Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Butterfly Awards..

Yesterday i was going through my blog rounds.. and to my delight i discovered that i was nominated by L's Brain for the Butterfly Award... (Thank you L, i'm very flattered)

It turns out, there is no ceremony, and I can't put in on my resume, but i'm still happy with it..

Basically that idea is to give the reason why you started blogging, then nominate another 3 blogs that you think others should give notice to..

Why I started blogging:

Back in 2006 I got a phone call from Yawarakai saying that she started a blog. So after checking it out and discovering more and more blogs.. I decided, "these people aren't better than me..." lol.. no actually i was amused by the fact that you can get away with being as free as you want on your own blog.. it was really a place where you can run away from the facebookness (at the the time Hi5 was all the hype) and just escape into a page that was all you.. and no one knew you (supposedly).. and you can be whoever you wanted to be..

I nominate:
  • Trevelyana (everyone's favorite blog)
  • Mochness (always well written, always has a point, and always a joy to read)
  • 8 Bits (one of the most frequently updated blogs I know, and in the best way possible, never does a post feel forced, always smooth, funny and entertaining)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Elevator Etiquette

  • The faster you press the call button, the faster the elevator will get there.
  • Pressing the button multiple times also does the trick.
  • Pressing up or down is irrelevant; so you might as well press both.
  • You shouldn't wait for anyone to get on before you
  • That includes women, children and the elderly.
  • Lets not forget women with baby carriages, those things take up lots of space.
  • Getting into an elevator alone with a person of the opposite gender WILL lead to involuntary sex. You will not be able to control yourself. Therefore, you should let that person go in alone and you go in the next one.
  • The above rule applies to all ages above 14.
  • As soon as you enter the elevator, press the button that closes the doors. Because, F#$& everyone else.
  • When the elevator is approaching, stand smack in the middle to guarantee no one gets in or out before you.
  • When a full elevator appears before you, just walk right in. People will make space, that's what they are there for.
  • When you are waiting with someone for the elevator, start insisting that the other person goes in first and expect that they do the same. Never mind the people inside waiting for you to finish.
  • Going up or down only one floor in a 10 story building is very acceptable. And sometimes very enjoyable.
  • When arriving at the elevator door and finding some people waiting there and they've already pressed the button, you should press it again multiple times because it will only respond to you since all the others are just idiots (Added by Nani)
  • When you are standing by the elevator door and someone starting walking your way, with the intention of using the elevator, triple click the button, look above, then do it again (all in a set of threes).. and start pacing, all within seconds of that person standing beside you.. (added by Olympia)

Just to name a few.. please feel free to share others I might have missed

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


One of the things that I miss most about living in England, aside from the freedom, student life and lack responsibility, I miss the guitars..

The school I went to was a school of business and arts.. so you head people studying financial accounting in one room and in the next people studying drama and music… It was a weird mix but it worked somehow.. At least for me..

There was always someone with a guitar ready to start jamming, there were a million acoustic nights all over town. What I loved about the acoustic nights and private acoustic jams is that no one is there to judge anyone or to even criticize anyone else's performance..

I won't lie, I got excited and bought a guitar, but couldn't play it to save my life.. and when I learnt a couple of songs (Dave Mathews Band – Crash Into Me & Damien rice – The Blowers Daughter) I couldn't get the hang of singing and playing simultaneously.. and discovering that I could sing better than I could play guitar gave me a new passion.. Singing.. again I'm not saying I'm good.. I'm decent.. I could hold a note and was not completely hopeless..

Anyways.. so eventually I started singing at these jams, and my favorite moment was singing (Radiohead – Street Spirit)

Ever since graduating and coming back there haven't been many occasions where I could just sing without caring except for the car, the few karaoke nights we had in Bahrain and London (remember Yawarakai??) and when we play Rock Band (don't judge us :p)

Which brings me to the point of this post.. I'm putting together a CD for the drive to work (it takes me aprox an hour)(and I'm using CD's because my radio doesn't work so I can't plug my i-pod in).. I've compiled a list of a demo CD that I'm trying out now to choose a few songs from (hence why there are several songs by the same artist, which is a big no no in my making CD's methodology)

So please suggest songs that should be added to this list.. (and or removed)

  1. The script – We cry
  2. 30 seconds to mars – The Kill (Acoustic)
  3. Muse – Time is running out
  4. The script – The man who can't be moved
  5. Audioslave – Like a stone
  6. The script – If you see kay
  7. 30 seconds to mars – A beautiful lie
  8. Muse – Hysteria
  9. The killers – Mr. Brightside
  10. Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
  11. Doves – The man who told everything
  12. Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  13. Audioslave - Shadow on the sun

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Social butterfly my ass…

Well, it happened again.. someone in my department called me antisocial..

