Tuesday, March 28, 2006

we came, we saw, we conquered

i know the picture doesn't show much of the background, so let me fill u in... i'll start from the beginning, seeing that i haven't blogged for a while and its 2.35 and i can't sleep..

as i sat in the cantine eating one of the guys, code name: yamani (the name says it all, he's a guy and he's from yemen, hence why i call him yamani), passes by me and stops to tell me about the annual Culture Night and to ask me if i wanted to attend, he tries to persuade me by telling me this year one of the events is a Fashion Show. I say i will only come under one condition, to be one of the models (Typical me wanting to be center of attention.. its a given when u know me well enough.. but i'm really nice really) he says, "actually, you can if you were your national outfit.. find someone else to do it with you and call me".. i immediately call my brother, code names: Faz, Potetozz, Jazz or manayer (he is in love with himself, he has a close relationship with his reflection)

oh yeah, in case you are wondering, i am the dashing one on the right... and yes you got it.. Faz is the one on the left.. now give yourself a pat on the back if u got that without me telling u..

the catwalk felt like home.. its were i was meant to be.. that was moment to shine.. and stuff.. of course with the garments we were wearing, you couldn't really see if i was actually shaking my ass while walking or not (dissapointing i know).. we walked onto the stage from opposing spots from either side of the stage, when we met we greeted each other the Saudi way (one kiss, two kisses, or three or four, you get the idea) we then proceeded to the end of the stage where you can see NOTHING, the spotlights are soooo bright and you can't make out anyone in the audience.. We got a massive cheer coz we were so SEXY (we cheated, we brought along most of the arabs to cheer for us), our cheer was beaten by the cheer that went out for Ancient Greece, it was a girl and a guy, everyone was drooling over the girl who i must add was wearing, what i can only describe as a piece of white cloth.. of course i was the only guy who wasn't drooling coz u all know i only drool for one special lady (you know who you are ;) ), the crowd went WILD for this girl and they cheered and whistled and howled like hyenas during mating season.. that moment in time could have been in national geographic..

to emphisise how much of a role the "piece of cloth" she was wearing played.. while talking to irony, who attended the show, i mentioned the girl asking what she thought.. her words were said with a cynical vibe "Frogman, please tell me, who WOULDN'T look that sexy in that outfit".. at that moment i could have named a few people but i thought why kill the moment :) i'm good like that..

i think i typed enough..
night night oh faithful readers of mine :)

"Michael Jackson - They Don't really care about us is playing in the background followed by eagle eye cherry - save tonight" just thought u might want to know that for some reason.. :) :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

big trouble in little frognation

*the "what is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more" song is playing in the background while i type this.. just keep that in mind* in case you don't know the song, plz contact me and i will do that is in my power to make you listen to it.. its an all time classic..

well, its a wonderful saturday morning.. the first saturday in a long time where i don't have anything to hand in the following monday.. its a perfect saturday to just have a long lie in.. BUT NO the !"£$£"$% construction workers outside think its a GREAT idea to start drilling into my brain at 9 am on a saturday morning.. "unless you guys are fixing the gates that are keeping this city alive by keeping the germans outside.. then yes, by all means, drill away.." i strongly doubt there were any germans outside..

i have now cooled down.. and i am still in bed protesting to the fact i was awoken to early.. (is awoken a work?? well i don't care, it is now.. this is my blogspot, this is my world and these are my rules) i lay here contemplating whether i should watch "the interpreter" or if i should do a bit of rivision.. i'll leave that with you to guess at which activity i have chosen.. i know its a touch one, but i'm sure you will all prevail..

Friday, March 24, 2006

too tired to feel alive

*this blog is dedicated to irony, who is pulling an all-nighter writing an essay.. i type this in support to your cause* next week we will run a marathon in her name

ok so today (thursday) i finished my last bit of work before easter WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i guess you can imagine how excited i am..
i have been getting requests to update my blog, this only shows me that my blog is popular :):)

due to the messed up sleeping pattern that was caused by the numerous assignments that had to be handed in within the last two weeks, my body is now rebelling against me.. i have lost the ability to feel.. and i don't mean it in a Disney movie i can't feel the love anymore sense.. no.. literally, i can't feel hungry or sleepy, its really weird.. i miss being hungry.. i miss being full.. and i miss being sleepy, coz if your not sleepy in the first place, u don't really have a goodnight's sleep..

my last essay was about "the efficiency of the Saudi Stock Market".. i swear to God if i here the word Efficiency one more time i think i'm gonna snap.. to me its more like a curse now.. if you want to offend me then say it in front of me.. phew, i'm glad i got that off my chest :)

ok... i don't really have anything more to say.. so i shall bid u all a goodnight.. :) i will sleep tight and ask those annoying little bed bugs not to bite.. and stuff :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

too much time on my hands?? nooo

This Brand new album by the acclaimed singer, song writer Froggy Gonzalez is a whole new experience that will take you back to the days when the music was real, and lyrics meant something.. Back when love was true and blind and when the bling didn't matter..

