and telling you everything will be alright and apologising for neglecting you.

That poor kid. Makes you think what kind of a parent you are going to be.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I remember all through my early teens, I always had someone I used to look up. Not an idol per-se. But someone who I just simply thought was way cooler than me. Someone I wanted to be like when I grew up. Be it an older cousin, a friend's older brother, or even a cool uncle.

I'm all grown up now.

And I am nothing like any of those people.

Not only that, but i don't even see what the fuss was about anymore.

I would like to believe that I have outgrown and out done my own expectations. However, i'm not too sure its a good thing to feel. Because you find that you start looking down on people, or just simply thinking in the back of your mind that you are better than them.

But if you were. What if you really are better than them. Is it fair for you to judge them? What if I was just placing the judgment in the comfort of my own mind? As long as I am not passing that judgement to anyone else. right?

I'm not even talking about our beloved "Holier than thou" brothers and sisters. I'm just talking about the everyday people you run into, and the thoughts that go through your head while talking to them.


After I got out of the hospital 5 years ago, I was a changed person. I appreciated life more and all that. I started praying again, well at least more than I did before. However, I started passing judgement more.

I started doing it just to filter out the people I don't want in my life and the one's I do. It became very easy for me to be cold and dry with someone if I didn't want them in my life. Well not very easy, just easier than what I would like.

I stopped caring if everyone liked me or not. I stopped giving a damn what "people would say" (the very well known saudi phrase "6ayeb eesh yigoolo al-nas 3annak).

I'm just not sure if I'm on the right track anymore. And it took me 5 years to realise it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

blending in

He walked into the elevtor right before me. Stood next to me but didn't look at me. He stood there, bedazzle by whta was in his hands; mezmerized even. He flipped through the pages slowly. Back and forth and back. He didn't even bother to look at the elevator doors open on each floor to see who was coming in. Or to even give that disecting look to people who came to go up only one floor (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, THE STAIRS ARE NOT TOXIC, YOU LAZY #$%#%%#^$#%@#). He was in his zone.

I couldn't help but admire the happiness. He was shinning; he was Zen.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of his little orange organizer. I slowly started to realize, it was the new 2008 Aramco organizer. One of the many highly anticipated events within Aramco, it only comes second to the, Magical and Mystical Aramco Calendar (Thunder, Lightning, Cheddar Cheese). It is CRAZY how people wait for it to come out. I was always the non-conformist who wasn't excited. But this time... Ah this time I WANTED that organizer. I wanted to be happy like him. I deserve to be happy.

I slowly backed away from that hypnotizing orange leather organizer and my jaw dropped in awe after realzing what I was becoming. Am I turning into one of them? Am I slowly starting to believe that I will turn into yet another Aramco Android, otherwise known as Aramcons?

I cherish my creativity far too much to succumb to such a fate. So I took a few deep breaths, and left the elevator, and left that man, and that mezmerizing book that would change my fate.