I'm getting very sick of it… why do we all have to act in the same way, why is it expected of me to walk up to everyone's cubicle and introduce myself as the new guy. So what if I've been here 9 months and you still don't know me.. there are 130 other employees in this department alone, and over 7000 employees in this building.. go meet them.. go ask them what they did over the weekend.. go tell them about the way you want your wife to cook your meals.. go tell them your theory about the Saudi stock market.. because I don't give a flying fuck..

I have my life, I have my friends and I'm pretty damn happy with my selections.. people who know me like me.. people who work with me know that I am a hard worker and smarter and more dedicated than your average Joe… so trust me, I don't need your stamp of approval on my ass declaring how cool I am in your book.

The ass was talking about me to an aqcuantance of mine (I was there too) saying that I am glued to my chair and don't go around the office.. to which my acquaintance said, but I thought that's what you guys look for, a dedicated worker… to which he responded, yeah but he has a social responsibility too, he never passes by any offices just to talk, its always about work, I don't even know his name..

Well fuck you.. if you want to know my name, maybe YOU could pass by my office and ask me why I live in Bahrain rather than Saudi, then criticize me and my choices telling me how I should conduct myself in the office in a way that would please your kind self… and in the few times that I actually came to your office for work purposes, did you bother to make an effort? Or are you that hot chick in the back of the club waiting for all the guys to hit on you?

I'm fucking sick of this place..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Song Ever

its just so…


perfect like a silk dress covers the most beautiful woman's back..

the words were picked by night elves that stole them from the ancient libraries of Olympus..

the sentence structure was carved by the pharaoh himself…

the flow is reminiscent of a mystic river running down a mountain carrying with it the secrets of an ancient tribe...

the way the notes fall upon my ears is sweeter to me than snow drops falling upon my tongue..

my favorite part is the bridge (min 0:45).. a far better bridge than that leading to Terabithia

Monday, November 03, 2008


~ I'm getting very tired.. as much as I love Saudi, working here is wearing me down.. I can't imagine living here full time.. the driving alone is a buzz kill.. the construction of the roads that seems to take forever, people's attitude in general kills me.. ugh..

* Baby Froglet started noticing things.. he recognizes me mashllah.. he recognizes his milk.. and he LOVES attention lol.. yesterday I was giving mrs. Froggy a break and told her to go out with her friends while I watched him.. I fed him, burped him and played with him.. then I put him in his chair next to me and sat at the computer.. he would start crying until I look at him lol..

~ I think I hate beyonce..

* I got mrs. Froggy hooked on world of warcraft.. I'm ashamed and proud at the same time.

~ With regards to the special initiative I was working on. I had a preliminary meeting with a few special education teachers in Bahrain and we started planning for a few awareness campaigns and a couple of full day events with the special kids early 2009, and hopefully a summer program that will merge the kids.

* I hate calling them special kids… but I don't know what else to call them without sounding all high and mighty..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i've been here for too long

you know how when girls start living together or spend a lot of time together their "time of the month"s sync up??

well in the working environment i've noticed that it kinda happens to us too.. on random occasions i've found that me and one of my co-workers are wearing the same thing, or matching colours at least..

Today me and my supervisor were wearing the same exact colours.. with the exceptions that he made the fasion faux pas of wearing a black belt with brown shoes.. TOTALLY OMG.. and i was giving a presentation to upper management today so my supervisor and I either looked cute together, or looked like complete idiots..


on another note.. there is this guy in our group who doesn't ever stop talking, or asking questions.. he's the type of guy who is EXTRA friendly to the females in our department, and wants to come off as everyone's friend.. DUDE.. we live in saudi arabia, being extra friendly to the girls could get them in trouble or give them a bad reputation.. and being the "womanizer" at work isn't the most flattering thing either..

anyway.. he comes up to me after the presentation and says "good job, that was the best presentation you have ever given since joining us"...



