Monday, September 29, 2008

Third World Something

Have you ever noticed how defensive we get whenever we are described as third world countries?

What gets to me is that the Arab world is so blind to all its shortcomings.

Yes, we are pretty decent when it comes to technology. Yes, we are some of the richer countries around the world. Yes, we appreciate family more than most countries.

But doesn't it piss you off that we are so hung up on this few virtues that we neglect ever advancing and becoming better people.

I believe that we are not third world countries, but we are third world people. The people you run into in the street and in the malls act like animals in so many respects. The way the men chase/harass the women, the way we refuse to be polite to strangers, the way we NEVER form a decent queue, the way we drive, the many ways in which we are SO selfish…

Yet the one virtue any Arab will tell you we have that no one else in the world has is our generosity… oh wow.. seriously? Who cares if we split the bill instead of fighting over it for 10 minutes. I swear to God, I've had many a conversation about how terrible the English are because they are so cheap, and how they don't pay for each others' meals etc etc.. I'm sick of waiting in line to buy a tea in the morning behind two full grown men fighting over who is going to pay the 2 Riyals for the others morning coffee..

I am not saying let's stop inviting each other.. but I am saying we have so much more to fix within ourselves… we are a very proud people… but as time goes by there is very little left to be proud of..

And I am scared about raising my son in the most generous countries… with very little to be proud of…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Expectant Man, Talking To Himself

This is one of my favourite poems written by a very good friend of mine..

and I felt like sharing :)

I realise that I hover,
And I'd like to apologise.
But sometimes hope is awakened in me,
And I think it is finally time.

I guess it unnerves some people,
Confuses them maybe.
I try and explain it but it never makes sense,
Seems so petty.

It feels like I've been waiting so long
That the slightest thing
Becomes a clue,
A glimpse of something more.

So I build my hopes up,
Foolishly telling myself it could be true,
It might be happening this time.
But I'm seeing things that aren't there again.

Why do I always do this?
Build myself up,
Get so certain that what I have been waiting for
Is just around the corner?

I've had enough,
I've done this for far too long.
Sod the bus,
I'll walk.

© Matt Beames

Monday, September 08, 2008

I vote for change

I know my last post might have thrown some of you off... its not really the kind of thing I post up here. But for some reason I have been extremely passionate about change..

I think it's partially because baby froglet has given me a new perspective to life. Like every parent I want him to have an awesome life.. I want him to grow up in a perfect world and all that jazz… but you soon remember how imperfect our world is and you start thinking that the problem is too big for you to fix..

After a few brain storming sessions with a few friends we all decided its about to start promoting change ourselves. We are tired of being sheep following the herd and complaining about it…

Choosing the cause was very difficult, because… quite simply.. where do you start.. literally everything is wrong with the world.. so we decided to take on something that (we think) we can handle..

Special education won the vote. It saddens me how seldom you see children with disabilities in public and how they are demoralized in the eyes of society. A friend of mine just discovered that her nephew has down syndrome.. what pissed me off is when she told me, she said it was a secret and they (as a family) didn't want anyone to know.. I was infuriated, I'm sure they have their reasons, but why be ashamed of an illness? And why should the kid suffer living in that embarrassment?

We are studying a system that will incorporate disabled kid's needs into the normal schooling system. They need to feel included and the society needs to start accepting them. And we are targeting the younger generations.

Wish us luck