Friday, April 28, 2006

to edinburgh and beyond

ppl of the earth.. i must apologize for disappearing from my blog, i know that this has affected your schedules terribely.. i know that i am the light that shines your corridor and stuff..

i will be away for another couple of days.. i am in scotland at the moment.. so much love to all of you CRAZY fans out there..

kisses hugs and stuff..
the frogman

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Cliche

ok i know that all i've done on this blog of mine is show my completely sarcastic side.. where there is a lot more to the frogman (not blowing my own horn by the way.. not at all..) so today i shall share with you one of my poems, yes, i used to write poetry, or something similar enough to poetry.. i would love to know what all you fans out there think.. all the millions and millions of you..

this one is still underconstruction and i personally think it needs a bit more work..

My Cliche:

Late at night she leaves in silence
Making sure no one sees her
She heads to her secret place
Where the wind whispers her name
And the trees protect her from harm

Her secret place
A place only she knows
A place she tells no one about
No one needs to know
It belongs to her

She sits on the white bench
Where she always sits
Her beautiful face tainted by tears
And her heart wounded yet again
She sits there broken
Waiting for someone to fix her

Shadows watch her
As she makes her way back
Still crying
Still broken

As the night fades into day
And as she wipes the last tear off her cheek
She puts on her fake smile
Just to hide the scars away
As she proceeds to live

In her cliché

Frogman 22/05/2005

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


ok, this is soooo no kool.. (i sound blonde, which i am of course, and blue eyes and stuff..) anyhoo, i wrote this big ass post last night, but mr.blogger dude was having a bad day and the server was being updated or something like that.. so he decided to take me to an error page and take away my ability to click BACK.. so yes, mr.blogger deleted my post.. and i'm not happy *sniff sniff*

lets have a little recap of what has been happening here in "Kingston upon Hull"..

there i went just walking down the street, singing doo waa dede didi dum didi do, i looked hot, i looked fine, i did something then i blew someone's mind singing doo waa dede didi dum didi do..
me and my lovely housemate Noah (not his real name), were having one of those Ultimate Fighting Champion days where we were struggling for power over each other hehe.. so as i got closer to my house i saw him outside, i shouted some obsceneties and ran after him, he got home first and closed the door behind him.. with the locomotion i ended running into the door, and my right hand was so eager to get inside, it went through the glass window.. lovely.. nothing too serious, we went to the hostpital and they said i don't need stiches, buuuuut they said that will GLUE, yes GLUE, the bigger wounds shut.. i felt like the tin-man from the wizard of OZ, the lovely wizard of OZ, and something something something something the lovely wizard of OZ (if you didn't notice i have NO idea how the song goes)

i learnt a few lessons from this lovely incident:
a) Noah is a sore loser (love you Noah)
b) the door can hurt you
c) glass is only SEE through, not WALK through

Saturday and Sunday were pure studying and typing because i had a 10,000 word deadline as well as a final exam on the same day... seriously, i just want to find those stupid Goldfish who fix our timetables and just fill their bowl with food and just watch them eat themselves to death..

woke up at 6 and finished off and printed my 10,000 word report on the demand for islamic banks in Saudi Arabia, interesting i know (soon to be found in Waterstones, Virgin, Accesorize and Burger King).. went to my exam and only started getting nervous and cold 10 minutes before hand, better than being nervous for the entire year i guess.. we go in and i start writing before i even read the questions, i've always been critisized about not writing enough in my exams so this time i gave him a treat.. he kinda screwed us over by giving weird questions and not enough time.. but it was kind of expected, so yeah..

but the great thing is, i crossed two MAJOR things off my list in one day.. OH What a feeling, Oh what a feeling (its a song, and i don't know the rest of the songs, i think its in one of those women adverts for indigestion or bladder problems or something)

Sandy: Oh monica, i've been having this bladder problem for ages.. i don't know what to do*sniff sniff*

Monica: Oh Sandy, you should have said something earlier, i have just the right thing for you

(fade out, fade back in, monica is carrying a little bottle of Activia straberry flavour)

Monica: here, try this, it always helps me. did you know that in every bottle of activia you get all your days worth of vitamins and minerals? it helps you by coating your stomach with a cement like coating that stops the bladder problem, but might eventually give you cancer.. isn't that great?

Sandy: Oh My God, this stuff is the sh£t.. it really helps and it tastes sooo good..

("Oh what a feeling" song plays in the backgroud as the girls start jumping on the sofa)

yeah, that sort of advert..

much love,
the frogalator.. i'll be back..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i name thee Poet...