I hate how he thinks he's so smooth.. and what kills me.. is he is the type who does very little.. but gloats about it forever and taking whatever credit he can get..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Public Service Announcement

People of Saudi Arabia

Thank You


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty - Blog Action Day 08

It would be very difficult to find someone who doesn't believe that poverty is a real problem we are facing in this day and age. However, with everything else going on in the world (terrorism, global warming, natural disasters) it seems that poverty has taken a back seat to all the attention.

The month of Ramadan has just finished and in the Arab and Muslim world, its a big thing to give during the month. But the sad thing is that some people ONLY give during that month as if the problem doesn't exist after the month is over.

A huge misconception about the poverty issue is that all we need to do is donate money, or clothes, or food. Although a very noble thing to do, to regularly give, it is sadly not enough. What our countries and our entire planet needs is people who are willing to donate their time to look for the worthy and the truly needy. For people to come up with truly selfless initiatives that will have a long term benefit. Our governments need to give leeway to NGO's to take a stronger role in helping the communities.

The solution lies with us, the people. With the support of the powers above, with the determination and by working together we will be able to raise awareness and Inshallah one day find a solution.

And maybe one day, implement it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Third World Something

Have you ever noticed how defensive we get whenever we are described as third world countries?

What gets to me is that the Arab world is so blind to all its shortcomings.

Yes, we are pretty decent when it comes to technology. Yes, we are some of the richer countries around the world. Yes, we appreciate family more than most countries.

But doesn't it piss you off that we are so hung up on this few virtues that we neglect ever advancing and becoming better people.

I believe that we are not third world countries, but we are third world people. The people you run into in the street and in the malls act like animals in so many respects. The way the men chase/harass the women, the way we refuse to be polite to strangers, the way we NEVER form a decent queue, the way we drive, the many ways in which we are SO selfish…

Yet the one virtue any Arab will tell you we have that no one else in the world has is our generosity… oh wow.. seriously? Who cares if we split the bill instead of fighting over it for 10 minutes. I swear to God, I've had many a conversation about how terrible the English are because they are so cheap, and how they don't pay for each others' meals etc etc.. I'm sick of waiting in line to buy a tea in the morning behind two full grown men fighting over who is going to pay the 2 Riyals for the others morning coffee..

I am not saying let's stop inviting each other.. but I am saying we have so much more to fix within ourselves… we are a very proud people… but as time goes by there is very little left to be proud of..

And I am scared about raising my son in the most generous countries… with very little to be proud of…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Expectant Man, Talking To Himself

This is one of my favourite poems written by a very good friend of mine..

and I felt like sharing :)

I realise that I hover,
And I'd like to apologise.
But sometimes hope is awakened in me,
And I think it is finally time.

I guess it unnerves some people,
Confuses them maybe.
I try and explain it but it never makes sense,
Seems so petty.

It feels like I've been waiting so long
That the slightest thing
Becomes a clue,
A glimpse of something more.

So I build my hopes up,
Foolishly telling myself it could be true,
It might be happening this time.
But I'm seeing things that aren't there again.

Why do I always do this?
Build myself up,
Get so certain that what I have been waiting for
Is just around the corner?

I've had enough,
I've done this for far too long.
Sod the bus,
I'll walk.

© Matt Beames

Monday, September 08, 2008

I vote for change

I know my last post might have thrown some of you off... its not really the kind of thing I post up here. But for some reason I have been extremely passionate about change..

I think it's partially because baby froglet has given me a new perspective to life. Like every parent I want him to have an awesome life.. I want him to grow up in a perfect world and all that jazz… but you soon remember how imperfect our world is and you start thinking that the problem is too big for you to fix..

After a few brain storming sessions with a few friends we all decided its about to start promoting change ourselves. We are tired of being sheep following the herd and complaining about it…

Choosing the cause was very difficult, because… quite simply.. where do you start.. literally everything is wrong with the world.. so we decided to take on something that (we think) we can handle..

