Monday, December 18, 2006

to infinity... and beyond

i've missed this place..
i've missed you guys..
i've missed blogging in general..

i've been too busy to scratch my ear..
planning for my wedding, my life and everything in between..

the wedding is this thursday YYYAAAYYY!!!

i can't wait to start this new life...
i only hope that the habit of blogging does not die away due to the change..

much love,
the frog..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i've been wanting to write about this subject for ages, but never went through with it... to be honest, its nothing major but its something i just have to say and hopefully (as usual will be very educational for me lool)..

i for one, and many other guys of my mentality (and please oh please don't ask me what i mean by my mentality, my blog should give u a vibe) find it very difficult to understand the concept of deidicating songs...

ok its different when you are saying "YOU hhaaaaave to hear this song, its sooo you.. or sooo nice.. or soo anything.."

i'm talking about the.. "7abeeby, i dedicate this song to you.."

i just find that it is not as intimate as it is intended by the dedicator.. as in, basically the girl wants to express her utter devotion, love, hate, happiness, lust etc.. towards the dedicatee.. but instead of doing it herself she chooses to find a song that says it for her... to me it loses everything.. its not special anymore.. specially when the dedications get out of hand, and there is always a dedication.. once in a blue moon is different, it has a special attribute..

to be honest i dedicated one song to mrs.froggy last valentine.. i wrote up the lyrics in a video montage (with pictures and videos and everything) that flashed up on the screen as the singer said the words (kind of like karoake, but more romantic)

not in the sense of blowing my own horn, but it just felt special.. it meant much more than another song on the radio..

[end note]

i say this in full awareness that:

  • lots of guys like it
  • lots of guys do it as well
  • i might have sounded very cold blooded and unromantic.. but i was just being honest..

i must stress the point that i never tell mrs.froggy something like this coz she really likes the whole dedication thing, so i respect that and i play along...

[end end note]

the reason i could never get myself to write this post.. is because it never felt right... girls are trying to be sweet and nice by doing this, and its not their fault that some of us don't like.. its ours.. so as an end note, maybe i should adjust.. and not her..

Monday, November 13, 2006

i've been...

zoning out a lot lately..

i just find myself staring aimlessly at nothing..



you know...?

you know when...

you know when you take a day to look at your life and assess it? i like days like that. however, i find that i usually start focusing on the negative and have to think hard to be able to get back all the positive energy... times like these come when you are in a transitional phase, you find yourself thinking "so, am i going to be happier, or was i happy enough??" the problem with that question is that usually there isn't much to do about it..

for the record i'm very much ok.. well not really.. everything 7amdillah is good like i said before.. wife is great, house is getting there, etc etc..however, i recently realised i haven't stressed about getting married not even once, and i think this is me getting stressed out online because i don't want to show mrs.froggy that i'm stressed, she's got enough on her plate as it is, every other day a member of her family cries and its me to the rescue, telling them its ok, its natural to feel lost, its ok to feel scared of suddenly letting your daughter/sister go off with this strange man..

i already know what half of you people are going to comment:

"frogster, dude, chill man.. you should share your feelings.. thats what marriage is about.. each member helps the other one out.. there shouldn't be someone who is stronger than the other.."

as nice as that sounds.. i don't truly believe in it.. yes if i ever needed i heart to heart about ANYTHING in the world, i would run to her without blinking.. but when it comes to something like this, something that would make her freak out even more then i will just suck it up and run to blogger and speak to a couple of friends and have my little blurts..

i don't want anyone to think i am having doubts.. not at all, i cannot be more convinced that i want to spend the rest of my life with her.. and i hate doubting myself.. yes i am young, but there is no such thing as too young to get married (well yeah if you are like 16, but you get me)..

in a nut-shell.. i want to continue being her wall... i just don't want her to one day need to lean on me and find that i have crumbled as well... i don't want to put her through that...

i should probably say something to her and not leave her completely in the dark... but for once, i actually don't know how...

yours truthfully,


Sunday, November 05, 2006

fellow bloggers... out of my love and devotion to you, i have found a way to beat the system... i have found a way to publish to my blog while being at work...

in case what i just said doesn't make sense to u... aramco blocks and firewalls everything making it very hard for you to access anything non-work related like blogger.. and while living in saudi i don't really have time to sit and blog *sniff sniff* it hurts me more than it hurts you...

anyhoo... i can't really read your comments till the weekend, so make it good... and please comment.. i need the moral support.. and i need to get back into blogging, its a habbit i don't want to you lose anytime soon..

so yeah... moving on... finally finally finallllly 7amdillah we are almost done with furnishing the apartment.. we found the 6agaga.. found a printing company for the cards and are almost all go go for the wedding.. mashallah mashallah mashallah tuff tuff tuff... yeah, my mom reads my blog at every full moon and asked me not to go into too much detail about my life to avoid 7asad, it was a looong discussion, but for her sake plz everyone who comments just say mashallah first then write your comment lol... don't get me wrong i believe in 7asad (the evil eye? heroine, help me out with translation lol) but i don't base my life around it...

anyhoo... so yeah, the closer we get to the wedding the more my beloved mrs.froggy gets nervous (bless her little cotton socks)... and all i need to do is give her a hug and say, do'nt worry, i don't bite... unless you ask me to..

moooving on...

now i will start with the topic that will hopefully start a nice debate... do women really want our opinion when they ask for it?

and i don't want a YES or NO answer.. please elaborate and be honest, because SERIOUSLY seriously lots of times you don't.. you only want our opinion if it goes hand in hand with yours.. i ask this because, i don't believe in lying to someone for convienience reasons, i will not agree to something just to shut her up.. if she asks what i think about the set of plates, i will say Yay or Nay..

next on the list: when we say "i don't know" sometimes, we actually don't know.. and want you to help us.. i go back to the picking cakes issue presenting earlier in july i guess.. i have NEVER seen a wedding cake so i have NO idea what to base my choice on.. and saying just pick something you like i would go to cheesecake factory and choose the chocolate fudge cake.. (ok i'm being unreasonable but seriously, level with us)

on an end note.. 7amdillah 7amdillah mashallah mashallah everything has gone pretty smoothly up till now and it feels great..

much love my friends..

much love those who check my blog and don't comment (you know who you are you person who is the cousin of my friend and who reads my blog with her fiance)

peace out

Friday, October 27, 2006

back to reality

hellooo fellow bloggers.. i must apologize for the disappearing act.. buuuut it all happen so suddenly and it took me by surpirse.. yeah totally by surprise.. lol.. so yeah, i went to dubai with the wifey and her family and i took my sister along.. it was barrels and barrels of fun..

however i can't update right now.. coz i'm too sick and lazy.. yes from dubai i brought back with me two pairs of shoes, sunglasses and a cold.. so i'm not feeling to great about it all..

but overall.. it was a great experience 7amdillah..

i hope you all had a WONDERFUL eid... and have not caused too much damage on your credit cards like yours truly..

much love the frogster..

oh yeah.. thank you very much to al lthe lovely ladies who gave me suggestions for the EID gift for my dearest mother in law.. (it doesn't matter that some of you were late *cough* mystique *cough cough*)

i ended up getting her a nice box with assorted soaps, hand creams and lots of these random things you women like to use after you have your showers.. buuut i didn't think it was enough so i got her a VERY feminine and classy and nice sub7a (subha) my brain is failing me in translating what it is into english so sorry :)

its black and short, and is kind of shiny.. ok it sounds disgusting, but is very sexy.. so yeah.. :)