[disclaimer: this post is dedicated to bestest, fairest, loveliest and my favourite POET of them all]

so last night i am ORDERED to go to bed before 12 and to sleep for at least 8 hours.. i was a good boy and i went to bed around 1 coz i'm a rebel, i'm a bad boy with my bad motorbike and my spikey hair and my leather jacket and stuff.. anyhoo i am interupted at 6 am by a txt from my beloved MOMZI (much love mom), then shortly after by one from my one and only mrs.froggy (love you too), am i allowed to say i love you more than my mom?? {conundrum of the day}

moving on swiftly, i am then disturbed by the door bell, so i approach it in whatever i was wearing to sleep in (i'll leave that one to the imagination), and i am astounded by the loveliest mail man ever, you could tell he felt bad for waking me up, i could see it in his eyes, i could see it in his smile, i'm all he ever wanted, and his arms we're open wide (OK that sounded much worse than i had intended..)

again moving on swiftly.. i must say, waking up to the door bell is crap, but waking up to mail that is actually yours, and is not a bill too big to fit into the mail slot thingy in the door, is great.. so i take my box back to my room and like a little boy on xmas day i got at the box with my keys.. 43 minutes later i'm through the first two pieces of sello-tape, only two more to go, no wait, 4 more to go, no wait, aaaaaagh, i'm never gonna get to the bottom of this..

(the music from jeopordy now playing as the camera fades away from the frogman)

another 134 minutes later, i am done with all the tape and the box is open, Alas.. i find my gift, there was a little card saying

Froggy Froggy Froggy

i hope you feel a million times better by the time you get this ;-)


my eyes were watery but like we discussed before, i'm a big boy now.. crying is for girls, or is it? (moving on swiftly) under 300 tons of foamy floaty thingies i find a plethora (word of the day, look it up) of gifts:

  1. a little wooden "pocket puzzle"
  2. a crazy maze "london brixton" puzzle
  3. a "mad moose's cracking crossword" puzzle book thingy (note: do you find a pattern here?)
  4. a yellow thingy with a face on it "1000 funny face" said the tag, but i called him "senior amarello", not very original seeing that i just called him "mr. Yellow" in spanish..
  5. A huggable creature hottie, its a hot water bottle with a grey bear that has his hands postioned in a way that i presure you can hug it, i'm still struglling to get a hug, the bear isn't giving in, i might make it dinner and watch a movie to loosen it up..

At the end of this lovely post, i would yet again like to thank Poet for making my day, you are the sweetest poet ever.. you have proven yourself even better than some people i know who claim to be "the best soul-mate i ever had"..

much love,

El Hombre el Rana y Senior Amerillo (the frogman and mr.yellow, for you non-spanish speakers out there)

(i realise that i might be killed for some of the comments i made today, but hey, what the hell, life is short and stuff..)

this post is not a hint to compete with poet and send me stuff at all.. i am not hinting to anyone.. no one.. i do not want everyone to send me things..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Akira Kurusawa

my japanese name haha.. recommendation of irony :)
Your Japanese Name Is...
Kaito Kuga

to kill a mocking flu

ok, the typical strain of bad luck must strike five days before my final exams and my deadline for my 10,000 words dissertation.. yesterday i come down with a fastest hitting flu i've ever had.. its just rushing its way into my system as if told i was giving away free candy.. i'm very very very unimpressed with this virus.. its pissing me off..

i even called my mom complaining about it.. you know that "moooom, my head huuuuurts and my nooose is congested... :(" and mommy tells you your gonna be alright.. yes even us MEN need that comforting mommy love every once in a while.. i knew exactly what she was gonna tell me before even calling her, but its that motherly feeling that makes people go fuzzy and warm and stuff.. *and the crown goes AWWW*

my nose is so congested, i actually forgot what its like to breath again.. i have tried EVERYTHING, i've been drinking water like its going out of fashion.. i've attacked it with every method suggested by the vick vaporub cream which has burned my eyes because i put it everywhere on my body.. i want this virus out, and i want it out NOW.. it has taken my progress levels down to 62.3% which is not good (don't ask me how i get my percentages, i just do)..

wish me luck people.. and if you have any tips of how to get rid of this dreadful thing, please.. i'm all ears and no nose..

yours faithfully,
a very blue and congested froggles *sniffles*

Sunday, April 16, 2006

the powerpuff weekend

ok, someone please please oh please explain to me one thing.. how does it make sense for a whole country to be on hold for 4 whole days... let me elaborate on this idea..