Special education won the vote. It saddens me how seldom you see children with disabilities in public and how they are demoralized in the eyes of society. A friend of mine just discovered that her nephew has down syndrome.. what pissed me off is when she told me, she said it was a secret and they (as a family) didn't want anyone to know.. I was infuriated, I'm sure they have their reasons, but why be ashamed of an illness? And why should the kid suffer living in that embarrassment?

We are studying a system that will incorporate disabled kid's needs into the normal schooling system. They need to feel included and the society needs to start accepting them. And we are targeting the younger generations.

Wish us luck

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finding a Purpose

Lately I've been feeling a bit lost. Feeling like there is much more to life.

I am not talking about religion, or about god or heaven and hell.

I am talking about all the good that we can potentially do.

I won't lie, like most people, most of my life growing up I have thought about my personal growth, my personal wealth and success. And I always thought sending 200 hundred riyals a months to a local charity was enough to make me feel good about myself. Until at some point last year my aunt, who is pretty pro-active in the community, told me that the money is the least of the problems, charities and organizations needs hands, they need people to do the work for them.

It was a very sleepless night for me. I felt guilty for every time I was proud of myself for doing the very least. I felt guilty for every time I felt sorry for a person with special needs. I felt guilty because I am sure if I put my head to it, there is much more I could have been doing.


A Saudi friend of mine was talking to a Spanish friend of his. And the Spanish guy told him: "All you Saudis do is complain about how much more your government should do for you, but I see none of you actually doing anything to help yourselves."


A few months ago there was a huge campaign supporting Autism in shargiya, I'm not sure about the rest of Saudi. The billboards were everywhere.

That was over 4 months ago. Now you don't see any. Its like "YAY we solved the problem, 2% of the population is more AWARE, now we can sleep at night for another 2 years"

In most cases the most active people towards a cause, are the immediate family or friends or the people suffering from it. But what about the rest of us? The rest of us able bodied, over privileged, financially comfortable people. Why aren't we marching with them? Why aren't we supporting them?

I'm sick of the silence that befalls parents of kids with special needs, I'm sick of the shame some people carry with them because of a brother or a sister with needs. And I'm sick of complaining.

It is time to act, it is time to contact the local schools and ask them what they need. It is time to start looking at the international benchmarks and seeing if we meet them. It is time to start meeting and thinking together how we can make our communities better, how we can help more families be happier or at least more comfortable.

Its time to be… selfless… for once...

Monday, July 28, 2008

And then they were 3

a bit early. but still a very welcome surprise :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

And then there were Crumbs

* I just discovered that I love bananas

~ Today I saw an advertisement for this new Woman's Hair Saloon in Bahrain.. And on the poster it said "Hair extensions... 100% real hair...". SERIOUSLY?? I remember having this debate with mrs.Froggy about having someone's hair on my head, but I think subconsciously I didn't want to believe her because it grossed me out too much.. but SERIOUSLY??

* I discovered that bananas are not the easiest food to eat while driving

~ MRS. FROGGY PASSED HER DRIVING EXAM (MASHALLAH MASHALLAH TUFF TUFF TUFF), and is now called Schumacher (I added the link just in case).

* I finally got transfered to a new department in Aramco, much better place Hamdillah.

~ 96.3%* of bearded saudi men are TERRIBLE drivers.

* Although some of the bearded men are EXTREMELY pleasant, you will find more than you think are complete animals. They will eye a girl from head to toe as she passes by, they will not greet you back unless you have a beard of similar length and girth.

*all statistics on this blog are completely true and have been calculated through rigorrous testing regimes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

out of touch

it hit me a few days back that i have been completely out of touch with too many people..

Three days ago i discover that one of my friend's brother is getting engaged to my cousin. The ENTIRE family has known about this for weeks, and I heard the news from another friend from that group and had to act like I knew all along.

Another friend, who used to be my room mate in England's Dad passed away on Sunday. I had known that he had been suffering from cancer, but I didn't know that it had gotten much much worse in the last few weeks. This would be normal if no one else knew, but apparently everyone knew.

I feel like i've distanced myself from the majority of the world. I have Mrs.Froggy and our close group and our immediate family, and that's as much effort as I am willing to put in.

At work I have been described as anti-social by one of the supervisors, but I didn't care at the time because he is not my supervisor and probably never will be.