Friday, October 20, 2006


People of the blogworld... lend me your ears... i am in need of some serious brain storming.. i need to buy my mother-in-law a gift for Eid.. and have no idea what to get..

i want it to be personal enough to show the effort, but not too personal so she thinks i'm an idiot..

she is a very elegant lady in her early 50's and owns a beauty saloon to give you the idea of her liking beauty related things.. and i want to be slightly inventive like i have in the past just to keep some kind of track record..

anyhoo.. ya'll have 9 hours from now.. its 2 p.m. GMT

Friday, October 13, 2006

tag tag tag tag tag tag tag :)

Last birthday? seriously, this is a STUPID question, but i'll indulge Dec 16th
Last meal? three bowls of Kellog's Corn Pops :) I love cereals, they make me the man i am today
Last spending splurge? does buying my new car count? it did damage my credit card, he's not the same card he used to be :(
Last time you cried? three years ago after leaving ICU
Last career? same as the current one.. A to the R to the A to the M to the C to the O
Last website visited? (honeymoon searching)
Last person you spoke to? Mrs. Froggy
Last song you listened to? Evanescence - Weight of the World and P.diddy
Last book you read? still reading Dave Eggars - You must know your velocity
Last TV show watched? House MD
Last person you IM’d? Potetozz my little brother, well he's not really little, but you know they will always be your "little" siblings
Last word you said? again, another stupid question.. and for that i'll write a stupid answer.. my lost word was "The".. i know it can't be the last word in a sentece but this is where i put my foot down..

I tag, the people who beetlejuice didn't tag coz she has nothing better to do with her time like STUDDDY.. lol.. anyhoo:
Confused arab chick
My dear Heroine
Trevy levy boo bevy banana rama mo mevy fee fi fo fevy.. trevy
my home girls.. the chicas..
and anyone who reads my blog and feels the need to add this tag to their blog

much love.. the frog..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

and.. breathe out..

as some of you know, i am currently in Yanbu3 and not really loving the place..
for the past three weeks i've been driving to jeddah and back the next morning to enjoy having a life.. i love jeddah but can't live there..

FINALLY, my assignment here is coming to an end and INSHALAAAAAAAAALLAH i'll be going back to my mrs.froggy by the end of this week..

honeymoon planning is getting there but needs me to be there with her to finalize it.. i'm not really a true believer in surprise holidays.. suddenly telling her that we are going to whatever country on the way to the hotel.. it would be better if we both know what to pack and what you need and how much to take with you.. etc etc.. do you like to be surprised on your honeymoon?

this goes out to Confused Arab Chick... darling i used your frame of mine of "on my wedding day all i will care about is the cake and the groom" on mrs.froggy when she was having a panick attack.. and it worked like a charm.. of course i took the credit for it at the time.. but i am thanking you on behalf of us both for helping mrs.froggy relax..

*takes a bow and takes off his top hate* yes i'm wearing a top hat in this dedication..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Goooing to the chapel and i'm.. gooonna get maarried

[Disclaimer notice: this post might sound like a rant, but really isn’t]

Ok I think its time for me to write an actual post rather than try and express how I feel through free writing and poetry

So yeah.. this is my third week in Yanbu… and this assignment should finish next Tuesday (fingers crossed). This trip to yanbu has stolen me away from my life back in Dhahran, my blogging life, my mrs.froggy and has stolen the enjoyment of spending Ramadan with family.

Buuuut, as always I will survive, I will survive, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive, coz I’ve got all my life to live, and I’ve got all my love to give, I will survive, I will survive.. heeey heeey… I’m beginning to sound like a life insurance ad on TV I know..

On the brighter side of things, the wedding arrangements are falling into place, but here is the little conundrum: does the girl reaaaallly want my input or is it just the comforting feeling that I actually care that she is after?

To be fair, we really don’t have a clue how weddings should be, all our suggestions are bizarre and don’t make sense.. I want the wedding to be simple and so does she, but our perceptions of simplicity are OH so different..

Last week we were choosing the cakes and that went well after she got mad at me for not being interested enough where I was but I was failing to see the huge difference between some of the cakes, and in some instances I was just amazed at how so much detail goes into the cake alone so I would just be quiet and admire… she was ok after I swore to her 634 times that I was interested..

The checklist is as follows:
Book the hotel ……………………………………………………………………check
Find a dress ……………………………………………………………………. check
Choose the centre pieces ………………………………………………………… check
Choose the flowers ………………………………………………………………check
Choose the husband ……………………………………………………………….check
Find the dude/agency who is
doing to do all the arrangments
on the day, I believe they call him “the wedding planner”……………………. check
Invitation list……………………………………………………………………….Pending
Invitation cards …………………………………………………………………….Pending
Entertainment (6agaga) ……………………………………………………………Pending

This is the list to my knowledge.. just to show that I DO pay attention, I know whats happening, but me being far away isn’t really that helpful…

So 7amdillah, up till now I haven’t had cold feet or anything stupid like that… the butterflies in the stomach are there but they are kool, I like them, they can stay…

Bless mrs. Froggy’s cotton socks, every time we walk into the hotel and look at the stage where we should be sitting she gets goose bumps and a tummy ache…
(the crowd goes AAAWWWW)

Much love,
The frogster

P.S. if anyone has any leads on to where we can resolve the pending items please feel free to help

Friday, September 29, 2006


.. I met him
Today, I gloated..
Today, I looked him in the eye and smiled..
Today, I sat with him and made small talk..

I hated him
I despised his very existence
I loathed his wretched soul

He reeked with deception
He was full of treachery
He resembled deceit

Today I met him
and I made sure he knew
she was mine..

Today I met him..
and I shall gloat forever..
for forever started today..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

in memory of one

i write this for you..
i write it for me..
i write it for everyone who has ever loved..
for anyone who has ever dreamed..

i write it for missed laughs..
i write it for the forgotten memories..
and the mislead wishes..

i cry out for inspriration..
that has passed its life time

i cry out for the dreams..
that have lost their way

i shout out for the words..
that never left my lips

i call back the things..
i wish i never said

i scream for eternity..
begging it..
to give me another day

i leave this place..
wishing i was not the same

and i look down on it..
wishing its not the end..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

hope that you all have a great ramadan..

i for one will be in Yanbu for an aramco assignment for the best part of it.. should be interesting lol.. i'll try to update as much as i can my dear bloggers.. talk to ya'll soon..

Monday, September 18, 2006

talking to the walls

have you ever wondered..
if life will ever stop throwing stuff at you..
if you will ever be content..

were you ever happy enough to stop comlpaining..
did you ever take a look around you..

why is human nature so hard to grasp..
so hard to understand..

i don't know where i am going with this...
its just that we weren't trained to deal with LIFE..
to deal with the REAL issues..

i'm not even talking about problems, or troublesome times..
i'm just talking about life in general..
the job..

the list goes on and on..

and so does life.. and it might leave you behind if you don't catch up..

at some point in your life you will find that you can't depend on anyone else to get you out of trouble...
maybe its pride.. maybe its logistics.. maybe its luck.. and maybe its you..

accept the help you are offered..
ask for it when it is needed..
and let pride be damned..