i wake up friday morning in full readiness to go to the library, a routine which i have abided by for a week with a lovely rate of 1000 words per day... anyhoo.. i awake to this terrible peace of news saying "the library is closed today.. and its gonna be closed till tuesday".. i was furious.. this was gonna mess up my routine.. i didn't cry, coz i'm a big boy now.. and crying isn't a way to solve things.. unless you're a girl using it with your boyfriend/fiance/husband, that's when it is used as blackmail (but that another barrel of monkeys for another day).. anyhoooo.. i discover this whole closing down business is because it was good friday, followed by bad saturday, easter sunday, manic monday, easy tuesday, bashful wednesday, tiresome thursday taking us back to good friday (no relation to the seven dwarves by the way.. not at all)
what the hell... a few things that i have to say about all this:
  1. why all the nicknames..?? just call an easter weekend.. thats more than enough
  2. why have 4 days where the whole country is on hold??
  3. Good friday?? what kind of a name is that?? come on

yeah, well.. thats basically all i have to say about this... i'm just pissed off because my productivity has gone from 110% to -63% within two days.. and yeah..

much love my people..

Hail to the frog

Thursday, April 13, 2006

frog's day out

hello my friends we meet again.. so let me tell you what kind of a day i had today.. i was awoken by my lovely mrs.froggy at 7 am so i can catch my train to leeds where i had my quarterly doctor's appointment.. so yeah, i get on the taxi in perfect timing, get to the station perfect timing, get to leeds perfect timing, get to the hospital in PERFECT timing.. and the appointment was great and i got back home and that's the end of it...

NOW let me tell you what DIDN'T happen today.. when i got to the hosptial they didn't tell me to wait for half an hour before telling me that i came to the wrong appointment, i didn't fight with them to see me today.. it didn't work (no it really didn't).. so i got to the train station and discovered the next train was in 45 minutes.. the thing is, leeds is a delightful shopping city, and i didn't want the entire trip to go to waste, so i thought "hmmmm, i'm sure i can make it to a couple of stores and back time.. no problemo.."

i walk around and very soon realise that i am going to get lost if i wanted to get anywhere.. i walk into levi's and find they have a sale.. i buy a T-shirt and talk to the more than friendly staff, i start to cheer up.. i ask for directions how to get to Hugo Boss.. i call mr.head up and ask him to check for the next train coz i decided to miss this one and shop some more.. i needed more shopping therapy (i know i know, i'm an uptown girl at heart).. so i go to Boss and buy another t-shirt, go to GAP where they have a 50% sale, so i buy two t-shirts that don't even fit that much, buuut they were only £7 each and one was purple and the other bright green... why the hell not?? so yeah, i decide to go and look for something for my mrs.froggy, and for my baby bro Faz.. i find a few things but decide to walk around.. i pass by levi's again and talk to the cheery staff.. i casually look at my watch and realise my "second" train is leaving in 8 minutes.. so i absolutely don't walk like i was walking a marathon, i don't feel lost at all.. i don't try and be smart and take a short cut, and i DON'T find myself under the train station rather than in front of it.. i do not fall up the flight of stairs i find.. i do not run all the way to the platforms.. and the train is the closest train to me of course, its not number freaking 15b which is not on the other side of the world.. i don't run up the stairs and across the bridge and i do not end up at platform 17a by mistake.. so i don't run up again and go to 15b and it was not 12.39 (ONE FREAKING MINUTE AFTER MY TRAIN TIME)

so yeah, i don't wait in the train station all alone with MP3 player laughing hysterically at myself listening to my new favourite kuwaiti band (check previous blog).. so i get to HULL (my home city) and i start walking to the bus stops.. my bus was Not already there and i didn't need to run to catch my bus.. so yeah, i got home and decided to get a short nap.. i most definately did not over sleep and wake up at 9.45pm..

so yeah.. i am now typing this bloggy and thinking to myself "how thankful i am that my day was great.. and nothing went wrong at all.."

[p.s. this is a good day to leave me comments to say how much you love me and how you feel sorry for me and stuff :) ]

ArabZ iN dA HooD.. or not..

