Monday, June 16, 2008


* My brother just came back from England. He finished his bachelor's and is supposedly, looking for a job. Only he is not taking it as seriously, as I want him to. He keeps on procrastinating saying that he's only been here a week. I think I pushed him too hard a few days ago, and I hated myself for doing so.

* Mrs. Froggy has a driving test tomorrow inshallah, Miskeena she failed her first one and was devastated. I told her so many people fail the first time. My mom actually failed twice. So wish her luck.

* I hate driving in Saudi...

* Yesterday my mom told me that my face talks for me, and that I can't hide it when i'm angry, disappointed or unimpressed with someone or something. In a way, I think I'm happy about that.

* I've fallen into the stereotype of men who gain weight after marriage. I can come up with 107 excuses if I want to, but I won't. I went to a health awareness seminar where they take your weight, fat %, BMI, BMR etc etc and they told me i'm at the maximum I should be for my height, and that I should lose around 5-8 KG.

* I think I'm ready for the baby to be a part of our lives, we have a couple of months to go before his/her appearance, and we are getting more and more anxious.

* I would love to escape from this conventional life I'm living if just for a little while, I just want to grab the mrs. by the hand and belly and move to a new place, and attend writing school and she can attend art school or beauty therapy school.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stuck no more

First of all I want to thank everyone for your comments and contribution, and must apologise for not responding to some of you, but I will, inshallah :)

Anyhoo.. I like giving multiple gifts, either starting 3-4 days before the actual day leading up to a big gift, or just buy a million little awesome gifts that surround a nicer, bigger more substantial one.

This year the theme is something useful, I already explained to Mrs.Froggy that I will not be buying any jewelry or anything that she has too many of as it is. I KNOW I KNOW a girl can never have too many shoes and backs and jewels, but my point is, there are gifts that show that you are actually there and around to notice the things she actually needs, or always wanted but never knew she did, yeah i'm psychic like that lol..

anyhoo.. I bought a couple of funky stuff that are just randomly funky:
Momiji Doll: For some reason she was always fascinated by them, maybe she always wanted to start a collection but never got around to it, so i'm giving her the first one.
2 Mutant Dolls: They can either be hung on a key chain, or stuck to the car window. Inshallah soon she will be getting her license.
T-Shirt: I'm custom making a t-shirt for her, i still haven't decided on the final product, but i still have a couple of days.

there is still room for a few more funky stuff. but i don't like rushing the funkyness...

The main gift is related to Mrs.Froggy's hobby... painting.. ever since we moved into our house she always used the dinning table for her painting, and we never got around to buying her a special painting table that could tilt and has drawers and stuff...

so today i found it... it is perfect, the size is just right. and it looks easy enough to assemble..

So this is where you guys come in, I have to ways to go about this:
Method 1:
On her actual Birthday, I wake up at 7 am (she is a heavy sleeper, specially with the pregnancy)
assemble the table, put all the funky stuff on it in a nice decoration. Find and tie a BIG ASS ribbons around it.


Method 2: I tell her I have a meeting (although I am taking the day off work) that I must go to, so I drop her off to my parents, or tell her to go out with her sister or friends until i come back. And in that time fix it up, maybe take her to dinner and then after we finish dinner and eventually head home, she finds the gift.

so basically, Do i start off her morning with a bang, or end it with a bang, pun not intended ;)