Friday, September 01, 2006

curiousity killed the cat.. or so they say..

ok.. so i just woke up from a 20 min cat-nap that was interrupted by the sounds of EXTREMELY loud music... and no, it wasn't the neighbours having a crazy party at 8 pm..

my lovely mother decide to entertain the kids (my little cousins ages 3.5, 5, 5 and 9) by starting a little dance competition.. so it was a bit surreal waking up to the only boy in the group attempting to break dance to guitara's "ya ghali".. it was cute nonetheless..

the cutest thing about kids is their ignorance to how difficult life really is.. to them is really is a walk in the park and they always assume it will always stay like that.. for instance, the eldest of the group as i was driving them to our house was talking to her baby brothers and sisters telling her about how when she gets married she wants to tell her husband to take her to australia and take her on this virtual reality ride she went on last year and that she will take their son Yousif with them (i love how he already has a name lol) and she talked about soooo many little minute details and you could sense in her voice that she truly believed that this is EXACTLY how the trip will go..

just listening to her and comparing her thoughts of a perfect holiday with her hubby and me planning my honeymoon just made me laugh at how innocent and ignorant we all start off.. i suppose its a blessing...

and as they say.. ignorance is bliss..

much love,
the frog

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Marco... Polo

finally.. i'm back to reality.. back to civilization.. for i have thrown all across our beloved kingdom.. over the past two weeks the beloved aramco has sent me to: Yanbu, Tabuk, Shadgum and Duba.. it was hectic, buuut i managed to survive without internet and good restaurants..

so i am still here.. and i shall update very soon.. i have no idea what to write now.. so just wanted to you all to rest assured i'm still gonna update.. really soon :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

pickaboo.. i see you!!

ok.. people of the blog world.. i am writing this blog to sencerely apologize for the amazing disappearing act i conducted very well.. lets just say i got lost..

well as the lovely QC has commented.. i got married and vanished.. very untrue.. the real reason behind my vanishing is the NEW JOB WOOHOOO!!! i am currently working for ARAMCO.. typical you might think but its a good job that secures your life.. you'll be fine if you left the door open for better oppotunities to come along the way, unlike every other aramco employee who thinks he has found the lost treasure of atlantis once he has joined the company..

i won't go into the details of the job to keep the very little fans i have left still interested in this space :-D

i would love nothing more to update my blog from work, seeing that i just started and have hardly any work.. buuuuut aramco have this website blocked to avoid it distracting the employees.. (as IF that would happen)

so yeah.. i spent the fist week on the job wasting time.. oh yeah.. i forgot to mention the most important part.. MRS. FROGGY WORKS IN THE SAME BUILDING AS ME :) YAAAY!!! so yeah.. i basically spent more time in her office than mine..

however, the second week of work wasn't as heavenly.. i was sent to Yanbu on a 3 day assignment and i survived the nothingness that is Yanbu... afterwards (yesterday and today) i went to the city of lost hopes and forgotten names, Shedgum.. yes i know what your thinking.. Shed-WHAT??

i am going to Deba next week.. don't ask me where it is plz.. let us stay friends..

mrs. froggy is going to NY next week for two weeks.. its good and bad.. its good coz a little bit of space can do wonders to a relationship.. but bad coz i've gotten used to seeing her everyday.. so i'm really gonna miss that foxy lady of mine..

i was at the denstist today and she was finishing up two root-canals and was about to start a third one when i begged and pleaded that we stop for the day.. so i'm in pain and hating it..

i hope i still have some of you avid readers still checking this blog..

much love.. the full fleged employee frog

Sunday, July 23, 2006

chicken soup for the froggy's soul

so yeah... i think its about time i updated this thing.. life has just been a bit hectic since the return of our beloved war hero Faz (my bro).. and i didn't feel like updating about my petty worries when everytime you watch the news you hear that someone else has lost their life.. such a shame..

so yeah.. for the past month my life has been revolving around two main thing:
a)i've been helping my dad out by doing all the governmental work needed for the company.. just for EVERYONE'S sake, i won't go into that and into how EXTREMELY stupid and unreliable all those stupid employees are.. and this is me not mentioning the God complex they all suffer from..

b) i pick mrs.froggy up from work and we have lunch then shop and run errands and stuff till i take her back to her sisters house.

and repeat..

the former requires me to wake up at 6 or 7 or 8 depending on the place i'm going to.. and the latter required me to stay up till 12-1.. so after four weeks of very very VERY little sleep.. my system decided to "give me the finger" (excuse my french).. i woke up on thursday with a slight fever and feeling like absolute shit.. so i didn't see my mrs for the entire weekend (heartbreaking, i know)... but we survived hehe.. to be fair we needed the space.. and i needed the rest..

so i spent thursday, friday and saturday on the couch watching movies, playing PS2 and talking to whomever decided to pass by.. i only got out of the couch to pray.. i even ate laying down..

lots of chicken soup and tea and water did the job.. and now i'm back to life..

i should start my proper job next week inshallah and i just recieved the very bad news that the promised housing projects we were to recieve a few months from now are not going to be ready for another two years.. which means i'm screwed..

yours truly had all his hope on living inside the camp of aramco.. and based his entire financial plan on that.. and now the frogman needs to go house shopping.. and he needs to redraft his entire plan.. and i don't wanna ask my dad for cash.. i'm too proud.. DAMN YOU PRIDE.. DAMN YOU ALL THE WAY TO HELL..

whooo.. ok now i got that off my chest i can go back to being the merry go happy perosn that i usually am..

much love fellow bloggers.. sorry bout the boring post.. and to compensate.. i'll give you a little story..

Me and Faz were picking mrs.froggy up and as we waited in the car i was scrolling through the songs and what song came on??

[organ playing in the background]
man: Hi barbie!!
woman: HI KEN
man: you wanna go for a ride?
woman: sure ken
man: jump in

i'm a barbie girl
ina barbie woooorld
life in plastic
its fantastic
you can brush my hair
undress me everywheeeeeeere (she's a bit too easy?!)
imagination life is your creation

i'm a blonde little girl
in a faaaantasy world
pick me up
tie me up i'm your darling (i don't know ALLL the lyrics, gimme a break)

your my doll
rock and roll (yeah coz that makes lots of sense)
feel the glamour and pain
something something something something
hanky panky..

ok so you get the idea.. anyhoo.. so we waited till she go in the car then pressed play and acted oh so nonchallantly.. you know, just nodding along like you would to any other song..

the poor thing didn't know ohw to react but i'm sure jumping out of the moving car was the easiest of the options after smashing my head across the window and using my face to brake the car into a halt..

its was funny at the time.. ok.. we couldn't hold it in for too long so we suddenly started laughing.. she was genuinly scared that i actually liked the song..

anyhoo.. peace out..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Home sweet home..

first of all i want to thank all you lovely fellow bloggers out there who took the time of day to check my blog and actually comment.. 7amdillah 7amdillah my bro just got home today safe and sound.. i hope all you're loved ones are back and are unharmed..

to all those new visitors on my blog.. hiiiiii *waves furiously*.. my blog isn't usually this gloomy and for that i apologize, but one can't help it when he sees so much unnecessary distruction aimed at his fellow arabs and muslims..

anyhoo.. my bro is back and my spirits are back.. i'm still pretty pissed off about this whole situation but at least i'm not feeling as back as before.. 7amdillah 3la kol 7al..