[disclaimer notice: right ok.. i'm pretty passionate about this and its really pissing me off, so please bare with me..]

ok, well i was surfing the net and i have NO idea how i came accross this website.. its a kuwaiti hip-hop boy band group thingy called army of one.. i was thinking they must be silly..
so i thought i'de check them out and to my surprise they are actually alright, but that feeling soon faded when i started reading their autobiography.. they talk about how they are banned in kuwait and saudi, and how they are no impressed by it, and how they are only expressin' their opinions and views.. how they should not be treated like outcasts just because their culture doesn't appreciate hip hop..

after reading that statement i decided to listen more intently to the lyrics to see if there was true meaning behind them and if they really were expressing their culture and conveying it through their songs.. but much to my dismay the lyrics were nothing more than your stereotypical hip hop lyrics about clubs, cars, rims, crystal and stuff.. they really pissed me off, specially because they are actually tallented and have the financial support (their newest video clip cost them $60,000)

the other side of the pole: you have a band like outlandish.. a trio (a pakistani, an algerian and a cuban dude).. you must have heard of them (they did the english version of Aisha).. their songs are brilliant and actually meaningful.. they tackle religious, political & arabian subjects in their lyrics..

this is one of my favourite outlandish videos (click on the link to watch it)
look into my eyes

anyhoo.. i thought i would share my views with the world.. and stuff.. do tell me what u think after watching the videos..

merci.. bon nuit..

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Life, oh life, oh life, oh life.. doo doo doo doo

as you can probably guess from the title i really have nothing to contribute to my blog but felt the need to communicate with my dedicated fans *takes a bow*

don't you notice that whenever you want to do work there is always ALWAYS something to do, laundry, a friend you have not spoken to in ages (and who you would usually ignore) but NOW seems like a perfect time to catch up and talk about school, bread and cow milk.. and once you actually get to that stage when you actually start working, a force much more powerful than you takes your attention and shatters it into a million pieces..

so i eventually got to the library today after watching an episode of "prison break" (if you haven't watched it already, find the whole series and watch it... NOW), made myself some breakfast.. chatted to my beloved fiance.. searched online for movies that may or may not tickle my fancy.. took a shower.. went downstairs and made some pasta.. went to my brothers house in search of something chocolaty accompanied by my housemate, only to be disappointed by the lack of any sweet contents in his cupboard.. which lead me to go to the cafe on the way to university to have a mocha and chocolate cake.. so yeah, i "eventually" reached the library.. and got a good bit of work done.. and when i started getting the hang of where my essay is going the EXTREMELY annoying announcment of "attention please, attention please, the library will be closing in 15 minutes, the library will be closing in 15 minutes" i must add that this is said in a VERY annoying northern accent where half of the letters and words are not really recognizable..

i totally ignored the announcement so they sent a VERY old dude to warn me that i should evacuate the room immediately.. i cried and begged him to leave me there, for i have found my zone.. he pointed and laughed at me.. making me cry even more.. then he left.. i had no choice other than to put my tail between my legs and leave in much dismay..

anyhoo.. i must move on and learn to live for the day and all that self help stuff...

much love..
the frogman

Saturday, April 08, 2006


[disclaimer notice: in advance i must warn you that this is a LONG blog, the frogman corp. will not be held responsible for the time spent reading this blog]
so yes.. there i am.. the city of dreams, the city of fog, the city of stuff.. LONDON BABY!!

Day 1:
i get there at 11.00 am tuesday and i meet up with mr.head and his mom for lunch awaiting the minute that the infamous Poet would txt me telling me that she is awake. i finally meet poet at around 1.00pm when she proposes a tour of her delightful univesity, that plan didn't go too far when the security people didn't let us "commoners" in, even the tear that fell from my eye didn't persuade the security gaurds to let us in so i stopped crying.. we went on to shop for dresses for mr.head's sisters (its wedding season in Saudi soon said mummy head) me and Poet were chatting non-stop catching up and stuff, laughing after every 4 words.. we went for lunch at this italian place where the amazing "soulmate material" Cook joined us. she shared with us the intimate phobia she suffers from, we had a group hug and the birds sang and there was a rainbow somewhere in the distance..

later that night we went out to dinner accompanied by koody (Poet's brother), and wedding (Cook's sister), lovely people.. we went to Cous Cous Darna this nice little morrocan restauarant where Poet was given the job ordering for the group *no pressure, no pressure*. she said to the owner of the place, who was taking our orders at the time and looked like he would suit being a football player (a defender to be precise) rather than be a restaurant owner, that she will tell him what we want and she will leave the portions to him, he agreed with a smile. the food was brought upon us, three plates of rice which seemed more than enough but still of a reasonable portion, two plates of chicken and meat, still ok.. all of a sudden more and more plates were being brought to the table untill there was no more space for us to sit, i was contimplating jumping into koody's lap to make more space for food. when the flood of food stopped the chicken outnumbered the people at the table 3 to 1.. the amount of food was RIDICULOUS.. the bill at the end of the night was absurd, but everyone took it in a jestful manner.. it was a funny and eventful evening after all.. at some point the waitress asked if we needed anything else, a few of us ordered more drinks and i casually asked for more chicken.. we all laughed and the tension between us and the chicken was broken..