The album includes hit singles like "when a frog loves a woman", "hit me froggy one more time", "the frog of my life" and the current UK number 1 "Frognation"..
available at HMV, Virgin, Tesco and Asda

Monday, March 20, 2006

looks to die for..

okay.. its officially 5 am.. i have to give a presentation in 6 hours.. so i have aprox 4 hours to sleep and an hour and a half to get ready and practice my presentation..

as always i am depending on my (to die for) looks to get the grade for this thing.. we shall see how it goes.. my best chance is if the tutor marking me is a raging homosexual who likes mexican looking saudis who happen to be engaged to a lovely gassimi girl.. what are the odds..

wish me luck my friends.. for i will need it.. whether he is or isn't gay..


Thursday, March 16, 2006

toying with mother nature

ok.. let me explain what happened here:

  • u have your saudi dude (he's lovely... no, really he is)
  • and you have your snow (i pressume i don't need to explain what snow is, but just in case, Snow is precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes. Since it is composed of small rough particles it is a granular material. It has an open and therefore soft structure, unless packed by external pressure.)

a deadly combination as seen in the picture above (the dudes name will be kept secret for security purposes).. the lesson we learn is:

don't mix and match with nature, don't toy with the way things are, liekthe wise body shop people say "against animal testing" like how the europeans would not survive in the desert, the arabs will not survive with snow.. its pure science really.. [in case you are an arab and want to shoot me now, there are always exceptions to the rule :) ]

much love,

yours truly,

the one and only frogman

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Garfield therapy

this comic made my day so many times today i don't even know what day it is... i laughed so much my sense of smell has been affected..

wondering which side is up

ok so the sleeping pattern in the last two days went up the roof, down the drain, through the window, through the wall and right back to we i'm sitting now.. sleeping at 12, waking up at 3 to eat the kabsa (samiolla's kabsas are the bestest bestest in the whole wide world).. then staying up till 7 am.. of course the lovely guys in fear of the mighty frog (HAHA *evil laugh*) waited till i went to sleep to start a snow fight..

I repeated that stupid routine for yet another day, and here i am.. its 4 am.. and i'm started to regain conciousness after the kabsa (need i say again? samiolla's kabsas are the bestest bestest in the whole wide world, i'm sure you're thinking i'm being paid to say this). I sit here contemplating going back to bed, or getting sucked into the "Saudi Whirlpool of Destruction". Of course this whirlpool includes (balot [the card game], Playstation, a lot of swearing and cursing and taking the piss out of everyone)..

Today's post was brought to you by the letter S and the number 12
Today's post is dedicated to my bestest bestest bestest bestest favourite bald friend Sultan (sorry hani-moo, u know i love u really, you make the bestest bestest bestest yoghurt& cucumber salad in the whole wide world)

yours truly,
the frogman
president of frognation

Sunday, March 12, 2006

its just another lazy sunday

the title says it all.. with not much to keep the frog motivated, he ignores the fact that he need to work on his assignments non-stop.. umm... well i guess because i haven't done anything all day.. i don't really have anything to add to this post :) but if out of the blue the sky starts to fall and everyone starts rejoicing in unity, and i am invited to this unity, then i will post something else tonight.. i'll stop talking now

Friday, March 10, 2006

dumbfounded.. and not impressed by it

1200 hours.. friday the 10th.. The frog went to his lecture as usual.. where he usually enjoys his time, listening to the "stereotypical" english lecturer who rolls his Rs and pronounces his Ts… Its all so amusing really…
But today, the frog was NOT happy.. the frog for the first time in a long long time, suffered from what could be called the "HUH??" syndrome.. he did not understand a thing.. not a single thing.. every time the lecturer tried a different angle, the frog was thrown even further from the truth.. pain and sadness flowed through him, and it took a lot of courage to shed a tear in class, a tear that no one saw.. thankfully..

Poor frog.. i feel sorry for him.. I on the other hand understood every single thing... AS IF I wouldn't understand.. haha.. yeah..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

1 frog, a lot of love

a fellow geek (name will be restricted for security reasons) has given me a wonderful peice of info.. Frogs have two hearts.. yes this is scientificaly valid.. of course this just proves that yes.. this is the reason why there is enough of the froggy lovin' to go around..

word of the day is panacea

if in need of assistance call customer services
you're call is important to us, and your call will be answered

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

erm.. blah??

you can imagine how bored i am actually doing this.. i'm in bed and looking for any excuse to keep me in bed, and today's excuse is creating this blog thingimajig..

riiiight.. i'm probably gonna have no more than two people reading this thing, but its ok.. its not like i love being the centre of attention all the time or anything like that...

ok i'm gonna get out of bed now :) maybe once i'm over how gay this seems, i might start blogging more :)