I think that I need to try and reach out to the world again.. In hope that it is still willing to take my hand..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

professionalism anyone?

We have this lebanese lady on our floor who is in her mid forties, i would presume, and acts like she is in her early twenties and in college, with the loud laugh, and excessive friendliness with every guy in the office, mind you the women are outnumbered 30 to 1.

Anyhoo, she is very nice and makes an effort with everyone. The problem I have with her is understands the Saudi Man's mind and enjoys the attention, or is just as extravagant and as subliminally flirtatious as she acts.

The following conversation took place in the cubicle next to me yesterday..

Lebanese Lady: "Hey dude, can you help me with something?" (she didn't actually say dude)
Dude: "Yeah just a minute" as he finished his pone call
Lebanese Lady waited for 30 seconds
Dude: "Ok lets go, what did you need me for anyways?"
Lebanese Lady: "Well you being Really good with IT, I need you to fix something for me" (p.s. he has NOTHING to do with IT)
Dude: "I'm not really good with IT?"
Lebanese Lady: "Really?"
Dude with a stupid smirk that I could hear: "But I'm good at Other things", he produces a soft laugh
Lebanese Lady giggles frantically in her high pitch voice.

I was mortified.. I was just waiting for the cheezy music to start playing as she threw herself at him and slammed him into the wall behind him, and the director coming out of no where screaming "People, THAT is how you shoot a love scene"

Monday, June 16, 2008


* My brother just came back from England. He finished his bachelor's and is supposedly, looking for a job. Only he is not taking it as seriously, as I want him to. He keeps on procrastinating saying that he's only been here a week. I think I pushed him too hard a few days ago, and I hated myself for doing so.

* Mrs. Froggy has a driving test tomorrow inshallah, Miskeena she failed her first one and was devastated. I told her so many people fail the first time. My mom actually failed twice. So wish her luck.

* I hate driving in Saudi...

* Yesterday my mom told me that my face talks for me, and that I can't hide it when i'm angry, disappointed or unimpressed with someone or something. In a way, I think I'm happy about that.

* I've fallen into the stereotype of men who gain weight after marriage. I can come up with 107 excuses if I want to, but I won't. I went to a health awareness seminar where they take your weight, fat %, BMI, BMR etc etc and they told me i'm at the maximum I should be for my height, and that I should lose around 5-8 KG.

* I think I'm ready for the baby to be a part of our lives, we have a couple of months to go before his/her appearance, and we are getting more and more anxious.

* I would love to escape from this conventional life I'm living if just for a little while, I just want to grab the mrs. by the hand and belly and move to a new place, and attend writing school and she can attend art school or beauty therapy school.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stuck no more

First of all I want to thank everyone for your comments and contribution, and must apologise for not responding to some of you, but I will, inshallah :)

Anyhoo.. I like giving multiple gifts, either starting 3-4 days before the actual day leading up to a big gift, or just buy a million little awesome gifts that surround a nicer, bigger more substantial one.

This year the theme is something useful, I already explained to Mrs.Froggy that I will not be buying any jewelry or anything that she has too many of as it is. I KNOW I KNOW a girl can never have too many shoes and backs and jewels, but my point is, there are gifts that show that you are actually there and around to notice the things she actually needs, or always wanted but never knew she did, yeah i'm psychic like that lol..

anyhoo.. I bought a couple of funky stuff that are just randomly funky:
Momiji Doll: For some reason she was always fascinated by them, maybe she always wanted to start a collection but never got around to it, so i'm giving her the first one.
2 Mutant Dolls: They can either be hung on a key chain, or stuck to the car window. Inshallah soon she will be getting her license.
T-Shirt: I'm custom making a t-shirt for her, i still haven't decided on the final product, but i still have a couple of days.

there is still room for a few more funky stuff. but i don't like rushing the funkyness...

The main gift is related to Mrs.Froggy's hobby... painting.. ever since we moved into our house she always used the dinning table for her painting, and we never got around to buying her a special painting table that could tilt and has drawers and stuff...

so today i found it... it is perfect, the size is just right. and it looks easy enough to assemble..

So this is where you guys come in, I have to ways to go about this:
Method 1:
On her actual Birthday, I wake up at 7 am (she is a heavy sleeper, specially with the pregnancy)
assemble the table, put all the funky stuff on it in a nice decoration. Find and tie a BIG ASS ribbons around it.