Friday, July 14, 2006


ok.. so i know that everyone reading this blog probably has someone they know or care about that is stuck in lebanon right about now.. my baby bro is there with his friends and they are as we speak attempting to drive to syria... this blog just goes out to all you people out there who are in the same situation.. inshallah everyone makes it out safely and that everyone is back with their family asap..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

to tag or not to tag.. that is the question..

tag i'm it.. i've been tagged by the one, the only.. the amazing she's no herione.. a round of applause please.. *AND THE CROWD GOES WIIIILD*

not in any sense of competition but i believe I am the last one to do this lol.. and i must warn you all i'm crap at all this tag stuff.. but here goes nothing:

  1. I love numbers
  2. I love chocolate, lemon, labnah and milk
  3. I have an answer for everthing. I only say i don't know if I SERIOUSLY don't know ANYTHING about the subject.. i'm a smart-ass basically..
  4. I'm a geek at heart.. not a nerd.. a geek.. there is a HUGE difference
  5. I love BIG words.. i spend lots of time on
  6. I hate being stabbed in the back.. seriously, shoot me in the knee but don't stab in me the back
  7. I don't believe in the concept of "best friends", i believe in having lots of friends whom are classified as good bad, close and really close..
  8. I'm seriously addicted to blogs and blogging..
  9. I had a near death experience 3 years ago that changed me dramatically.. and i am finally ok to talk about it freely :-)
  10. I never cry.. not in a "I am a block of testosterone" sense, more of a "I know i should be crying now.. but i just can't"
  11. I'm a people pleaser
  12. I'm a terrible liar.. i really suck at it.. i can't even tell a little white lie..
  13. I love writing what i call peotry but probably isn't.. and i love getting feedback, whether its good or bad..
  14. I'm extremely analytical..
  15. I LOOOOVE mrs.froggy.. she really is everything i could have wished for..
  16. I hate transitional phases..
  17. I love dancing, you should see me in a club.. and i do sing when i'm alone in the car, at the top of my voice i must add.. not in the shower sadly enough.. the walls have ears you know..
  18. I'm not great with keeping in touch
  19. I'm addicted to Basketball.. Basketball is my life.. after mrs.froggy of course ;-)
  20. I daydream A LOT..

seeing that everyone in the blog world has already been tagged.. then i will tag no one.. hehe..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

a little bowl of random

** so yeah.. today i tried the stupid new "close up" toothpaste.. the one with that stupid guy with his stupid hairdo and his stupid sister in that stupid bathroom continuously brushing their teeth.. you know the stupid ad i'm talking about?? anyhoo.. i tried the fruity-licious or flavourishous one.. i don't know what its called but its supposed to be tropical.. it tasted like an eggplant toothpaste with a dash of cumin, sugar and pineapple.. it was the worse thing i have ever tried.. so plz don't.. i warn you..

** today i witnessed a guy getting arrested for the possesion of drugs.. it was a bizzare experience.. i was their just casually waiting for my papers to finish when the head manager dude asked me to leave his office for a minute.. and i overheard him explaining the "plan" to the team.. ya la6eef ya la6eef allah yikfeena al-shar (may god keep such horrible things away from us)
(all the translations on my blog are just for the lovely QC.. for you are the only non-arab reader i have :-) )

** i went to see my in-laws on friday and had lunch in their house.. hehe.. i have in-laws now.. and what was going on their was not sibling rivalry.. it was son-in-law rivalry.. for you see.. we have mrs.froggy's older sister, whom we shall call condaleza for the moment.. and we have her husband whom we shall call vladimir.. (don't try to crack my nickname codes) you see condaleza keeps trying to prove that the spotlight is still on her hubby.. and i am not the eaisest opponant for i'm pretty competetive.. hehe.. so yeah that was fun.. specially when they asked him for help to fix her dad's (daddy K) computer and he TOTALLY messed it up (EVIL LAUGH) i went down and fixed it.. well kinda.. but anyhoo.. i was victorious.. *thunder.. thunder.. thunder frogs whooaaaaaa* *the thunder frogs are on the move.. thunder frogs are go.. something something feel the groove.. thunder frogs are go..**guitar solo 13 seconds**thunder thunder thunder thunder frogs.. thunder thunder thunder frogs*
(sorry bout this thundercat from the dynamic alwayzwasted dou)

** dum dum dum.. dum.. dum dum dum.. dum.. dum dum dum... dum.. dum dum dum.. dum.. *continues in the background throughout the song*
when the night.. has come..
and the land is dark..
and the mooon..
is the only.. light we see..

no i won't.. be afraid..
no iiiiiiii won't.. be afraid..
just as loooong.. as you stand.. stand by meee
so darling darling stand.. byyyy me...
oooooh stand.. by meee...
oh stand now...
stand by me..
stand by me...

ok i think you get the idea how bored i am..
peace out my fellow bloggers..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Purple Haze

ok i know this is not within the theme of the previous posts, nor within the theme of my blog.. but sometimes i feel like posting up some of my rambling poems.. please bare with me.. if you are interested in these products please call on 1-800-frogspeare:

Under this purple haze
I find myself drifting
Not knowing where to go
I know you are close
I hear you
I hear my name
But I can’t find you

I start running
No destination
No aim in mind
But to find you
To hold you
And love you

I hear you crying
Somewhere beyond me
As I stop
And stand
Facing the ground
I feel helpless
For I have failed you
And lost you


I swore once to protect you
To keep you near
To keep you safe
From every harm
From yourself

You were always different
Always somehow special
Carrying a secret
So heavy it tore you apart
And I watched you suffer
With nothing to do
Nothing to say
No power at all

You saw the end
You knew it was near
You knew many things
But kept them to yourself
Silence always overcame you
And you never told me anything
But I knew you
Maybe too well

I can read your eyes
And wish that I couldn’t
For I have seen things
Things that made me weep
And realise how strong you are
Strong yet fragile
A paradox within yourself


Since the beginning
You knew I loved you
And drowned me with affection
That lead to nothing

It was dusk when you left me
I promised to let you go
And not follow you
For you were not mine
You never were
And now you are free

You had to meet with your destiny
A destiny we had hidden from
And tried so hard to escape
So knowing full well I loved you
You were leaving


I still wake up
Every night
In cold sweat

For I cannot help but blame myself
For losing you
In that purple haze

Thursday, June 29, 2006

return of the frog

*eye of the tiger - from the Rocky soundtrack plays in the background as the camera zooms in on the frog punching a punching bag*

so yeah, i've been away for a while.. but HEY, you can't blame me, i just got married on paper lol.. i love the fact that after the milka, you guys are officially married but there are still lots of cultural restrictions..

i don't mind the restrictions as long as i know what they are.. as of now, it depends on her dad's mood.. and the red lines he draws are pretty much drawn over each other.. and they don't make sense.. one day i'm allowed to chill with her in their house all by ourselves, but the next day she's not allowed to come over and have lunch with me and my aunts in bahrain..

bless her dad's little cotton socks.. he's having withdrawal syndrome signs.. yes, he is having trouble facing the fact that he is losing his little daughter to this young guy.. all of a sudden, between one day and night she is going to stop being his little girl and being someone else's little woman..

on another note, the milka was amazing 7amdillah 7amdillah.. her mom begged me to dance so i did.. buuuuut little did i know that the guy isn't supposed to dance dance, as in dance like no one was watching.. as i was told afterwards lol, that i was supposed to just hold her hand and smile while she danced and showed off the goods lol.. but yours truly danced like he was getting paid to do so..

the other fun yet weird thing was taking the pictures.. the photographer asked us to do so many poses and i couldn't stop laughing.. "now put your hand on his cheeck and lean on his shoulder placing your left eye lid on his right nostril, and smile", the other random and wierd one is when they ask me to kiss her forehead for the camera "i have to keep kissing her forehead untill they tell me to stop lol (i'm not complaining hehe).. I proposed doing a handstand while mrs.froggy cruled into a pretzil shape, i don't think the photographer appreciated my humour..

