Saturday, February 23, 2008

crumbs of toast

I've noticed that as I grow older, life seems like it is getting more difficult where in reality it is just getting more simple. As long as you try and accept it for what it is.

I remember when I was studying how I had a plan. At the time it seemed very thorough and complete. "After I graduate, i'm going to work in Aramco for a couple of years, then get my masters degree, then come back and work in a financial institute while putting money aside to start my own thing and eventually leave by the time I am 30."

As I grow up, I watch the plan shatter one bit at a time. sometimes for the best and sometimes to my dismay.

I truly believe in believing, but I also believe that that world as we know it now is not as simple as we think it is. The curve balls that come your way will only increase as time passes and you will find that time is passing you by and you have accomplished nothing.

The secret to surviving is never letting your guard down as well as keeping the faith. But the most important secrets are being Patient, and Flexible. As long as you keep on reviewing your plan and adapting it to the changing variables around you, hopefully Inshallah one day you will reach something very similar to your dream.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

a resolution

ok so i don't really believe in the whole new year's resolution. and i know new years was just over a month ago...

but yesterday for some reason i had a new life resolution.

i just woke up and felt like i need to change... maybe its partially because i'm becoming a dad inshallah... it didn't hit me when we first found out that mrs. froggy was pregnant, and now it just snuck up on me that i need to be better by the time tadpole hits the scene.

I decided to:

* take my new department more seriously that the last.
* use the stairs more often
* start reading again
* praying on time
* get organised

not major changes i know, but i do believe that by doing these things i'll sleep better at night.