Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i've been wanting to write about this subject for ages, but never went through with it... to be honest, its nothing major but its something i just have to say and hopefully (as usual will be very educational for me lool)..

i for one, and many other guys of my mentality (and please oh please don't ask me what i mean by my mentality, my blog should give u a vibe) find it very difficult to understand the concept of deidicating songs...

ok its different when you are saying "YOU hhaaaaave to hear this song, its sooo you.. or sooo nice.. or soo anything.."

i'm talking about the.. "7abeeby, i dedicate this song to you.."

i just find that it is not as intimate as it is intended by the dedicator.. as in, basically the girl wants to express her utter devotion, love, hate, happiness, lust etc.. towards the dedicatee.. but instead of doing it herself she chooses to find a song that says it for her... to me it loses everything.. its not special anymore.. specially when the dedications get out of hand, and there is always a dedication.. once in a blue moon is different, it has a special attribute..

to be honest i dedicated one song to mrs.froggy last valentine.. i wrote up the lyrics in a video montage (with pictures and videos and everything) that flashed up on the screen as the singer said the words (kind of like karoake, but more romantic)

not in the sense of blowing my own horn, but it just felt special.. it meant much more than another song on the radio..

[end note]

i say this in full awareness that:

  • lots of guys like it
  • lots of guys do it as well
  • i might have sounded very cold blooded and unromantic.. but i was just being honest..

i must stress the point that i never tell mrs.froggy something like this coz she really likes the whole dedication thing, so i respect that and i play along...

[end end note]

the reason i could never get myself to write this post.. is because it never felt right... girls are trying to be sweet and nice by doing this, and its not their fault that some of us don't like.. its ours.. so as an end note, maybe i should adjust.. and not her..

Monday, November 13, 2006

i've been...

zoning out a lot lately..

i just find myself staring aimlessly at nothing..



you know...?

you know when...

you know when you take a day to look at your life and assess it? i like days like that. however, i find that i usually start focusing on the negative and have to think hard to be able to get back all the positive energy... times like these come when you are in a transitional phase, you find yourself thinking "so, am i going to be happier, or was i happy enough??" the problem with that question is that usually there isn't much to do about it..

for the record i'm very much ok.. well not really.. everything 7amdillah is good like i said before.. wife is great, house is getting there, etc etc..however, i recently realised i haven't stressed about getting married not even once, and i think this is me getting stressed out online because i don't want to show mrs.froggy that i'm stressed, she's got enough on her plate as it is, every other day a member of her family cries and its me to the rescue, telling them its ok, its natural to feel lost, its ok to feel scared of suddenly letting your daughter/sister go off with this strange man..

i already know what half of you people are going to comment:

"frogster, dude, chill man.. you should share your feelings.. thats what marriage is about.. each member helps the other one out.. there shouldn't be someone who is stronger than the other.."

as nice as that sounds.. i don't truly believe in it.. yes if i ever needed i heart to heart about ANYTHING in the world, i would run to her without blinking.. but when it comes to something like this, something that would make her freak out even more then i will just suck it up and run to blogger and speak to a couple of friends and have my little blurts..

i don't want anyone to think i am having doubts.. not at all, i cannot be more convinced that i want to spend the rest of my life with her.. and i hate doubting myself.. yes i am young, but there is no such thing as too young to get married (well yeah if you are like 16, but you get me)..

in a nut-shell.. i want to continue being her wall... i just don't want her to one day need to lean on me and find that i have crumbled as well... i don't want to put her through that...

i should probably say something to her and not leave her completely in the dark... but for once, i actually don't know how...

yours truthfully,


Sunday, November 05, 2006

fellow bloggers... out of my love and devotion to you, i have found a way to beat the system... i have found a way to publish to my blog while being at work...

in case what i just said doesn't make sense to u... aramco blocks and firewalls everything making it very hard for you to access anything non-work related like blogger.. and while living in saudi i don't really have time to sit and blog *sniff sniff* it hurts me more than it hurts you...

anyhoo... i can't really read your comments till the weekend, so make it good... and please comment.. i need the moral support.. and i need to get back into blogging, its a habbit i don't want to you lose anytime soon..

so yeah... moving on... finally finally finallllly 7amdillah we are almost done with furnishing the apartment.. we found the 6agaga.. found a printing company for the cards and are almost all go go for the wedding.. mashallah mashallah mashallah tuff tuff tuff... yeah, my mom reads my blog at every full moon and asked me not to go into too much detail about my life to avoid 7asad, it was a looong discussion, but for her sake plz everyone who comments just say mashallah first then write your comment lol... don't get me wrong i believe in 7asad (the evil eye? heroine, help me out with translation lol) but i don't base my life around it...

anyhoo... so yeah, the closer we get to the wedding the more my beloved mrs.froggy gets nervous (bless her little cotton socks)... and all i need to do is give her a hug and say, do'nt worry, i don't bite... unless you ask me to..

moooving on...

now i will start with the topic that will hopefully start a nice debate... do women really want our opinion when they ask for it?

and i don't want a YES or NO answer.. please elaborate and be honest, because SERIOUSLY seriously lots of times you don't.. you only want our opinion if it goes hand in hand with yours.. i ask this because, i don't believe in lying to someone for convienience reasons, i will not agree to something just to shut her up.. if she asks what i think about the set of plates, i will say Yay or Nay..

next on the list: when we say "i don't know" sometimes, we actually don't know.. and want you to help us.. i go back to the picking cakes issue presenting earlier in july i guess.. i have NEVER seen a wedding cake so i have NO idea what to base my choice on.. and saying just pick something you like i would go to cheesecake factory and choose the chocolate fudge cake.. (ok i'm being unreasonable but seriously, level with us)

on an end note.. 7amdillah 7amdillah mashallah mashallah everything has gone pretty smoothly up till now and it feels great..

much love my friends..

much love those who check my blog and don't comment (you know who you are you person who is the cousin of my friend and who reads my blog with her fiance)

peace out