ooh ooh yeah.. the most difficult part was walking in with mrs.froggy.. seriously, i don't know how my mother expected me to keep my cool whilst walking into a room of 80 women (which is 160 eyes) watching me and thinking (is he good enough for her, hmm he's cute, i think she could have done better, look how nervous he is hahaha, etc etc).. and of course i had to listen to ALL the instructions given to me AS I WALKED DOWN THE AISLE, not before hand like civilised people, NO NO as the 6agaga (singer) was singing alf al-9alat wil salam 3alaik ya 7abeeb allah mo7ammad luloluluoluloluloulleeey (1000 prayers on you oh dear prophet may be peace be upon him, followed by a weird noise that represents happiness). as we walked we were given the following instructions all at the same time by different people:
  • Smile
  • not too much
  • don't show too many teeth (any specfic number of teeth? plz)
  • look ahead of you
  • look around
  • walk faster
  • not too fast
  • a bit faster
  • slower
  • stop and take pictures every few steps (define few)
  • hold her hand

and so on and so forth.. i think i've written enough for one day lol.. anyhoo.. its good to be back to the world of blog..

much love from the now officially taken frog.. :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

and so we've come.. to the end of the road..

ok so the day is here.. it is 2 am and i sitting in bed updating my blog.. this is probably the last time i blog whilst still being single on paper lool..

next time i will probably be a MARRIED man *thunder.. lightning.. cows mooing*

its a good feeling.. its a great feeling coz i really want mrs.froggy to be my wifey.. hehe.. it has a nice ring to it.. feels different than saying my girlfriend, then updating to fiance.. now inshallah she will be the wifey..

goodbye cruel single life.. and good morning married life where the grass is always green and the hippos are always happy and hungry (who remembers hungry hippos the board game???)

and yes saying that the married life is better than single life helps me sleep at night so don't try to convince me otherwise..

much love to all you single people out there..
the soon to be married frogman

Saturday, June 17, 2006


i have hiccups.. and good god are they annoying loool

hiccuping half way through a sentence at work doesn't really give off that, yes-i-will-listen-to-whatever-you-say-and-take-you-serously look i'm after lool

yes hiccups make me laugh..

and yes EVERYONE has given me a different remedy:
a) stand on one leg and recite the alphabet backwards while juggling three oranges and an apple (the apple must be a green one)
b) drink a glass of lemon juice while swimming on your back
c) tap dance to the theme song from cheers
d) bend over and try to balance an egg on the back of your neck while holding your breath and humming britney's "baby one more time"

any suggestions??
much love
the fro*hiccup*gman

Monday, June 12, 2006

its the final countdown

as the day comes closer i find myself feeling stranger stranger.. not stranger in a bad way.. just strange.. but happy nontheless..

in case you're wondering what i'm talking about.. inshallah on the 22nd of this month my milka (pre wedding party thingy)..

the fact that i will no longer be a bachelor or any of that.. it just feels weird that i am gonna be married, on paper for now untill the wedding at least..

we are finishing up the trays on which we are gonna give the bride to be the rings, the jewelry, the flowers, the chocolate, the gifts, the blah, the blah and finally, the blah..i'm pretty impressed with my lovely mummy.. she really is tallented, i guess running a giftwrap company came in handy lol..

the fact that i'm, by most standards, "too young" to get married isn't really concerning me, because at the end of the day.. you're only as young or as old as you act.. age after a certain age doesn't really matter.. right??

i don't really have anything to say, but i just thought like venting..
yours truly,
a very out of sync frog

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the kitchen is my home

People of the world.. I the Frogman would like to announce that the cake was AMAZING..

i am not kidding.. it was seriously good.. my parents being on their 7 year diet didn't have any, leaving more for me.. me.. meeeee... hahahaha...

so yeah.. i might start my own bakery now.. thats how confident i am.. lol.. everyone whom i forced to have some ended up going for seconds.. except for leena "who thought it was too sweet".. yeah whatever.. as if my cake wasn't perfect.. (i'm not bitter by the way.. not at all lol)

hope everyone is all good and well and dandy..
peace out.. gonna go have more cake..

Saturday, June 03, 2006

betty frogger's ready mix cakes

Today I baked a cake all by my self :):):)

how cool am I?? i was home alone.. so insteaad of wasting time online, i went to the store next to our house, bought some of the old time classic DARK chocolate Betty Crocker cake mix, some Betty Crocker light hershey chocolate spread and ran back home..

as i searched for all the components i was going to need in our lovely kitchen i discovered i have no idea where anything is LOL.. in all fairness i never lived in this house, my parents moved here while i was away studying in England..

the funniest part of baking the cake was...... breaking the eggs LOL.. the first one crumbled into 764000 peices in my hand, on my "aprin" (you gotta wear an aprin when cooking, preferabely one saying "kiss the chef", nobody kissed me :( i cried a bit, but i'm ok now), some of the yolk fell on the floor but to my surprise most of the egg fell into the plate i had placed for it and with no bits of the shell.. i laughed at myself so much..

i still didn't taste the cake because the pan i used wasn't really a cake one and is apparantly thicker than the cake one the cake took more than double the time in the oven to be ready to eat, by that time my craving was over and gone..

so now i have a DARK chocolate cake smothered with chocolate spread just waiting for me.. *evil laugh*..

much love..
kiss the frog..

Monday, May 29, 2006

two seconds before midnight

Her heart skips a beat
As he takes a step closer

As if his extended arm
Asked for more than just a dance

As if by taking his hand in hers
She was exposing herself
And giving in

She takes a deep breath
And puts her hand in his

As he holds her closer
A single tear leaves her eye

The song goes on
For what seems to be a lifetime
In an embrace that seemed so cold

She slowly pulls away
Leaving him behind in a trance

She watches him
Watching her leave the room

She turns around and runs
With her face between her hands
And tears streaming down

One thought consumed her mind



random post about a little bit of everything..

~ thanx to all the lovely ladies who commented on the last post.. all your comments have been read and will be taken into consideration.. (i know i sound like an official letter from your local super market replying to a complaint filed by you two weeks ago lol)

~ i just noticed that my little cow counter on the right side panel is telling me that i have exceeded 1000 visits YAAAAAAY for me..

~ all of the people who comment on my blog and i assume read my blog are girls.. i told you people i'm a babe magnet ;-) but as you all know.. hands off

~ i have added and would like to introduce the rest of you to the new additions to my "favorite" blogs..
**Mystique: loads of peoms and short stories.. once you get into the right frame of mind, you kinda get hooked (admitting you have an addiction is the first step to solving it)
**Qatar Cat: very amusing random babblings that will either get you into an endless debate with the millions of visitors on her blog.. or she will have you typing your name in google and laughing at the thought that you are listening to her LOL
**Trevelyana: she just re-created herself.. i think its a new found type of budha or something.. she used to call herself leen although her name isn't leen just coz she liked the name.. yeah, very entertaining little stories about how she is jinxed and always misses her flights and stuff. p.s. she is away at the moment i think so don't lose hope when there are no updates..