Method 2: I tell her I have a meeting (although I am taking the day off work) that I must go to, so I drop her off to my parents, or tell her to go out with her sister or friends until i come back. And in that time fix it up, maybe take her to dinner and then after we finish dinner and eventually head home, she finds the gift.

so basically, Do i start off her morning with a bang, or end it with a bang, pun not intended ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

and then he was stuck

People of blog world... i once again need your help :)

it is mrs.Froggy's birthday in a month's time and i want to get a head start.

so start pitching ideas people.. but keep in mind the following:
  • spas or massages are out of the question because she is pregnant and massages are evil when you are pregnant. And me going to get a massage while she watches won't really be that much of a birthday gift.
  • in the past i've gotten her rings and bracelets and all that superficial stuff.. i always pick them myself knowing her taste, so they had sentimental value to them. however, this year, i don't want something typical. i don't mind jewelry only if it was funky and different.
  • of course i am not only going to give her the gift and expect a big kiss.. i will plan the whole romantic dinner or picnic or surprise party, not sure what yet, but the gift is more important now.
oh yeah its on the 24th of June, so we have enough time to brain storm.

once again i thank you my fellow bloggers :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Identity Crisis

I know I haven't been updating much lately, but that is due to the fact that I have no idea what to talk about anymore...

I've had this blog for a couple of years now and the mood and theme have fluctuated and gone from everyday tales to poetry and everything in between. Ever since i moved back to Saudi its been difficult to write about everyday things, because i really doubt any of you would like to hear about me visiting my in-laws and and making awkward conversation with my father-in-law, or how we had dinner this restaurant and the waiter got all our orders wrong.

maybe deep down i wanted my blog to have more to it than all of that.

I am currently going through a blog identity crisis.. i'm not sure if i want to start blogging about my personal life with my mrs. (i just feel its too personal to be out there for the public). or if i want it to be a venting method i use.

i secretly always wanted to be a writer... i always dreamed of writing a book, or at least a collection of poems or short stories... i never really followed that dream, neither by practicing or by becoming a better writer... and maybe this blog was the closest I'd ever get to that..

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Long Goodbye

The road seemed longer this time, or maybe he was just driving slower. The music was turned up as the song went on talking about a forbidden love. But his love for her was anything but forbidden. His right hand was rested on her left. They weren’t holding hands; they just let their fingers slowly caress each others palms. As they got closer to their destination she grasped his hand and tightened her grip the closer they got. As if trying to take with her what she can of him. As if by doing that it would hurt less to leave him behind. They didn’t utter a single word, but knew exactly what the other was thinking.

He parks the car at the entrance, but they didn’t exit immediately. He slowly pulled his hand away and opened his door as she opened hers. They distracted themselves by placing the suitcases in the trolley, thinking that delaying it might change the inevitable. But the time came and they had to do it. They had to say their farewells.

The hug didn’t last too long just to spare her the heartache. He planted a kiss on her cheek and told her he loves her.

He will miss her… although he knows deep down that she’ll back in a couple of days.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

animal planet

I was just in the toilets in aramco.

I know this isn't the best way to start a story but bare with me..

so I walk into one of the stalls and find that it looks like the result of a rhino mating with a silver back ape... so I walk into the one after it and although hard to believe it was actually worse...

I couldn't believe it... I have walked into stalls that have not been up to par with my cleanliness, but I always believed that maybe, just maybe working in a company like aramco I would be surrounded by civilized people who know how to use a freaking toilet seat.

I was wrong. but I always hoped I would never be this wrong..

for crying out loud, Islam is supposedly yearns us to be clean, but sadly enough you don't see anyone following, all we are good at is talking the talk, growing our beards, and wearing short thobes... any excuse to show off our legs... seriously, sometimes the thobes are just barely under the knee.

Its either my standards are too high, or there is something completely F*cked up with our society...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ramble Ramble Ramble

* I just realized that its very difficult for me to mad at someone for extended periods of time. Which pisses me off. I'm very good at plotting my revenge, but by the time I actually get to it, I start feeling bad. I'm sure Ghandi would have been proud of me..

