Thursday, June 29, 2006

return of the frog

*eye of the tiger - from the Rocky soundtrack plays in the background as the camera zooms in on the frog punching a punching bag*

so yeah, i've been away for a while.. but HEY, you can't blame me, i just got married on paper lol.. i love the fact that after the milka, you guys are officially married but there are still lots of cultural restrictions..

i don't mind the restrictions as long as i know what they are.. as of now, it depends on her dad's mood.. and the red lines he draws are pretty much drawn over each other.. and they don't make sense.. one day i'm allowed to chill with her in their house all by ourselves, but the next day she's not allowed to come over and have lunch with me and my aunts in bahrain..

bless her dad's little cotton socks.. he's having withdrawal syndrome signs.. yes, he is having trouble facing the fact that he is losing his little daughter to this young guy.. all of a sudden, between one day and night she is going to stop being his little girl and being someone else's little woman..

on another note, the milka was amazing 7amdillah 7amdillah.. her mom begged me to dance so i did.. buuuuut little did i know that the guy isn't supposed to dance dance, as in dance like no one was watching.. as i was told afterwards lol, that i was supposed to just hold her hand and smile while she danced and showed off the goods lol.. but yours truly danced like he was getting paid to do so..

the other fun yet weird thing was taking the pictures.. the photographer asked us to do so many poses and i couldn't stop laughing.. "now put your hand on his cheeck and lean on his shoulder placing your left eye lid on his right nostril, and smile", the other random and wierd one is when they ask me to kiss her forehead for the camera "i have to keep kissing her forehead untill they tell me to stop lol (i'm not complaining hehe).. I proposed doing a handstand while mrs.froggy cruled into a pretzil shape, i don't think the photographer appreciated my humour..

ooh ooh yeah.. the most difficult part was walking in with mrs.froggy.. seriously, i don't know how my mother expected me to keep my cool whilst walking into a room of 80 women (which is 160 eyes) watching me and thinking (is he good enough for her, hmm he's cute, i think she could have done better, look how nervous he is hahaha, etc etc).. and of course i had to listen to ALL the instructions given to me AS I WALKED DOWN THE AISLE, not before hand like civilised people, NO NO as the 6agaga (singer) was singing alf al-9alat wil salam 3alaik ya 7abeeb allah mo7ammad luloluluoluloluloulleeey (1000 prayers on you oh dear prophet may be peace be upon him, followed by a weird noise that represents happiness). as we walked we were given the following instructions all at the same time by different people:
  • Smile
  • not too much
  • don't show too many teeth (any specfic number of teeth? plz)
  • look ahead of you
  • look around
  • walk faster
  • not too fast
  • a bit faster
  • slower
  • stop and take pictures every few steps (define few)
  • hold her hand

and so on and so forth.. i think i've written enough for one day lol.. anyhoo.. its good to be back to the world of blog..

much love from the now officially taken frog.. :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

and so we've come.. to the end of the road..

ok so the day is here.. it is 2 am and i sitting in bed updating my blog.. this is probably the last time i blog whilst still being single on paper lool..

next time i will probably be a MARRIED man *thunder.. lightning.. cows mooing*

its a good feeling.. its a great feeling coz i really want mrs.froggy to be my wifey.. hehe.. it has a nice ring to it.. feels different than saying my girlfriend, then updating to fiance.. now inshallah she will be the wifey..

goodbye cruel single life.. and good morning married life where the grass is always green and the hippos are always happy and hungry (who remembers hungry hippos the board game???)

and yes saying that the married life is better than single life helps me sleep at night so don't try to convince me otherwise..

much love to all you single people out there..
the soon to be married frogman

Saturday, June 17, 2006


i have hiccups.. and good god are they annoying loool

hiccuping half way through a sentence at work doesn't really give off that, yes-i-will-listen-to-whatever-you-say-and-take-you-serously look i'm after lool

yes hiccups make me laugh..

and yes EVERYONE has given me a different remedy:
a) stand on one leg and recite the alphabet backwards while juggling three oranges and an apple (the apple must be a green one)
b) drink a glass of lemon juice while swimming on your back
c) tap dance to the theme song from cheers
d) bend over and try to balance an egg on the back of your neck while holding your breath and humming britney's "baby one more time"

any suggestions??
much love
the fro*hiccup*gman

Monday, June 12, 2006

its the final countdown

as the day comes closer i find myself feeling stranger stranger.. not stranger in a bad way.. just strange.. but happy nontheless..

in case you're wondering what i'm talking about.. inshallah on the 22nd of this month my milka (pre wedding party thingy)..

the fact that i will no longer be a bachelor or any of that.. it just feels weird that i am gonna be married, on paper for now untill the wedding at least..

we are finishing up the trays on which we are gonna give the bride to be the rings, the jewelry, the flowers, the chocolate, the gifts, the blah, the blah and finally, the blah..i'm pretty impressed with my lovely mummy.. she really is tallented, i guess running a giftwrap company came in handy lol..

the fact that i'm, by most standards, "too young" to get married isn't really concerning me, because at the end of the day.. you're only as young or as old as you act.. age after a certain age doesn't really matter.. right??

i don't really have anything to say, but i just thought like venting..
yours truly,
a very out of sync frog

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the kitchen is my home

People of the world.. I the Frogman would like to announce that the cake was AMAZING..

i am not kidding.. it was seriously good.. my parents being on their 7 year diet didn't have any, leaving more for me.. me.. meeeee... hahahaha...

so yeah.. i might start my own bakery now.. thats how confident i am.. lol.. everyone whom i forced to have some ended up going for seconds.. except for leena "who thought it was too sweet".. yeah whatever.. as if my cake wasn't perfect.. (i'm not bitter by the way.. not at all lol)

hope everyone is all good and well and dandy..
peace out.. gonna go have more cake..

Saturday, June 03, 2006

betty frogger's ready mix cakes

Today I baked a cake all by my self :):):)

how cool am I?? i was home alone.. so insteaad of wasting time online, i went to the store next to our house, bought some of the old time classic DARK chocolate Betty Crocker cake mix, some Betty Crocker light hershey chocolate spread and ran back home..

as i searched for all the components i was going to need in our lovely kitchen i discovered i have no idea where anything is LOL.. in all fairness i never lived in this house, my parents moved here while i was away studying in England..

the funniest part of baking the cake was...... breaking the eggs LOL.. the first one crumbled into 764000 peices in my hand, on my "aprin" (you gotta wear an aprin when cooking, preferabely one saying "kiss the chef", nobody kissed me :( i cried a bit, but i'm ok now), some of the yolk fell on the floor but to my surprise most of the egg fell into the plate i had placed for it and with no bits of the shell.. i laughed at myself so much..

i still didn't taste the cake because the pan i used wasn't really a cake one and is apparantly thicker than the cake one the cake took more than double the time in the oven to be ready to eat, by that time my craving was over and gone..

so now i have a DARK chocolate cake smothered with chocolate spread just waiting for me.. *evil laugh*..

much love..
kiss the frog..