Saturday, November 22, 2008

Social butterfly my ass…

Well, it happened again.. someone in my department called me antisocial..

I'm getting very sick of it… why do we all have to act in the same way, why is it expected of me to walk up to everyone's cubicle and introduce myself as the new guy. So what if I've been here 9 months and you still don't know me.. there are 130 other employees in this department alone, and over 7000 employees in this building.. go meet them.. go ask them what they did over the weekend.. go tell them about the way you want your wife to cook your meals.. go tell them your theory about the Saudi stock market.. because I don't give a flying fuck..

I have my life, I have my friends and I'm pretty damn happy with my selections.. people who know me like me.. people who work with me know that I am a hard worker and smarter and more dedicated than your average Joe… so trust me, I don't need your stamp of approval on my ass declaring how cool I am in your book.

The ass was talking about me to an aqcuantance of mine (I was there too) saying that I am glued to my chair and don't go around the office.. to which my acquaintance said, but I thought that's what you guys look for, a dedicated worker… to which he responded, yeah but he has a social responsibility too, he never passes by any offices just to talk, its always about work, I don't even know his name..

Well fuck you.. if you want to know my name, maybe YOU could pass by my office and ask me why I live in Bahrain rather than Saudi, then criticize me and my choices telling me how I should conduct myself in the office in a way that would please your kind self… and in the few times that I actually came to your office for work purposes, did you bother to make an effort? Or are you that hot chick in the back of the club waiting for all the guys to hit on you?

I'm fucking sick of this place..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Song Ever

its just so…


perfect like a silk dress covers the most beautiful woman's back..

the words were picked by night elves that stole them from the ancient libraries of Olympus..

the sentence structure was carved by the pharaoh himself…

the flow is reminiscent of a mystic river running down a mountain carrying with it the secrets of an ancient tribe...

the way the notes fall upon my ears is sweeter to me than snow drops falling upon my tongue..

my favorite part is the bridge (min 0:45).. a far better bridge than that leading to Terabithia

Monday, November 03, 2008


~ I'm getting very tired.. as much as I love Saudi, working here is wearing me down.. I can't imagine living here full time.. the driving alone is a buzz kill.. the construction of the roads that seems to take forever, people's attitude in general kills me.. ugh..

* Baby Froglet started noticing things.. he recognizes me mashllah.. he recognizes his milk.. and he LOVES attention lol.. yesterday I was giving mrs. Froggy a break and told her to go out with her friends while I watched him.. I fed him, burped him and played with him.. then I put him in his chair next to me and sat at the computer.. he would start crying until I look at him lol..

~ I think I hate beyonce..

* I got mrs. Froggy hooked on world of warcraft.. I'm ashamed and proud at the same time.

~ With regards to the special initiative I was working on. I had a preliminary meeting with a few special education teachers in Bahrain and we started planning for a few awareness campaigns and a couple of full day events with the special kids early 2009, and hopefully a summer program that will merge the kids.

* I hate calling them special kids… but I don't know what else to call them without sounding all high and mighty..