Sunday, July 23, 2006

chicken soup for the froggy's soul

so yeah... i think its about time i updated this thing.. life has just been a bit hectic since the return of our beloved war hero Faz (my bro).. and i didn't feel like updating about my petty worries when everytime you watch the news you hear that someone else has lost their life.. such a shame..

so yeah.. for the past month my life has been revolving around two main thing:
a)i've been helping my dad out by doing all the governmental work needed for the company.. just for EVERYONE'S sake, i won't go into that and into how EXTREMELY stupid and unreliable all those stupid employees are.. and this is me not mentioning the God complex they all suffer from..

b) i pick mrs.froggy up from work and we have lunch then shop and run errands and stuff till i take her back to her sisters house.

and repeat..

the former requires me to wake up at 6 or 7 or 8 depending on the place i'm going to.. and the latter required me to stay up till 12-1.. so after four weeks of very very VERY little sleep.. my system decided to "give me the finger" (excuse my french).. i woke up on thursday with a slight fever and feeling like absolute shit.. so i didn't see my mrs for the entire weekend (heartbreaking, i know)... but we survived hehe.. to be fair we needed the space.. and i needed the rest..

so i spent thursday, friday and saturday on the couch watching movies, playing PS2 and talking to whomever decided to pass by.. i only got out of the couch to pray.. i even ate laying down..

lots of chicken soup and tea and water did the job.. and now i'm back to life..

i should start my proper job next week inshallah and i just recieved the very bad news that the promised housing projects we were to recieve a few months from now are not going to be ready for another two years.. which means i'm screwed..

yours truly had all his hope on living inside the camp of aramco.. and based his entire financial plan on that.. and now the frogman needs to go house shopping.. and he needs to redraft his entire plan.. and i don't wanna ask my dad for cash.. i'm too proud.. DAMN YOU PRIDE.. DAMN YOU ALL THE WAY TO HELL..

whooo.. ok now i got that off my chest i can go back to being the merry go happy perosn that i usually am..

much love fellow bloggers.. sorry bout the boring post.. and to compensate.. i'll give you a little story..

Me and Faz were picking mrs.froggy up and as we waited in the car i was scrolling through the songs and what song came on??

[organ playing in the background]
man: Hi barbie!!
woman: HI KEN
man: you wanna go for a ride?
woman: sure ken
man: jump in

i'm a barbie girl
ina barbie woooorld
life in plastic
its fantastic
you can brush my hair
undress me everywheeeeeeere (she's a bit too easy?!)
imagination life is your creation

i'm a blonde little girl
in a faaaantasy world
pick me up
tie me up i'm your darling (i don't know ALLL the lyrics, gimme a break)

your my doll
rock and roll (yeah coz that makes lots of sense)
feel the glamour and pain
something something something something
hanky panky..

ok so you get the idea.. anyhoo.. so we waited till she go in the car then pressed play and acted oh so nonchallantly.. you know, just nodding along like you would to any other song..

the poor thing didn't know ohw to react but i'm sure jumping out of the moving car was the easiest of the options after smashing my head across the window and using my face to brake the car into a halt..

its was funny at the time.. ok.. we couldn't hold it in for too long so we suddenly started laughing.. she was genuinly scared that i actually liked the song..

anyhoo.. peace out..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Home sweet home..

first of all i want to thank all you lovely fellow bloggers out there who took the time of day to check my blog and actually comment.. 7amdillah 7amdillah my bro just got home today safe and sound.. i hope all you're loved ones are back and are unharmed..

to all those new visitors on my blog.. hiiiiii *waves furiously*.. my blog isn't usually this gloomy and for that i apologize, but one can't help it when he sees so much unnecessary distruction aimed at his fellow arabs and muslims..

anyhoo.. my bro is back and my spirits are back.. i'm still pretty pissed off about this whole situation but at least i'm not feeling as back as before.. 7amdillah 3la kol 7al..

Friday, July 14, 2006


ok.. so i know that everyone reading this blog probably has someone they know or care about that is stuck in lebanon right about now.. my baby bro is there with his friends and they are as we speak attempting to drive to syria... this blog just goes out to all you people out there who are in the same situation.. inshallah everyone makes it out safely and that everyone is back with their family asap..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

to tag or not to tag.. that is the question..

tag i'm it.. i've been tagged by the one, the only.. the amazing she's no herione.. a round of applause please.. *AND THE CROWD GOES WIIIILD*

not in any sense of competition but i believe I am the last one to do this lol.. and i must warn you all i'm crap at all this tag stuff.. but here goes nothing:

  1. I love numbers
  2. I love chocolate, lemon, labnah and milk
  3. I have an answer for everthing. I only say i don't know if I SERIOUSLY don't know ANYTHING about the subject.. i'm a smart-ass basically..
  4. I'm a geek at heart.. not a nerd.. a geek.. there is a HUGE difference
  5. I love BIG words.. i spend lots of time on
  6. I hate being stabbed in the back.. seriously, shoot me in the knee but don't stab in me the back
  7. I don't believe in the concept of "best friends", i believe in having lots of friends whom are classified as good bad, close and really close..
  8. I'm seriously addicted to blogs and blogging..
  9. I had a near death experience 3 years ago that changed me dramatically.. and i am finally ok to talk about it freely :-)
  10. I never cry.. not in a "I am a block of testosterone" sense, more of a "I know i should be crying now.. but i just can't"
  11. I'm a people pleaser
  12. I'm a terrible liar.. i really suck at it.. i can't even tell a little white lie..
  13. I love writing what i call peotry but probably isn't.. and i love getting feedback, whether its good or bad..
  14. I'm extremely analytical..
  15. I LOOOOVE mrs.froggy.. she really is everything i could have wished for..
  16. I hate transitional phases..
  17. I love dancing, you should see me in a club.. and i do sing when i'm alone in the car, at the top of my voice i must add.. not in the shower sadly enough.. the walls have ears you know..
  18. I'm not great with keeping in touch
  19. I'm addicted to Basketball.. Basketball is my life.. after mrs.froggy of course ;-)
  20. I daydream A LOT..

seeing that everyone in the blog world has already been tagged.. then i will tag no one.. hehe..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

a little bowl of random

** so yeah.. today i tried the stupid new "close up" toothpaste.. the one with that stupid guy with his stupid hairdo and his stupid sister in that stupid bathroom continuously brushing their teeth.. you know the stupid ad i'm talking about?? anyhoo.. i tried the fruity-licious or flavourishous one.. i don't know what its called but its supposed to be tropical.. it tasted like an eggplant toothpaste with a dash of cumin, sugar and pineapple.. it was the worse thing i have ever tried.. so plz don't.. i warn you..

** today i witnessed a guy getting arrested for the possesion of drugs.. it was a bizzare experience.. i was their just casually waiting for my papers to finish when the head manager dude asked me to leave his office for a minute.. and i overheard him explaining the "plan" to the team.. ya la6eef ya la6eef allah yikfeena al-shar (may god keep such horrible things away from us)
(all the translations on my blog are just for the lovely QC.. for you are the only non-arab reader i have :-) )

** i went to see my in-laws on friday and had lunch in their house.. hehe.. i have in-laws now.. and what was going on their was not sibling rivalry.. it was son-in-law rivalry.. for you see.. we have mrs.froggy's older sister, whom we shall call condaleza for the moment.. and we have her husband whom we shall call vladimir.. (don't try to crack my nickname codes) you see condaleza keeps trying to prove that the spotlight is still on her hubby.. and i am not the eaisest opponant for i'm pretty competetive.. hehe.. so yeah that was fun.. specially when they asked him for help to fix her dad's (daddy K) computer and he TOTALLY messed it up (EVIL LAUGH) i went down and fixed it.. well kinda.. but anyhoo.. i was victorious.. *thunder.. thunder.. thunder frogs whooaaaaaa* *the thunder frogs are on the move.. thunder frogs are go.. something something feel the groove.. thunder frogs are go..**guitar solo 13 seconds**thunder thunder thunder thunder frogs.. thunder thunder thunder frogs*
(sorry bout this thundercat from the dynamic alwayzwasted dou)

** dum dum dum.. dum.. dum dum dum.. dum.. dum dum dum... dum.. dum dum dum.. dum.. *continues in the background throughout the song*
when the night.. has come..
and the land is dark..
and the mooon..
is the only.. light we see..

no i won't.. be afraid..
no iiiiiiii won't.. be afraid..
just as loooong.. as you stand.. stand by meee
so darling darling stand.. byyyy me...
oooooh stand.. by meee...
oh stand now...
stand by me..
stand by me...

ok i think you get the idea how bored i am..
peace out my fellow bloggers..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Purple Haze

ok i know this is not within the theme of the previous posts, nor within the theme of my blog.. but sometimes i feel like posting up some of my rambling poems.. please bare with me.. if you are interested in these products please call on 1-800-frogspeare:

Under this purple haze
I find myself drifting
Not knowing where to go
I know you are close
I hear you
I hear my name
But I can’t find you

I start running
No destination
No aim in mind
But to find you
To hold you
And love you

I hear you crying
Somewhere beyond me
As I stop
And stand
Facing the ground
I feel helpless
For I have failed you
And lost you


I swore once to protect you
To keep you near
To keep you safe
From every harm
From yourself

You were always different
Always somehow special
Carrying a secret
So heavy it tore you apart
And I watched you suffer
With nothing to do
Nothing to say
No power at all

You saw the end
You knew it was near
You knew many things
But kept them to yourself
Silence always overcame you
And you never told me anything
But I knew you
Maybe too well

I can read your eyes
And wish that I couldn’t
For I have seen things
Things that made me weep
And realise how strong you are
Strong yet fragile
A paradox within yourself


Since the beginning
You knew I loved you
And drowned me with affection
That lead to nothing

It was dusk when you left me
I promised to let you go
And not follow you
For you were not mine
You never were
And now you are free

You had to meet with your destiny
A destiny we had hidden from
And tried so hard to escape
So knowing full well I loved you
You were leaving


I still wake up
Every night
In cold sweat

For I cannot help but blame myself
For losing you
In that purple haze