~ we just went and bought LOADS of things for my Milka (pre wedding party thingy) all the boxes and gizmos to give away with the rings and flowers and necklace and horse shoes and cloves of garlic and rabbit feet.. seriously, girls of arabia, do you know how much effort we have to go through to marry you?? LOL.. but to be honest its all totally worth it in the end..

right.. thats enough for one day..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

what women want

[Disclaimer warning:

  • ok.. this is me ranting/asking for advice in a not so asking for advice way...
  • if i sound arrogant or full of my self at any point, plz plz let it pass this time..
  • this is a long one..]

when it comes to dealing wit women/girls/females in general.. i've not found that much trouble in recent years (if i said ever, i would be lying.. between the ages of 12-16, braces, bug glasses, squeeky voice.. it didn't particularly get the girls running towards me).. i've been good:
  1. i pull out chairs
  2. open doors
  3. give compliments when they are needed or deserved
  4. i've been honest
  5. given SOOO much advice
  6. given insider tips to how to deal with the male population
  7. i've remembered birthdays (and even said happy bday 6 months in advance LOL love u Poet)
  8. i've remembered anniversaries
  9. i notice when girls cut their hair or are wearing a new top they want everyone to notice.. (i swear i'm not gay)
  10. i remember ALL the little stories that even sometimes the girl forgets and is facsinated at ow much i actually remember of our time together.. (Poet again, plz vouch for me on this one)
  11. i've bouht and sent random gifts..
  12. i've given good V day gifts

BASICALLY, i've been a pretty good male companion to a large number of girls.. which you would think would make me the ALL-KNOWING-GUY who knows exactly what to get MY girl (and soon to be wife) for her bday..

6 months ago i was walking with Mrs.Froggy and we passed a place where they sold sunglasses.. she points at a pair of Valentino's and the words don't come out because she is drooling so much.. i get a feeling she likes them.. yeah i know.. i'm good like that.. so i take a mental note.. and say i sall buy them for my beloved.. much to her dismay they weren't available anywhere we looked in either saudi or bahrain.. so the frogman thinks AHA i shall buy them from london and bring them back with me 6 months down the line.. lets pause here..

to me, this seemed like a perfect gift for any occassion for two reasons.. :

a) she is in love with them

b) i actually remembered something se told me about 6 months ago.. because to all you girls out there, we guys don't listen etc etc etc..

now i get back and mrs.froggy doesn't want to wait for er bday to get her gift. she wants it now.. so to make a long story short she gets both her gifts now.. the hello-i'm-back-from-a-trip-gift and the happy-bday-i-love-you-gift... the first one was a necklace and the latter one were the sunglasses.. se is very happy and excited and all.. i think to myself job well done little grass hopper..

a few days later i am out with a few friends and two of the girls in the group, who are very good friends of mine start digging for information regarding my purchases for mrs.froggy.. so i tell them..

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.. the sky turns red and it starts raining ferrets and possoms..

this is what they tell me.. they are shouting of course, but i don't want to write it in block capitals.. let me remind you, there are two girls talking simulitaniously "how could you do such a thing.. are you crazy.. who buys a pair of sunglasses as a birthday present.. let alone it being your first birthday together.. it has to be something more special.. blah blah blah.."

a small part of my conundrum which i didn't explain is.. our milka is the day before her birthday, so she is getting the very expensive jewelry that day, which shoots out any ideas of buying her jewelry because it will be out shined by the day before.. (i hope i'm making sense)..

so yeah... please oh please.. tell me who's side you are on.. (i know this is a perfect opportuninty to make a start wars joke.. but this is long enough as it is..)

much love,

a very confused froglles

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

food for thought...

i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh... i hate riyadh...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

supersize me.. umm.. please??

please oh please can someone explain something to me.. or can just agree with me and say that i am the all knowing frog..

so.. maybe i'm a being a baby about this.. and maybe not..

ok.. when i go to a fast food restaurant.. or any restaurant for that matter.. and i am asked "what i would like to order".. to me it usually means that the person asking me Wants to know what i want so that they can provide me with my order.. not only asking me out of curiousity or to make small talk..

for example.. when i say i want a coke with NO ice.. i really mean a coke with NO ice.. and i expect to be given a coke with NO ice.. and how many times do i get a coke WITH ice do you think???

i don't mean to sound rude, but its kinda in your job description when you agree to work in a place like that is to GIVE THE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY ASK FOR..

i'll give you the greatest example of fast food incompitency.. my F7 went to McD's.. F7 hates cheese (i don't know how anyone could hate cheese, but he does).. he went there at night and order a BigMac with NO cheese.. he repeatedly asked for the NO cheese part untill they got frustrated with him.. but out of expereince he knew this was the only way to get them to understand how improtant the NO cheese part is..

they give him his food.. he takes it and goes home.. he goes into his room awaiting the moment he indulges in the BigMac he had just purchased.. after he sets the mood (i assume he put on an episode of house or greys anatomy).. he opens the box to find that the BigMac containted cheese.. but thats not where the problem ends.. it contained NO BURGER.. NO MEAT.. seriously now.. how stupid can someone be.. if it were a prank, i might be able to see the funny side of it.. but come on..

after hearing that story.. all i can say is.. i rest my case..

home is where the sand is

[eye of the tiger from the rocky soundtrack playing in the background... camera zooms in slowly on the frogman leaving the plane wearing funky sunglasses..]

so yeah.. my time in the land of the constant rain, big ben and the never ending cups of tea has ended.. that life has ceased to exist.. and now i start a new journey.. a journey with new adventures.. and stuff...

i'm sorry i haven't updated for a while.. but i have been in london shopping around with Cook for my lovely mrs. Froggy.. i am still in the jet lag/settling in phase.. so i am gonna update u another time.. once i am all jet lagged out and all settled in..

much much love..
the frogman..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

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its all about the buthy

ok.. after my last dedication.. i got a txt message from my ex-soulmate, cook.. she wasn't impressed that she never got a dedication on my blog.. hence why i write this post.. i actually sat here.. and wrote an entire poem for her.. Cook.. this is dedicated to you..

by saying that i just wrote it.. it means that it probably needs more work.. but again.. i'll leave that to the comments i get hehe..

He knew he could sit there forever
If only forever was so easy
If only forever was real
He held her hand
And looked at the sea ahead of them
With a tear crawling down his face

Her head on his shoulder
Her hand holding his
She stared at the grass they sit on
All hope was lost
All hope was gone

He wasn’t ready to lose her
He wasn’t willing to let go
He needed her
More than anything
More than she knew

Her eyes were watery
Her voice was trembling
Filled with pain
Filled with fear

He fought the will to sleep
He fought it with all his heart
Sleeping meant leaving her
A risk he would not take

She shut her eyes
And left it to fate
Left it to him
Her lover
Her soul-mate
Her guardian angel

for my dearest WEDDING

dearest wedding.. this post is dedicated to you.. coz your so lovely.. ummm.. i didn't really have anything special to say.. so i'm just gonna post one of my poems which is SERIOUSLY under SERIOUS construction.. but i'm not sure how to fix it.. so people of the world, any contructive comments would be most appreciated.. wedding.. if you don't comment so help me GOD u will suffer when i see you in london ;-) much love


I love the way the light hits your face
The way how you shiver when you’re cold
How you bite your lip when you’re nervous

All the little things about you
Every imperfection
A virtue in its own
I love you

When night falls
Nothing consumes my thoughts
My dreams
But your picture
Your voice
Your presence
Your existence

As the sun rises for the new day to begin
I say my farewells
And hold on to what I can
As I open my eyes
And start to awake
You picture slips away
And you seize to exist

I live my days in a haze
With nothing else on my mind
But you
Awaiting the night to fall again
Praying for the sun to set faster
So I can close my eyes in rest
And watch you
Have you
In my dreams
Where you belong
And where you will stay

Friday, May 12, 2006

Frognation Accounting Services Corp.