Day 2
i wake up to a phone call from Faz (my baby bro), he came to my hotel room and we had a lovely little catch up.. nothing like quality time amongst siblings.. we went out to lunch with Poet and Cook to Nando's where we introduced them to the chilli packed portugese cuisine that is Nando's.. it was a hot yet pleasant encounter with yet more chicken. we left and walked through china town and made our way to Trocadero me and Cook went on this horse simulation arcade where you ride an actual plastic horse, i believe the horses were made for people half our size but we didn't care that we looked ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS on those horses. i beat her of course. so to regain to pride she challenged me to "the dance mat thingy game" (Yes that is exactly what its called, that is a direct transaltion from the original japanese name). i won again, but we did so badly on our second go that the machine kicked us off and took away our righfully owned third go LOL.. we Laughed Out Loud.. in the meanwhile Faz and Poet were car racing and Faz described Poet as a "typical Saudi when driving" (i'm sure she was proud). Faz had to leave us and go to the train station. again we had a group hug and rainbows and birds and stuff..

Me, Poet and Cook went to this place that i thought was called "Chicken & Duck" but later discover was called "Virgin Duck" by the girls, all the chicken must have gotten to my head.. we had the "Virgin Duck" drink. it was strawberries and lemon juice. it was a confusing drink that tasted either like very sweet lemons or very sour strawberries. it was UTTERLY delightful.

we chilled in Poet's house awaiting the lovely and delightful Cornflake Girl, who like the bunny rabbit from alice in wonderland is tiny, always late and apparantly is always 3 minutes away. we all went to this really far sheesha place.. we had food that was mediocre and Cornflake Girl had a sheesha that just depressed her.. the entire time was spent with me telling the girls the WHOLE story of how me and my amazing and lovely mrs.froggy met and got engaged and all.. i proved to the girls how terrible i am with flirting (didn't i oh my dear Cook??).. after that i played the role of Dr.Phill and we discussed matters of the heart.. (you know it, group hug and the rest of it)

we left the sheesha place and agreed never to come here or even mention the place again. we left the sheesha place and made our way to the KARAOKE place, where the lovely Wedding was waiting for us all alone bless her little cotton socks.. we wasted no time, we chose songs the moment we got in and started singing, i gave the girls a headstart while i warmed up my vocal cords. Me and Cook kicked off the night by singing "Baby one more time", we sang everything from craig david to barbie girl. Me and Poet sang Mariah Carey and BoyzIIMen's "one sweet day".. there was ABBA, Sean Paul (accompanied by dances by Moi), MJ, and rapping by the Urban talents of Wedding. Even Koody and Mr.Head sang, me and the head went head-2-head (head-2-frog if you like) when we sang the boy is mine.. and of course i was victorious because the boy IS mine.. (i love you mrs.froggy :-] )

i have bored u enough i believe.. so i shall call it a night.. hopefully i have made up for my long lasting disappearing act that took place last week..

in a nutshell, london was a blast.. thanks to the endless efforts of Poet and Cook.. Everyone else contributed to the happiness to which the frogman is experiencing at the moment :D

Thursday, April 06, 2006

where to start, oh where oh where

dear fans,

i apologise oh so dearly to u all for the LONG days in which i did not update my blog, i can give excuses but i won't coz it won't really matter :)

i am writing this whilst in bed awaiting the sandman to come along and send me to that magical land of rainbows, chocolate rivers, flying cows and mighty coconuts.. i am BEAT.. i just got home from an AMAZING time in london with the AMAZING dou: poet and cook (visit their blog from my links on the right, they might say nice things about me)

at this particular moment in time i will not write anything about that.. i am just giving you the teaser trailer, if you will, about what is yet to come.. i am now just apologising for the long days without my warmth and just keeping u tuned, because what is yet to come is greater, faster and has more action and drama than you can imagine..

oh mr.sandman just walked in looking a bit tired himself, so i bid u all a farewell.. and i promise i will update about london VERY soon.. i know you are dying to read.. i have that affect on people..