~ There is this guy whom I pass by in the corridors almost twice a day, I always say "Salam Alaikum" and he just walks right past me as if I didn't exist. HE GETS ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY NERVES.

* I hate driving in Dammam. The People there don't drive like humans. They drive like they were an ant Colony that is moving from point A to B and were sprayed with a hose and are trying to reassemble. The only difference is that the Ants actually manage to reassemble.

~ I parked my car outside A'Ali Mall in bahrain for 10 minute last week, and some Assh*** decided to key my car from one end to the other. I don't get the concept of keying someone's car. A vendetta is supposed to be personal, I don't even know who did it. It's the cowards way of looking like a bad ass.

* I started reading comics again, and now my entire group is doing so too. We are like a bunch of 8 year olds trading comics between classes. Reading them is a great escape.

I think that's enough for one day :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

crumbs of toast

I've noticed that as I grow older, life seems like it is getting more difficult where in reality it is just getting more simple. As long as you try and accept it for what it is.

I remember when I was studying how I had a plan. At the time it seemed very thorough and complete. "After I graduate, i'm going to work in Aramco for a couple of years, then get my masters degree, then come back and work in a financial institute while putting money aside to start my own thing and eventually leave by the time I am 30."

As I grow up, I watch the plan shatter one bit at a time. sometimes for the best and sometimes to my dismay.

I truly believe in believing, but I also believe that that world as we know it now is not as simple as we think it is. The curve balls that come your way will only increase as time passes and you will find that time is passing you by and you have accomplished nothing.

The secret to surviving is never letting your guard down as well as keeping the faith. But the most important secrets are being Patient, and Flexible. As long as you keep on reviewing your plan and adapting it to the changing variables around you, hopefully Inshallah one day you will reach something very similar to your dream.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

a resolution

ok so i don't really believe in the whole new year's resolution. and i know new years was just over a month ago...

but yesterday for some reason i had a new life resolution.

i just woke up and felt like i need to change... maybe its partially because i'm becoming a dad inshallah... it didn't hit me when we first found out that mrs. froggy was pregnant, and now it just snuck up on me that i need to be better by the time tadpole hits the scene.

I decided to:

* take my new department more seriously that the last.
* use the stairs more often
* start reading again
* praying on time
* get organised

not major changes i know, but i do believe that by doing these things i'll sleep better at night.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chicken tonight

so mrs. froggy was hungry and was craving some KFC. She was very specific with her order, "I want only one piece of chicken, it has to be a breast. French Fries, Coleslaw and water."

So I drive over and start placing the order.

KFC Lady: "Hello sir, welcome to KFC, can I take your order please?"
Froggy: "Yeah umm. What's the smallest amount of chicken I can buy? Can I buy just one?"
KFC Lady: "Yes sir, you can order just one."
Froggy: "Ok then, do you have breasts?"
Awkward Silence
KFC Lady (trying to hide a smile): "Yes we do"
Froggy (feeling like a complete idiot): "Ok then I'll have one piece of chicken etc etc"

Of course to avoid any further embarrassment I decide to ignore the fact that I asked the lady if she had breasts or not; and acted as nonchalantly as possible, as if I did nothing wrong. She kept on smiling and trying not laugh.

sheeesh... the things I get myself into.

p.s. check out my new blog Minifroggles. (I will be working on both simultaneously... inshallah)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On parenting

I am a true believer in tough love, of course only in the right ways. I do believe that a child these days should not be too pampered to be able to survive in the vicious world out there.

However, sadly enough you find some parents' methods of showing tough love cross over into brutal love. Sometimes through negligence and sometimes through showing them the back of their hand.
Yesterday, I woke up to go to work and found that mrs. froggy wasn't feeling too well. So I decided to skip work (any excuse really) and go out and buy her things that would make her feel better. So I checked the kitchen to find what was missing and off to Geant (I hate hypermarkets, I really do, but sometimes they are actually convenient). I passed by a DVD store and bought her the Little Mermaid, knowing that she's been itching to see it again. Then I went off to by random niblets and crackers and sweets. And then I bought her this HUGE beanie bag, small tables to surround it and a single blanket so that she can place herself in front the TV and have everything she wants around her.