FASC (frognation's Accounting Services Corp.) promises to provide its customers with the best accounting and financial services available to your doorstep..

Yes people.. you guessed it.. (or maybe didn't) i have finally graduated from university.. i am now a member of the working class of this world.. goodbye university life.. farewell late night takeaway food because i can't cook to save my life.. so long ridiculously late nights with the guys when i should be working on the assignment i have to hand in the next morning.. adios going to class looking like a zombie after an all-nighter..

it feels great to be fnished.. after our years of hard work.. yes hard work hehe.. however, i'm gonna miss all the people who i'm gonna be leavivng behind.. sad, but true
[camera fades out on the frog sitting on hs bed surrounded by photos looking down at them.. Circle of life - Elton John fades in]

Sunday, May 07, 2006

loves me.. loves me not..

ok.. this blog is gonna be a bit weird.. coz i looks like its from an alternative world..

why do guys have a problem showing their emotions when surrounded by they're fellow MALES... is it part of our programming? is it hormone related? is it because we always want to seem macho in front of our fellow MALES?

i honestly don't know.. i personally am very expressive if you like.. i sing and dance in public.. i'm affectionate.. i tell everyone that i love this girl.. but still i have trouble saying the simple "i love you too" when surrounded by some guys.. depends on the guys..

today she called me..

mrs. froggy: "hi honey, how you doing today.. i've missed you.."
frogman: "hello there.. i'm good.. me too.."

lots of talking..

mrs.froggy:"ok, i'll leave you now.. i wanna go shower.."
frogman:"ok, i'll call you before you sleep tonight.."
mrs.froggy:"i love you.."
frogman:"me too.."
mrs.froggy:"let me guess, you're with the GUYS.."
frogman:"ummm.. yeah.." *giggles*
mrs.froggy:"you're boring when your with the guys.." *she laughs but, i can feel a hidden emotion somewhere there..*
frogman:"i'm sorry darling.. i'll call you later.."
mrs.froggy:"bye darling.."
frogman:"bubye 7abeeby.."

it killed me when she said that i was different around the guys... for crying out loud, she's my FIANCE.. i should be able to say i love you and not feel that i'm doing anything wrong..

i don't know how to end this post.. i'm just a bit disappointed with myself.. and thought i would share with the group.. all 5 of you people who read this blog..

yours truthfully,
a very annoyed frog

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In her dreams...

She sits in her balcony
Wrapped up in a pink sheet
Looking down on the city lights
The view is beautiful she says
As she sips her coffee
Her hands tighten on the sheet
She fakes a smile
And sheds a tear
A tear that no one can see
No one but me

I watch her in agony
From across the room
My face speaks for me
She swears she's fine
Just like she always does
I put my arm around her
And hold her close
Its all I can do
She trembles
And starts to cry

I kiss her forehead
I hold her closer
She gives in
She crumbles
And falls apart
She's still crying
As I pick up her pieces

Don't leave me she says
As she places her hand on mine
I get lost in her eyes
But all I could do is smile
She does not know me
Nor do I know her
Yet this embrace feels so flawless
So perfect

I tell her I must leave
As I turn to go away
She whispers my name
Her voice echoes in my head
I know she's smiling
"Thank you.."

I leave her there
To dive into her own thoughts
To think about me
And miss me

I don't know if I will ever
Be there again
For its not within my control
No matter how much I try
I can't be with her
For I am nothing
But a fragment
Of her imagination...

Feras Sheraiff©

Monday, May 01, 2006

the father, the son, and the holy frog

i have found him people.. and i cannot explain to you how happy i am.. words are not even considered as a method of communication when explaining this euphoria i feel..

i introduce to you.. the original FROGMAN... yes people.. he existed back in the 60's, yeah baby, the good old 60's.. this guy is my motivation to do what i do.. he is the reason why i am FROGGY GONZALEZ... click on the name to know exactly what i mean..

i give you mr. Clarence "Frogman" Henry... *clap clap clap* the sensational jazz and blues singer who took the globe by storm..

finally, i know i am not the only one.. finally *sniff sniff*..

those scottish people with their scottish names and stuff..

so yeah... i'm still in scotland, buuuuut.. i thought i should give this blog a bit more attention.. i don't want to lose my fans.. so i believe a little update is due..

Scotland is LOVELY, i know there are stronger words that can be used to portray the proper meaning, but people underetimate the word lovely.. go lovely, i'm with you.. anyhoo.. the first two days we didnt do anything special just catching up with the guys whom i haven't seen for over 9 months. they could have had babies i don't know about.. thankfully they didn't..

we went to the movies on friday after strolling through town in search of this, supposedly, amazing italian restaurant only to be told they are nt serving food anymore.. so we settled for McD's.. we watched "16 blocks" the new bruce willace movie.. mediocre is the word.. bruce willace should only act in the 6th sense.. his recent movies are just "blah".. can't find the word..

we got up on sunday (yes i skipped saturday, coz we didn't really do anything special).. and thought lets go somewhere, anywhere.. we got on the first bus we found and went to where it is going.. The Gyle Centre, we've heard about this shopping mall but never has anyone we know been to it, so we thought, why not.. we can go eat, mess about in the shops then go and watch "Tristan+Isolde" at 6.15... we got on the bus, and they were giving me a bus tour showing me the sites, until the teritorry wasn't even familiar to them, and it only got worse, we kept on going, and going, and going... we eventually arrived in zimbabwe thinking to ourselves, "why didn't we get off earlier and take a bus in the opposite direction??"...

47 minutes after getting on the bus we arrive at the "THE GYLE CENTRE" (lightning, thunder and cows...) by that time we are absolutely famished.. we get off the bus and celebrate in joy when we stumble upon "THE FOOD COURT" (again, lighting, thunder and cows..).. we race up in their slow elevator and find a GREAT selection of FIVE (echoes in the background until fade out, five, five, fiv..) restaurants.:
1-pizza hut
2-this terrible chinese place where the food looked frozen
3-bad deli place
4-bad deli place 2
5- burger king (that seemed like finding gold in that selection)

after eating we thought, lets waste another hour walking around, we didnt want this to feel like a total waste of time.. 8 minutes later we are done with the mall.. and searching for the bus stop.. we get on the bus aiming for the cinema.. we watch "Tristan+Isolde", which was pleasant.. and then i left the guys to go visit my other Syrian..

me and syrian leave his humble abode in search of a nice restaurant to eat in seeing that i havent really been lucky with the cuisine i have encountered since my arrival.. his housemate saumrai-jack follows us later.. after an hour of walking, a few closed restaurants and a few restaurants that turn into clubs after 9.. we came upon a place that i can still not remember the name of "negotoinz" or something like that.. the food was good, but sadly enough, this was the place we all came to 4 years ago when the guys first moved to scotland and i visited and we didn't know where to go for food..

after that we went to the bus stop to find my bus.. "service terminated".. so i had to take a cab.. we hailed a few, but it was sunday night.. they went by intuition to who was going furthest, or who has had more to drink and would pay more i guess.. so i told the guys to go home and that i'm a big boy now.. i start walking and keeping my eyes open for a cab.. no luck.. so i decided to take my MP3 player out.. and listen to music.. it was raining at this point.. and i thought, why not.. so i started walking, trying to remember how to get to the other house, on the other side of town... after 40 minutes of walking in the rain i get home, soaking wet.. and i patted my self on the back..

my adventures in scotland are coming to an end.. but my heart will always blah blah something romantic blah blah.


