Thursday, August 24, 2006

Marco... Polo

finally.. i'm back to reality.. back to civilization.. for i have thrown all across our beloved kingdom.. over the past two weeks the beloved aramco has sent me to: Yanbu, Tabuk, Shadgum and Duba.. it was hectic, buuut i managed to survive without internet and good restaurants..

so i am still here.. and i shall update very soon.. i have no idea what to write now.. so just wanted to you all to rest assured i'm still gonna update.. really soon :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

pickaboo.. i see you!!

ok.. people of the blog world.. i am writing this blog to sencerely apologize for the amazing disappearing act i conducted very well.. lets just say i got lost..

well as the lovely QC has commented.. i got married and vanished.. very untrue.. the real reason behind my vanishing is the NEW JOB WOOHOOO!!! i am currently working for ARAMCO.. typical you might think but its a good job that secures your life.. you'll be fine if you left the door open for better oppotunities to come along the way, unlike every other aramco employee who thinks he has found the lost treasure of atlantis once he has joined the company..

i won't go into the details of the job to keep the very little fans i have left still interested in this space :-D

i would love nothing more to update my blog from work, seeing that i just started and have hardly any work.. buuuuut aramco have this website blocked to avoid it distracting the employees.. (as IF that would happen)

so yeah.. i spent the fist week on the job wasting time.. oh yeah.. i forgot to mention the most important part.. MRS. FROGGY WORKS IN THE SAME BUILDING AS ME :) YAAAY!!! so yeah.. i basically spent more time in her office than mine..

however, the second week of work wasn't as heavenly.. i was sent to Yanbu on a 3 day assignment and i survived the nothingness that is Yanbu... afterwards (yesterday and today) i went to the city of lost hopes and forgotten names, Shedgum.. yes i know what your thinking.. Shed-WHAT??

i am going to Deba next week.. don't ask me where it is plz.. let us stay friends..

mrs. froggy is going to NY next week for two weeks.. its good and bad.. its good coz a little bit of space can do wonders to a relationship.. but bad coz i've gotten used to seeing her everyday.. so i'm really gonna miss that foxy lady of mine..

i was at the denstist today and she was finishing up two root-canals and was about to start a third one when i begged and pleaded that we stop for the day.. so i'm in pain and hating it..

i hope i still have some of you avid readers still checking this blog..

much love.. the full fleged employee frog