Anyhoo, As I was running around with my headphones on to drown out any excess noises regarding clean-ups on isle 5. I noticed a little girl, barely 2 years old, crying her eyes out and aimlessly walking. I stop and watch her to see if anyone is following her or not. She's all alone. I leave my stuff and follow her. Of course my first instinct was to ask her if she was ok, but in this day and age its very difficult for you to talk to a child, specially a girl, unless you were a female yourself. I eventually walked up to her and asked: "feen mama?" (where's mom?)", She bursted out crying and just pointed aroud aimlessly. Geant was extremely crowded at the time and each till had at least 3 people standing in line. At some point she started pointing at the tills and I started scanning them in search for a concerned looking parent.

Alas, a man looking my direction. He is standing at the cashier and there is a huge line behind him. I wave to him and ask if this was his daughter he smiles and nods, without moving an inch. I look at the girl and find that she is walking towards to the tills and I follow. She finds her mother who doesn't even look a bit bothered. I look at the mother in disgust and try to explain the situation, she just smiles and takes her daughters hand, without even a hug or a kiss (for the daughter, not for me lol), and just walks away.

I WAS INFURIATED, even the sound of the coldplay in my ear couldn't cool me down. I couldn't believe how getting to the front of the line was far more important than keeping an eye out for your daughter. I've been lost before, and I know how it feels, its the scariest thing you can go through, and the only thing that would make it feel better is your mother or father holding you and telling you everything will be alright and apologising for neglecting you.

That poor kid. Makes you think what kind of a parent you are going to be.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I remember all through my early teens, I always had someone I used to look up. Not an idol per-se. But someone who I just simply thought was way cooler than me. Someone I wanted to be like when I grew up. Be it an older cousin, a friend's older brother, or even a cool uncle.

I'm all grown up now.

And I am nothing like any of those people.

Not only that, but i don't even see what the fuss was about anymore.

I would like to believe that I have outgrown and out done my own expectations. However, i'm not too sure its a good thing to feel. Because you find that you start looking down on people, or just simply thinking in the back of your mind that you are better than them.

But if you were. What if you really are better than them. Is it fair for you to judge them? What if I was just placing the judgment in the comfort of my own mind? As long as I am not passing that judgement to anyone else. right?

I'm not even talking about our beloved "Holier than thou" brothers and sisters. I'm just talking about the everyday people you run into, and the thoughts that go through your head while talking to them.


After I got out of the hospital 5 years ago, I was a changed person. I appreciated life more and all that. I started praying again, well at least more than I did before. However, I started passing judgement more.

I started doing it just to filter out the people I don't want in my life and the one's I do. It became very easy for me to be cold and dry with someone if I didn't want them in my life. Well not very easy, just easier than what I would like.

I stopped caring if everyone liked me or not. I stopped giving a damn what "people would say" (the very well known saudi phrase "6ayeb eesh yigoolo al-nas 3annak).

I'm just not sure if I'm on the right track anymore. And it took me 5 years to realise it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

blending in

He walked into the elevtor right before me. Stood next to me but didn't look at me. He stood there, bedazzle by whta was in his hands; mezmerized even. He flipped through the pages slowly. Back and forth and back. He didn't even bother to look at the elevator doors open on each floor to see who was coming in. Or to even give that disecting look to people who came to go up only one floor (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, THE STAIRS ARE NOT TOXIC, YOU LAZY #$%#%%#^$#%@#). He was in his zone.

I couldn't help but admire the happiness. He was shinning; he was Zen.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of his little orange organizer. I slowly started to realize, it was the new 2008 Aramco organizer. One of the many highly anticipated events within Aramco, it only comes second to the, Magical and Mystical Aramco Calendar (Thunder, Lightning, Cheddar Cheese). It is CRAZY how people wait for it to come out. I was always the non-conformist who wasn't excited. But this time... Ah this time I WANTED that organizer. I wanted to be happy like him. I deserve to be happy.

I slowly backed away from that hypnotizing orange leather organizer and my jaw dropped in awe after realzing what I was becoming. Am I turning into one of them? Am I slowly starting to believe that I will turn into yet another Aramco Android, otherwise known as Aramcons?

I cherish my creativity far too much to succumb to such a fate. So I took a few deep breaths, and left the elevator, and left that man, and that mezmerizing book that would change my fate.