Friday, April 28, 2006

to edinburgh and beyond

ppl of the earth.. i must apologize for disappearing from my blog, i know that this has affected your schedules terribely.. i know that i am the light that shines your corridor and stuff..

i will be away for another couple of days.. i am in scotland at the moment.. so much love to all of you CRAZY fans out there..

kisses hugs and stuff..
the frogman

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Cliche

ok i know that all i've done on this blog of mine is show my completely sarcastic side.. where there is a lot more to the frogman (not blowing my own horn by the way.. not at all..) so today i shall share with you one of my poems, yes, i used to write poetry, or something similar enough to poetry.. i would love to know what all you fans out there think.. all the millions and millions of you..

this one is still underconstruction and i personally think it needs a bit more work..

My Cliche:

Late at night she leaves in silence
Making sure no one sees her
She heads to her secret place
Where the wind whispers her name
And the trees protect her from harm

Her secret place
A place only she knows
A place she tells no one about
No one needs to know
It belongs to her

She sits on the white bench
Where she always sits
Her beautiful face tainted by tears
And her heart wounded yet again
She sits there broken
Waiting for someone to fix her

Shadows watch her
As she makes her way back
Still crying
Still broken

As the night fades into day
And as she wipes the last tear off her cheek
She puts on her fake smile
Just to hide the scars away
As she proceeds to live

In her cliché

Frogman 22/05/2005

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


ok, this is soooo no kool.. (i sound blonde, which i am of course, and blue eyes and stuff..) anyhoo, i wrote this big ass post last night, but mr.blogger dude was having a bad day and the server was being updated or something like that.. so he decided to take me to an error page and take away my ability to click BACK.. so yes, mr.blogger deleted my post.. and i'm not happy *sniff sniff*

lets have a little recap of what has been happening here in "Kingston upon Hull"..

there i went just walking down the street, singing doo waa dede didi dum didi do, i looked hot, i looked fine, i did something then i blew someone's mind singing doo waa dede didi dum didi do..
me and my lovely housemate Noah (not his real name), were having one of those Ultimate Fighting Champion days where we were struggling for power over each other hehe.. so as i got closer to my house i saw him outside, i shouted some obsceneties and ran after him, he got home first and closed the door behind him.. with the locomotion i ended running into the door, and my right hand was so eager to get inside, it went through the glass window.. lovely.. nothing too serious, we went to the hostpital and they said i don't need stiches, buuuuut they said that will GLUE, yes GLUE, the bigger wounds shut.. i felt like the tin-man from the wizard of OZ, the lovely wizard of OZ, and something something something something the lovely wizard of OZ (if you didn't notice i have NO idea how the song goes)

i learnt a few lessons from this lovely incident:
a) Noah is a sore loser (love you Noah)
b) the door can hurt you
c) glass is only SEE through, not WALK through

Saturday and Sunday were pure studying and typing because i had a 10,000 word deadline as well as a final exam on the same day... seriously, i just want to find those stupid Goldfish who fix our timetables and just fill their bowl with food and just watch them eat themselves to death..

woke up at 6 and finished off and printed my 10,000 word report on the demand for islamic banks in Saudi Arabia, interesting i know (soon to be found in Waterstones, Virgin, Accesorize and Burger King).. went to my exam and only started getting nervous and cold 10 minutes before hand, better than being nervous for the entire year i guess.. we go in and i start writing before i even read the questions, i've always been critisized about not writing enough in my exams so this time i gave him a treat.. he kinda screwed us over by giving weird questions and not enough time.. but it was kind of expected, so yeah..

but the great thing is, i crossed two MAJOR things off my list in one day.. OH What a feeling, Oh what a feeling (its a song, and i don't know the rest of the songs, i think its in one of those women adverts for indigestion or bladder problems or something)

Sandy: Oh monica, i've been having this bladder problem for ages.. i don't know what to do*sniff sniff*

Monica: Oh Sandy, you should have said something earlier, i have just the right thing for you

(fade out, fade back in, monica is carrying a little bottle of Activia straberry flavour)

Monica: here, try this, it always helps me. did you know that in every bottle of activia you get all your days worth of vitamins and minerals? it helps you by coating your stomach with a cement like coating that stops the bladder problem, but might eventually give you cancer.. isn't that great?

Sandy: Oh My God, this stuff is the sh£t.. it really helps and it tastes sooo good..

("Oh what a feeling" song plays in the backgroud as the girls start jumping on the sofa)

yeah, that sort of advert..

much love,
the frogalator.. i'll be back..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i name thee Poet...

[disclaimer: this post is dedicated to bestest, fairest, loveliest and my favourite POET of them all]

so last night i am ORDERED to go to bed before 12 and to sleep for at least 8 hours.. i was a good boy and i went to bed around 1 coz i'm a rebel, i'm a bad boy with my bad motorbike and my spikey hair and my leather jacket and stuff.. anyhoo i am interupted at 6 am by a txt from my beloved MOMZI (much love mom), then shortly after by one from my one and only mrs.froggy (love you too), am i allowed to say i love you more than my mom?? {conundrum of the day}

moving on swiftly, i am then disturbed by the door bell, so i approach it in whatever i was wearing to sleep in (i'll leave that one to the imagination), and i am astounded by the loveliest mail man ever, you could tell he felt bad for waking me up, i could see it in his eyes, i could see it in his smile, i'm all he ever wanted, and his arms we're open wide (OK that sounded much worse than i had intended..)

again moving on swiftly.. i must say, waking up to the door bell is crap, but waking up to mail that is actually yours, and is not a bill too big to fit into the mail slot thingy in the door, is great.. so i take my box back to my room and like a little boy on xmas day i got at the box with my keys.. 43 minutes later i'm through the first two pieces of sello-tape, only two more to go, no wait, 4 more to go, no wait, aaaaaagh, i'm never gonna get to the bottom of this..

(the music from jeopordy now playing as the camera fades away from the frogman)

another 134 minutes later, i am done with all the tape and the box is open, Alas.. i find my gift, there was a little card saying

Froggy Froggy Froggy

i hope you feel a million times better by the time you get this ;-)


my eyes were watery but like we discussed before, i'm a big boy now.. crying is for girls, or is it? (moving on swiftly) under 300 tons of foamy floaty thingies i find a plethora (word of the day, look it up) of gifts:

  1. a little wooden "pocket puzzle"
  2. a crazy maze "london brixton" puzzle
  3. a "mad moose's cracking crossword" puzzle book thingy (note: do you find a pattern here?)
  4. a yellow thingy with a face on it "1000 funny face" said the tag, but i called him "senior amarello", not very original seeing that i just called him "mr. Yellow" in spanish..
  5. A huggable creature hottie, its a hot water bottle with a grey bear that has his hands postioned in a way that i presure you can hug it, i'm still struglling to get a hug, the bear isn't giving in, i might make it dinner and watch a movie to loosen it up..

At the end of this lovely post, i would yet again like to thank Poet for making my day, you are the sweetest poet ever.. you have proven yourself even better than some people i know who claim to be "the best soul-mate i ever had"..

much love,

El Hombre el Rana y Senior Amerillo (the frogman and mr.yellow, for you non-spanish speakers out there)

(i realise that i might be killed for some of the comments i made today, but hey, what the hell, life is short and stuff..)

this post is not a hint to compete with poet and send me stuff at all.. i am not hinting to anyone.. no one.. i do not want everyone to send me things..